Pronunciation of Own
/ˈə͡ʊn/, /ˈə‍ʊn/, /ˈəʊ_n/

Antonyms for own

relinquish, forsake, deny, turning back on, de-clines, divorce oneself from, dis owned, dis-carded, disavow, lose, dis allows, dis acknowledge, dis-claim, re-tract, dis-acknowledging, impersonal, divorcing from, let go, dis carded, ignore, dis acknowledges, dispossess, re canting, washes hands of, divorced oneself from, re-fused, be-littles, dis-allowing, dis avows, want, dis owning, disapprove, re canted, discard, dis-claiming, need, spurn, Forsworn, dis-allow, dis claim, de cline, re fused, dis-allows, dis acknowledging, be little, dis-claims, dis-cards, be littles, dis allowed, dis-acknowledges, dis-carding, decline, give up, dis-acknowledged, cede, dis card, dis cards, divorces oneself from, yield, dis affirms, dis carding, turn back on, turned back on, repudiate, be-little, dis claiming, dis-card, condemn, sell, surrender, dis affirmed, divorces from, dis-owning, secrete, dis affirming, re fuse, re-tracts, washed hands of, dis allowing, dis-avow, dis-owned, forswear, turns back on, dis-affirming, divorcing oneself from, dis affirm, abandon, reject, lack, dispute, re-fuse, dis avowed, dis-allowed, hide, re fuses, not have, dis allow, re-canting, dis-affirm, dis avow, dump, release, disown, contradict, de-cline, dis-claimed, dis-avowing, divorce from, re tract, dis claimed, conceal, dis avowing, dis-affirmed, washing hands of, re tracts, recall, refuse, dis-acknowledge, dis-avows, divorced from, disclaim, re-canted, dis claims, dis-affirms, re fusing, dis-avowed, wash hands of, de clines, dis acknowledged.