Pronunciation of Pay
/pˈe͡ɪ/, /pˈe‍ɪ/, /p_ˈeɪ/

Antonyms for pay

blew the whistle on, onning tab, embezzlement, make own, going in to hock, are beholden, dis-honor, whistle-blew, dissatisfy, raised money, de-biting, in-vestment, am arrears, on tab, raise money, jump on, putting hand till, was indebted, blow the whistle on, wast bound, saw in alley, ins hock, be in to one for, get credit, being under obligation, was beholden, dis-honoring, carry, fail, thievings, putting the cuff, see in the alley, am in debt, art arrears, are indebted, puts the tab, saw the alley, put on one's card, wast beholden, art beholden, being into for, went into hock, receives credit, putting one card, in stilling, stiffs, de falcated, puts on ones card, having borrowed, takes loan, being in to for, mis-applies, run out on, have borrowed, de faulted, saw uncle, was debt, be arrears, putting hand in cookie jar, were indebted, sees one's uncle, pointing the finger at, being indebted, put hand in cookie jar, mis-appropriations, buy on credit, whistle-blows, hung something on, were obligated, art in to for, mis-applied, behinding, mis-appropriating, defalcation, behinded, losting, puts cuff, put the tab, grabbed hold of, puts hand till, seeing uncle, run bill, was in to one for, grabs hold of, hold, got credit, make ones own, am beholden, dis honored, glommed to, runs into debt, be in to for, de-faulting, re quire, is bound, seeing ones uncle, puts the cuff, trans-fusing, wast in to for, sees in the alley, are contracted, losted, art indebted, incurred debt, run up a bill, being debt, gat hands on, puts one's card, putting on account, goes in to hock, dis honors, were debt, mis apply, were into one for, hang something on, saw in the alley, gotten on credit, de faulting, get on credit, being bound, mis applies, gat on credit, am debt, defalcate, sell for, accepting loan of, bought on credit, getting credit, are into for, appropriate, wert into for, meet under arch, jumping on, dis-honors, re-quests, making one's own, put cuff, blows the whistle on, mis using, give a note for, mis applications, runs a bill, running up bill, stampeding, fixing price at, put hand till, leave town, am contracted, seeing in the alley, see one's uncle, gotten credit, sees alley, getting on credit, put on ones card, am into one for, put hand in till, takes over, are arrears, glom on to, dragging in to court, mis-appropriate, putting hand in till, putting tab, give note for, is into one for, accepts loan of, out lays, are in arrears, dissuade, being in arrears, makes ones own, gat fingers on, stiffing, gave a note for, raising money, received credit, putting account, make, blew whistle on, made one's own, trans fuse, gets on credit, buy credit, hangs something on, were arrears, take, gives note for, outlay, are in debt, making one own, am in arrears, peculation, onned the tab, leaves town, running in to debt, in-criminate, upset, put account, wert in to one for, mis appropriates, filchings, seeing alley, in criminating, am bound, are under obligation, default, bring in, left town, in-dict, are in to for, uses temporarily, ons the tab, is beholden, skipping out on, art in debt, re quired, out-lays, art into for, gotten hands on, art contracted, gives a note for, put the cuff, re-quire, out lay, trans fuses, running out on, stampeded, ran bill, sees the alley, wert in to for, be under obligation, putting on one card, wert into one for, whistleblows, got fingers on, mis-used, are debt, moonlights requisition, art under obligation, withhold, Welch, put on card, is in debt, de-faulted, point finger at, sees ones uncle, onned tab, dishonor, whistle blew, in curred, dragging into court, is debt, saw one's uncle, gloms on to, meeting under arch, whistle blowing, were bound, put ones card, wert debt, see alley, seeing one's uncle, hitting up, mis-application, earn, defalcations, in vestments, moonlighted requisition, penalty, putting on the cuff, wert in arrears, come by, drags into court, get hands on, mis appropriation, runs up, thieving, keep, re-quired, saw one uncle, runs bill, copping, mis appropriating, wast contracted, art bound, de faults, taking over, puts account, peculations, default on, was bound, makes own, fix price at, be into for, Ratted, putting on the tab, put one's card, wast debt, confuse, go in to hock, hits up, glomming on to, accept loan of, receiving credit, de falcate, using temporarily, re-quires, blowing whistle on, is obligated, jumps on, be obligated, incurs debt, were under obligation, wert under