Passing on

Pronunciation of Passing On
/pˈasɪŋ ˈɒn/, /pˈasɪŋ ˈɒn/, /p_ˈa_s_ɪ_ŋ ˈɒ_n/

Antonyms for passing on

fight, be born, confuse, part, release, get, suppress, agree, win, attend, assume, misrepresent, favor, dissuade, disconnect, maintain, praise, contradict, appear, initiate, delude, go up, repel, choose, compliment, retain, introduce, desert, end, free, leave, disapprove, fall behind, earn, succeed, collect, keep quiet, divide, hoard, forward, keep secret, support, fail, neglect, come, secure, facilitate, be willing, avoid, increase, stay, go along, wait, receive, exalt, love, lose, mismatch, deceive, keep, reject, mend, advance, want, dispute, acknowledge, ignore, separate, join, stabilize, ok, revive, respect, hold back, veto, admit, look at, create, surrender, resist, fix, save, approve, disallow, cause, stop, ratify, assist, store, pass, commence, breathe in, begin, mystify, disagree, bottle up, grant, DO, admire, give birth, notice, dissent, abandon, welcome, contend, attach, mislead, protest, indulge, remain, endorse, open, let go, obey, hold, obscure, permit, include, put together, refuse, aid, cover, grow, miss, overlook, accumulate, repress, refrain, take on, build, repudiate, differ, regard, hide, laud, push, recognize, prohibit, decline, secret, commend, help, sanction, use, arrive, take, trust, withstand, encourage, promote, prevent, clash, gather, argue, remember, drop, believe, attract, Unauthorize, improve, defend, assert, strengthen, live, start, order, stagnate, fasten, miscommunicate, disjoin, note, secrete, continue, accept, say yes, forbid, ascend, object, persist, dodge, like, conceal, pay attention, claim, be quiet, bear, inhale, withhold, rise, upgrade, deny, oppose, allow, heed, halt.