Pronunciation of Paltry
/pˈɔːltɹɪ/, /pˈɔːltɹɪ/, /p_ˈɔː_l_t_ɹ_ɪ/

Antonyms for paltry

decent, razzle dazzle, honest, groovy, pre-eminent, solid gold, passable, remarkable, satisfying, exalted, grand, reputable, heavenly, more esteemed, most splendrous, virtuous, tip-top, re warding, splendiferous, irreproachable, praiseworthy, un paralleled, un-likely, so-so, big, satisfactory, most well-formed, fab, admirable, fabbest, slick, right-minded, jim-dandy, valuable, time honored, sufficient, wealthy, ample, most razzle-dazzle, high, more bewildering, un usual, un believable, commanding, substantial, measurable, sub lime, redoubtable, most dynamite, high-minded, par excellence, most esteemed, out this world, un-usual, seemly, classical, more razzle-dazzle, firstrate, razzledazzle, useful, de-lightful, just, special, re-warding, suitable, venerable, in-credible, classic, uncorrupted, plenty, boss, super natural, unerring, important, capital, in credible, more luxurious, re fined, excellent, righteous, more magnifico, most well formed, significant, Magnifico, awe inspiring, top, sur prising, out world, un-paralleled, superior, be-wildering, honorable, fabber, blameless, difficult believe, de lightful, un-real, fabulous, out of world, beneficent, dignified, super-natural, most confounding, commendable, sur-prising, worthwhile, more well formed, be witching, glorious, eyecatching, un imaginable, out standing, un surpassed, appreciable, incorruptible, guiltless, mighty, extra-ordinary, well formed, un-likelier, more smashing, adequate, prime, very good, worthy, fine, stellar, principled, wellknown, aweinspiring, supernal, un likelier, scrupulous, creditable, timehonored, prominent, most wellformed, more razzle dazzle, straight, be wildering, un-imaginable, marvelous, crackerjack, un-surpassed, keen, re-fulgent, happy, more dynamite, be-witching, high-grade, conspicuous, difficult to believe, pivotal, wonderful, most magnifico, grandest, meritorious, goodlooking, better, acceptable, outstanding, un-believable, mean, more wellformed, upright, sub-lime, re-splendent, right, fair, splendid, exemplary, rich, first-rate, choice, sublime, unexceptional, noteworthy, first rate, banner, nifty, neat, out-standing, top-notch, in conceivable, in-conceivable, good looking, standard, superb, un likely, moral, helpful, more razzledazzle, pre eminent, most splendiferous, A1, proper, first class, spectacular, sterling, striking, tolerable, borderline, extra ordinary, most razzledazzle, wellformed, exceptional, most razzle dazzle, sensational, more splendrous, premium, swell, discernible, well-formed, consequential, eye catching, august, average, most smashing, in comprehensible, minimal, superlative, dandy, razzle-dazzle, grandiose, firstclass, perfect, middling, fancy, un likeliest, divine, more confounding, laudable, serious, gratifying, ethical, large, mediocre, lofty, something else, beautiful, Splendrous, well known.