obligation, trans fusing, in-curred, ran up bill, putting cuff, in-curring, deprive, pilferings, were into for, fixt price at, mis-applying, dis honor, mis application, hast borrowed, ran out on, be contracted, pull down, run a bill, puts hand cookie jar, borrow, wert in debt, putting hand cookie jar, in-criminating, trans-fuses, whistleblew, drag in to court, puts on the tab, de-fault, re-questing, being in to one for, running up a bill, put one card, got on credit, wert beholden, loss, hit up, mis appropriations, obtain, re quiring, takes on loan, making ones own, put on cuff, de frauds, are bound, purloinings, put on tab, getting fingers on, in-criminates, being into one for, Bummed, be bound, goes into hock, de biting, buys on credit, whistle-blow, Pirating, in-vestments, gat credit, in-criminated, is contracted, made own, seeing the alley, glommed on to, wast indebted, glom to, de-fraud, putting on tab, putting on cuff, put on one card, in-stilled, seeing in alley, puts one card, raises money, in hock, haddest borrowed, see ones uncle, receive credit, put tab, re quires, were in to for, sees one uncle, giving a note for, felt bound, in criminate, grabbing hold of, running bill, re quests, see uncle, moonlighting requisition, am into for, neglect, making own, put hand cookie jar, were beholden, is arrears, mis-apply, ran in to debt, mis appropriated, charge, was arrears, be indebted, onning the tab, were in arrears, was in to for, filch, was obligated, was under obligation, was in arrears, skip out on, Defalcated, see in alley, de bit, leaved town, take loan, de bits, putting on ones card, de-falcate, is indebted, runs out on, re quested, Debited, welched, hadst borrowed, run in to debt, ons tab, wast in to one for, dragged in to court, being obligated, losts, taking on loan, sees in alley, leaving town, pointed finger at, Saddling, meets under arch, mis appropriate, blindside, in vestment, being in debt, wast in arrears, accepted loan of, debt, see one uncle, is in arrears, skipped out on, Skimmings, took loan, reap, gets credit, were in debt, gets fingers on, garner, wert contracted, Levied, art in arrears, de-faults, running up, defalcates, procure, wast into for, mis applied, blowing the whistle on, re-quiring, skips out on, embezzle, be beholden, make one's own, gotten fingers on, owe, wert arrears, is in to one for, take back, puts on tab, de-bit, giving note for, mis-appropriates, see the alley, putting on card, be into one for, Pirated, incur debt, art into one for, runs in to debt, whistle blows, inning hock, was contracted, drags in to court, gave note for, ratting, dis-honored, take over, whistle-blowing, being arrears, buys credit, use temporarily, be in debt, wert indebted, sees uncle, took over, ran a bill, was into for, welching, saw ones uncle, puts on card, de-falcated, trans-fused, ran up a bill, de-bits, was into one for, puts hand in cookie jar, feel bound, am obligated, Debiting, wast arrears, in-stilling, putting one's card, point the finger at, art obligated, sells for, gets hands on, getting hands on, incurring debt, run up, drag into court, put on the cuff, runs up bill, put card, went in to hock, de fraud, wast in debt, puts on cuff, am under obligation, being beholden, took on loan, fixes price at, were contracted, taking loan, de fault, run up bill, dis honoring, refuse, are into one for, feeling bound, lose, running into debt, puts hand in till, were in to one for, fixed price at, makes one own, ran into debt, whistle blow, going into hock, saddled, art in to one for, out-lay, puts card, take on loan, being contracted, whistleblow, is in to for, blows whistle on, return, deny, de-frauds, seeing one uncle, Bumming, trans fused, is under obligation, run into debt, wast under obligation, on the tab, in criminates, put on account, in stilled, spendings, wast obligated, buying credit, wert bound, feels bound, trans-fuse, mis used, wert obligated, mis-using, realize, be debt, glomming to, ran up, Defalcating, bought credit, blow whistle on, puts tab, art debt, met under arch, mis applying, saw alley, running a bill, was in debt, dragged into court, stiffed, used temporarily, hanged something on, putting on one's card, hath borrowed, makes one's own, Copped, mis-appropriated, putting card, puts on the cuff, re questing, mis-applications, runs up a bill, be in arrears, welches, wast into one for, are in to one for, acquire, made ones own, inned hock, had borrowed, buying on credit, pointed the finger at, penalize, has borrowed, is into for.