Pronunciation of Parse
/pˈɑːs/, /pˈɑːs/, /p_ˈɑː_s/

Synonyms for parse:

analyze (verb)

anatomize, decompose, decompound, determine, disintegrate, dissect, dissolve, divide, hydrolyze, part, resolve, separate, Electrolyze, break up, lay bare, cut up, x-ray.

cognition (verb)


construe (verb)

analyze, decipher, define, explicate, expound, infer, interpret, read, render, spell out, take, translate, understand, one's best guess, figure it to be.

examine (verb)

appraise, assay, audit, canvass, case, check, check out, chew over, consider, criticize, dig into, explore, eye, finger, frisk, go into, go over, go through, gun, inquire, inspect, investigate, peruse, pick at, ponder, probe, prospect, prove, reconnoiter, research, review, scan, scope, screen, scrutinize, sift, size up, study, survey, sweep, try, turn over, vet, view, weigh, winnow, pat down, delve into, pore over, look over, look see, scrutinate, take stock of, search into.

Sense 1

grammarian, reformulate, semantic, sentential, syntactic, generative grammar, hypercorrection, universal grammar.

Sense 2

grammar, grammatical, prescriptive, semantics, syntax.

Sense 3


Sense 8


Rhymes for parse:

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