P And Q

Pronunciation of P And Q
/pˈiː and kjˈuː/, /pˈiː and kjˈuː/, /p_ˈiː_ a_n_d k_j_ˈuː/

Synonyms for p and q:

etiquette (noun)

amenities, civility, code, convention, courtesy, customs, decency, decorum, deportment, dignity, form, formalities, mores, politesse, propriety, protocol, seemliness, usage, rules, social graces, proper behavior, p's and q's, suavities.

formality (noun)

ceremoniousness, conventionalism, correctness, formalism, mummery, punctiliousness, honors.

good form (noun)


manners (noun)

bearing, behavior, breeding, carriage, ceremony, comportment, conduct, culture, demeanor, elegance, etiquette, good form, mien, polish, politeness, refinement, sophistication, taste, urbanity, Civilities, good breeding.

p's and q's (noun)

good example, manners, good behavior, best behavior.

protocol (noun)

agreement, compact, concordat, contract, covenant, custom, obligation, order, pact, treaty, conventions.

punctilio (noun)

formality, nicety.

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