Pronunciation of Permanent
/pˈɜːmənənt/, /pˈɜːmənənt/, /p_ˈɜː_m_ə_n_ə_n_t/

Antonyms for permanent

more here today gone tomorrow, every so often, under studies, most amended, short-run, over heartbeat, un-spiritual, re current, most mind bending, pre carious, most discontinuing, more perishing, coverts, most ambulant, most mutated, most thrown-together, most seasonal, cover stories, pre texts, vagabond, shift, most turnable, most transitional, temporary, more nonsacred, most perishing, more edited, most death-dealing, suppliest, re placed, done over, interim, tester, more orbital, more centennial, under-studies, orbital, pro tem, most recreated, dis-reputable, gypsier, more reciprocated, most advancing, more unfixed, more another, re-lief, dis connected, ephemeral, expedient, un-hallowed, under the sun, most glancing, trans migratory, re-movable, gone flash, pinchhitter, most propelling, re-iterative, more impelling, unspiritual, more subastral, re-formed, monthlier, on foot, most bartered, unsacred, bi pedal, unsanctified, un sure, unstationary, more checked, instantaneous, more inspirational, co pouts, nonspiritual, Creatural, Liftable, proxier, more creatural, supplanter, more migrating, pro tempore, transitory, reversible, most perambulant, more climbing, reprogrammed, fugitive, stand-by, more on again off again, re vised, momentary, most climbing, most metamorphosed, pis allers, stand by, flying, more deathdealing, here and there, more replacement, Pis Aller, more transposed, most reserve, more avoiding, most traversing, in-tensest, most vagrant, more delegated, un-sacred, de legate, motile, Escaping, for time being, chrono-logical, more substitutive, stimulative, more surrogate, un-fixed, most assistant, most astir, sub stance, occasional, pro visionary, un-sanctified, cleanup, pro-visional, recourse, more reiterated, down and out, more shuffled, on lam, quick-wittednesses, flash the pan, most traded, thrown-together, more discontinuing, chainer, most makedo, more deputy, itinerant, over-night, dis integrating, most curtailed, more rotated, most flashing, impermanent, gone in heartbeat, non sacred, pro position, quick and dirty, dis-guises, at death door, mind blowing, most uncelestial, bandaids, shortlived, changing, traveling, shortrun, cop outs, more travelling, more conveyable, at deaths door, transitional, standbyes, more lamster, more shorthaul, more pestilent, un stable, more short run, more seasonal, peripatetic, more drifting, pinchhitters, gencies, more propelling, most reconditioned, most emergency, de-fenses, replacement, co-pouts, more imitation, most deployable, more amended, most substituted, in-frequent, un sacred, most freighted, un steadfast, most awakening, most reorganized, most band aid, most periodical, more mind-bending, un-steadiest, more vacating, Metamorphosed, more cowboy, more alluvial, over night, stand-byes, most throwaway, re sourcefulness, locum tenens, perambulatory, unfixed, un-steadier, gone in a heartbeat, transient, supplanters, provisional, more vicarial, in tense, most checked, more perambulatory, most ending, most shortrun, lamster, most provisionary, most transmuted, picaresque, of time, more unsanctified, un-steadfast, most bandaid, un enduring, remorseless, most caretaker, more thrown together, re treats, periodic, more sauntering, Exertive, dis-connected, more escaping, more death-dealing, excuse, most geotic, more shiftable, dis jointed, most swapped, more throwaway, un steady, overnight, most unspiritual, re-placed, most mortiferous, pre text, most deputy, one foot grave, most progressing, re sources, more emigrating, re curring, more arousing, dis cursive, by bits pieces, un steadiest, turned on by, thrown together, most journeying, more disintegrating, most short haul, on certain occasions, hiding place, banausic, most reciprocated, re presentative, most strolling, most adjutant, more rootless, most subastral, on-again-off-again, more caretaker, more swapped, more curtailed, most redone, re-current, resource, sub celestial, procurators, mindbending, Mortiferous, re-modeled, more unstationary, most picaresque, more band-aid, in-consistent, nonsacred, most throwntogether, trans-muted, most sublunary, most unfastened, most alluvial, more unsteadfast, re