Pronunciation of Owner
/ˈə͡ʊnə/, /ˈə‍ʊnə/, /ˈəʊ_n_ə/

Antonyms for owner

walk-in, partakers, re gular, passenger, discoverers, sharers, vendee, window shopper, vendees, voyager, client, acquirers, out of towners, frequenter, fairy godparent, window shoppers, sub ordinates, bootlickers, bedfellows, hitchhiker, protegees, acquirer, visitor, servant, shopper, squatter, finders, ephemera, window-shoppers, de fender, ephemeras, Leaser, worker, vacationers, roomer, easy makes, para sites, tenant, wellwishers, lieges, pro spect, Transients, dis coverer, sub-ordinate, spotters, regular shopper, in-mates, customer, in-mate, sonar, para-site, re presentative, search parties, renter, gunsights, finder, hitchhikers, dis coverers, emptor, bedfellow, de-pendent, roomers, bombsights, out of towner, regular customer, appropriator, discoverer, bootlicker, well wisher, vacationer, de fenders, windowshoppers, walk in, in mates, Wellwisher, ephemerae, lessee, encouragers, homing devices, out-of-towner, well-wishers, hanger on, buyer, para site, frequent visitors, guest, partaker, sub ordinate, subject, regulars, pro-spects, sub-ordinates, walk ins, protegee, dis-coverers, dis-coverer, appropriators, bombsight, financer, regular shoppers, in mate, sonars, sojourners, walkins, fairy godparents, patron, gunsight, voyagers, de pendents, emptors, dependents, well wishers, viewfinder, employee, sharer, viewfinders, re-presentative, window-shopper, de-fenders, pro spects, periscope, re-gular, search party, Encourager, para-sites, follower, walk-ins, de-fender, windowshopper, de-pendents, walkin, financers, de pendent.