Parts With

Pronunciation of Parts With
/pˈɑːts wɪð/, /pˈɑːts wɪð/, /p_ˈɑː_t_s w_ɪ_ð/

Synonyms for parts with:

cede (verb)

abdicate, accord, alien, alienate, allow, capitulate, communicate, concede, convey, deed, drop, give up, grant, leave, make over, part with, relinquish, renounce, resign, sign over, throw in the towel, transfer, vouchsafe, waive, yield, Abalienate, Remise, fork over, come across with, throw in the sponge, fold*, give in*, hand over*.

discard (verb)

abandon, abjure, adios, banish, cancel, cashier, cast aside, chuck, deep-six, desert, dispatch, dispense with, dispose of, dispossess, ditch, divorce, do away with, dump, eject, eliminate, expel, forsake, free of, jettison, oust, protest, reject, remove, repeal, repudiate, scrap, shake off, shed, sweep away, throw away, throw out, throw overboard, write off, put by, toss aside, have done with, can*, junk*.

dispose of (verb)

bestow, destroy, discard, eighty-six, get rid of, give, sell, unload, kiss off, file in circular file, deep six, kiss*.

drop (verb)

abort, break with, call off, cease, discontinue, dismiss, disown, end, forfeit, interrupt, jilt, lose, quit, remit, sacrifice, scrub, separate, shake, stop, terminate, wash out, wipe out, cast off, dust off, part from, throw over, be alienated from, forget about, waste one, kick*, ditch*, scratch*.

give (verb)

administer, ante up, award, bequeath, cede, come across, commit, confer, consign, deliver, dish out, dispense, dole out, donate, endow, entrust, furnish, gift, hand out, hand over, lease, parcel out, pass out, permit, pony up, present, provide, shell out, subsidize, tip, transmit, turn over, will, throw in, hand down, pass down, heap upon, lavish upon, lay upon, let have.

impart (verb)

afford, contribute, lead, offer, render.

render (verb)

distribute, exchange, give back, impart, minister, pay, pay back, repay, restore, return, show, submit, supply, surrender, swap, tender, trade, make available, make restitution.

rids (verb)

deserts, Leaves, abandons, abdicates, drops, forsakes, relinquishes, surrenders, vacates, discards, disclaims, jettisons, rejects, sheds, vents, capitulates, disowns, forgoes, releases, renounces, waives, cancels, casts off, dismisses, dispels, disposes, lets go, relegates, rids.

sacrifice (verb)

endure, eschew, forgo, immolate, offer up, spare, suffer, kiss goodbye, resign oneself to.

spare (verb)

pinch, salt away, save, scrape, scrimp, short, skimp, stint.

surrender (verb)

buckle under, cave in, fall, fold, forego, give in, go down, go under, knuckle, knuckle under, let go, roll over, succumb, eat humble pie, go along with, deliver up, pack it in, eat crow, play dead, put up white flag, toss it in, cry uncle.

Rhymes for parts with:

  • harts, pith, parts, smarts, marts, charts, writhe, with, barts, smyth, tarts, frith, carts, smith, darts, stith, arts, starts, hearts, fifth, myth;
  • forthwith, imparts, herewith, departs;

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