Para mount

Pronunciation of Para Mount
/pˈaɹə mˈa͡ʊnt/, /pˈaɹə mˈa‍ʊnt/, /p_ˈa_ɹ_ə m_ˈaʊ_n_t/

Antonyms for para mount

less, unskilled, uncommon, blah, inferior, lowly, facile, restricted, later, inappreciable, outer, miniature, moderate, easy, baby, eventually, uncritical, below, undignified, unassertive, exterior, common, general, indecisive, additional, isolated, ineffectual, inactive, undistinguished, unexceptional, poor, amateur, far, Dwarfed, ungenerous, infamous, kind, minute, bland, obscure, poorest, unknown, last, dependent, uncelebrated, learned, lower, littlest, dull, part, lethargic, fewest, accessory, ignorant, opening, unnecessary, low-class, not right, powerless, middle, retiring, extra, uncontrolling, never, final, minimum, extrinsic, meek, low, advanced, copy, unconfident, contemptible, subordinate, unspecific, few, needless, teeny, duplicate, bad, serving, small, undecided, unsubstantial, disrespected, infantile, ineffective, second-rate, idle, anticlimactic, subservient, itsy, selfish, lesser, beginning, nice, nonessential, ordinary, auxiliary, contingent, first, bathetic, inconspicuous, detestable, inconsequential, useless, tiny, minor, meaningless, peripheral, impotent, limited, insignificant, bottom, inessential, shy, light, smallest, lowest, distant, unimportant, unremarkable, usual, democratic, short, extreme, reserved, voluntary, trivial, unable, unimposing, latest, unaggressive, little, outside, secondary, normal, weak, unnotable, negligible, incapable, incorrect, starting, juvenile, away, optional, modest, adolescent, incomplete, menial, supplemental, worthless, infant, unimpressive, worst, Ungiving, unassuming, least, stupid, narrow, babyish, humble, conditional, submissive, anticlimacteric, introductory, partial.

Synonyms for para mount

best (adjective)

ace, bad, boss, champion, cool, finest, first-rate, greatest, highest, incomparable, inimitable, matchless, nonpareil, number 1, optimum, paramount, peerless, perfect, premium, primo, principal, super, superlative, terrific, tops, tough, transcendent, unequaled, unparalleled, unrivaled, unsurpassed, 10, Culminating, choicest, beyond compare, second to none, first-class, out-of-sight, sans pareil, a-1.

big (adjective)

big league, consequential, considerable, heavy-duty, heavyweight, influential, major league, material, meaningful, momentous, popular, powerful, prominent, serious, significant, substantial, valuable, weighty, super colossal, big-time.

capital (adjective)

basic, central, fundamental, important, major, number one, underlying, vital, Overruling.

cardinal (adjective)

basal, constitutive, essential, indispensable, overriding, pivotal, ruling.

central (adjective)

axial, center, centric, centroidal, equidistant, focal, inmost, inner, interior, intermediate, key, master, mean, median, mid, middle, middlemost, midmost, midway, nuclear, radical, salient, umbilical, Omphalic.

chief (adjective)

arch, crucial, effective, especial, grand, head, potent, primal, star, stellar, superior, telling, uppermost.

classic/classical (adjective)

archetypal, consummate, definitive, distinguished, esthetic, excellent, exemplary, famous, fine, flawless, ideal, masterly, paradigmatic, quintessential, ranking, standard, top, vintage, well-known, top-notch.

climactic/climacteric (adjective)

acute, climactical, critical, desperate, dire, peak.

crowning (adjective)

final, ultimate.

dominant (adjective)

assertive, authoritative, bossy, demonstrative, despotic, domineering, governing, imperative, imperious, prevailing, reigning, surpassing, Obtaining, Presiding, outweighing, overbalancing, overweighing.

eminent (adjective)

august, celebrated, conspicuous, elevated, esteemed, exalted, great, high, high-ranking, illustrious, leonine, lofty, name, noble, notable, noted, noteworthy, prestigious, renowned, vip, Celebrious, Famed, Lionlike, Redoubted, superstar, big-name, celeb, of note, big-gun, page-oner, big-league.

especial (adjective)

exclusive, express, extraordinary, individual, marked, peculiar, personal, private, set, signal, singular, special, specific, uncommon, unique, unusual.

first (adjective)

advanced, first-string, top-flight, head of the line, top of the list, a-number-1.

foremost (adjective)

front, heavy, hot stuff, hotdog, hotshot, inaugural, initial, original, at the cutting edge, at the leading edge, heavy stuff, most important.

fundamental (adjective)

axiological, axiomatic, bottom, constitutional, elemental, elementary, integral, intrinsic, necessary, organic, primitive, primordial, requisite, rudimentary, structural, supporting, theoretical, underived, Sustaining, foundational, bottom-line, meat-and-potatoes, substratal, substrative, grass-roots.

great (adjective)

dignified, glorious, heroic, high-minded, honorable, idealistic, impressive, magnanimous, puissant, regal, remarkable, royal, stately, sublime, talented, highly regarded.

high-grade (adjective)

nice, select, world.

highest (adjective)

crown, zenithal.

immediate (adjective)

actual, at once, current, existing, extant, instant, live, next, now, on hand, present, pressing, prompt, up-to-date, urgent, hair-trigger, at present time, at this moment.

important (adjective)

big, decisive, determining, earnest, exceptional, exigent, extensive, far-reaching, grave, importunate, large, ponderous, relevant, something, STANDOUT, front-page, mattering much, of moment, of substance.

incomparable (adjective)

towering, unequalled, unmatchable, unmatched, unrivalled, unsurpassable.

life-and-death (adjective)

all-important, earth-shattering, earth-shaking, life or death, of vital importance, vitally important.

loftiest (adjective)


main (adjective)


maximum (adjective)

best, biggest, largest, maximal, most, outside, topmost, mostest.

necessary (adjective)

binding, compelling, compulsory, de rigueur, expedient, incumbent on, mandatory, needed, needful, obligatory, prerequisite, required, specified, unavoidable, wanted, name of game.

overbearing (adjective)

autocratic, cavalier, dictatorial, disdainful, dogmatic, egotistic, haughty, high-and-mighty, high-handed, imperial, insolent, magisterial, officious, oppressive, overweening, peremptory, proud, sniffy, snotty, stuffy, supercilious, tyrannical, uppity, cocky.

paramount (adjective)

ascendant, capital, cardinal, chief, commanding, controlling, crowning, dominant, eminent, first, foremost, leading, main, outstanding, overbearing, predominant, predominate, preeminent, premier, preponderant, prevalent, primary, prime, regnant, sovereign, supreme, Headmost.

powerful (adjective)

able, all-powerful, almighty, authoritarian, capable, cogent, competent, convincing, dynamic, effectual, efficacious, energetic, forceful, forcible, mighty, omnipotent, persuasive, robust, stalwart, strapping, sturdy, upper hand, vigorous, wicked, wieldy, Strengthy, in control, in the saddle.

predominant (adjective)

absolute, arbitrary, directing, dominating, official, overpowering, supervisory, holding the reins.

prevalent (adjective)


primal (adjective)

aboriginal, ancient, earliest, early, old, past, prehistoric, pristine.

primary/prime (adjective)

crackerjack, fab, hot, world-class, state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line.

principal (adjective)

mainline, maximum, unapproachable, Supereminent, strongest, second-to-none.

sovereign (adjective)

autonomous, guiding, independent, majestic, monarchal, monarchial, unlimited, self-governed.

star (adjective)


superior (adjective)

above, admirable, choice, dandy, deluxe, exceeding, expert, finer, good, high-class, over, overlying, preferable, preferred, senior, superhuman, superincumbent, five-star, grander, more advanced, a cut above, of higher rank, good quality, high-caliber, more skillful.

supreme (adjective)

closing, extreme, last, marvelous, superb, terminal, utmost, top-drawer.

top (adjective)

apical, elite, lead, tiptop, upper, loftiest, crack.

towering (adjective)

aerial, airy, colossal, extravagant, fantastic, gigantic, immoderate, imposing, inordinate, intense, magnificent, massive, monumental, prodigious, soaring, stupendous, tall, tremendous, undue, unmeasurable, Towery, Spiring, skyscraping.

ultimate (adjective)

maxi, Unequalable, max, the most.

unequaled (adjective)

alone, only, Unparagoned, without equal.

uppermost (adjective)

executive, winner, high-up.

urgent (adjective)

burning, clamant, clamorous, crying, demanding, driving, immediate, impelling, insistent, touchy, Demanded, hurry-up, called-for, life and death, top-priority, touch and go.

utmost (adjective)

all-out, complete, entire, exhaustive, farthest, full, furthermost, last straw, outermost, plenary, sheer, thorough, thoroughgoing, too much, total, ultra, unconditional, undiminished, unmitigated, unqualified, unreserved, uttermost, whole, out of bounds, remotest, most distant, too-too, worst case.