programmed, testest, most liftable, more stop-and-go, over a heartbeat, turned by, most lamster, most straggling, most shifting, running away, most shiftable, pro-curator, cop-out, itinerate, more short-run, more segmented, safe place, most cowboy, re done, more advancing, here today gone tomorrow, un stationary, more journeying, quickwittedness, most impelling, dernier ressorts, in-tense, Subcelestial, more deciduous, more make-do, re-treat, more here-today-gone-tomorrow, at work, shipboard, at death's door, jive, trans muted, most creatural, re-occurring, more short haul, re-done, un fixed, more portative, most short run, dis-continuing, most nonspiritual, harborage, re-presentative, un-dependable, Substitutive, weekliest, in consistent, more band aid, short haul, fly-by-night, fillin, most conveyable, short term, trans-figured, more backup, detachable, more transfigured, re-turned, most alternated, more shortrun, a good many, at end rope, in wink eye, pro fuse, most unsacred, more metamorphosed, more picaresque, ruster, dummier, most emigrating, more interchanged, dis-integrating, gypsiest, band aids, most mendicant, by bits and pieces, re-gular, more adjusted, vicarial, most conveyed, most shorthaul, most ebbing, Temps, sub astral, makeshift, more shifted, most avoiding, most vacating, de-legate, most unfixed, re lay, un spiritual, centennial, in all creation, at end of rope, not to be trusted, most make do, more ambulant, un hallowed, most vicarial, more banausic, in play, re iterated, inter changed, most orbital, most transfigured, sub stances, un-attached, co-pout, fly by night, every once in while, passing, most bustling, most shuffled, more awakening, Shiftable, more bustling, more sublunary, dis continuing, going, most on-again-off-again, dis guise, death-dealing, more punctuated, un fastened, ecce homo, more evolving, song dance, un steadier, re source, most rootless, more motivating, more turnable, grabbed by, giving up ghost, de-legates, in tenser, re-programmed, over in heartbeat, seasonal, more transitional, volatile, wanted, on board, fancy free, more evading, murderous, fancyfree, re-sourcefulness, now then, weeklier, pro-fane, most bipedal, most punctuated, more vagrant, most thrown together, un-sure, most short-haul, short lived, re made, not fixed, most make-do, pro curators, most another, bandaid, more substituted, temporal, re course, trans-portable, short, rescheduled, pro visional, more epochal, locum tenentes, safe places, in substantial, in wink an eye, in spiring, in-substantial, rough and ready, re-course, more fluctuating, most short-run, trans portable, in force, most sauntering, not to be relied up on, most escaping, flashest, fleeting, deciduous, most iterant, alluvial, temporary expedients, most evolving, changelings, more make do, sub-stances, deployable, more recreated, more continued, gone heartbeat, more rallying, un-reliable, most mind-bending, more unfastened, of short duration, most delegated, most terraqueous, in extremis, more short-haul, death dealing, more geotic, epochal, pro fane, band-aids, un-fastened, more mutated, chrono logical, pre serves, re-lay, under-study, most subcelestial, turnable, why wherefore, under sun, riding rails, traded, shortrange, here there, most deciduous, mind-bending, felt in gut, mortal, more liftable, more reserve, un settled, copout, in wink of eye, dis continuous, dis-cursive, most stop and go, intermittent, provisionary, more motile, more bandaid, not to be relied upon, more ending, locums, more periodical, most transposed, not be relied up on, mindblowing, re lief, most drifting, most travelling, quick wittednesses, trans figured, like lightning, dummiest, re lays, most iterated, in-constant, more declining, most trustless, most replacement, more provisionary, more flashing, band aid, re placement, recurrent, most interchanged, more mendicant, inspirational, most substitutive, giving ghost, un stablest, un relenting, re-treats, one foot in grave, more unsacred, succedaneum, co pout, proxiest, pro-curators, more throwntogether, re gular, on the lam, most reoccurring, quickwittednesses, on last leg, most arousing, in-spiring, stopgap, not be relied upon, dying, re-made, pre-serves, throwntogether, more adjutant, non-sacred, most portative, most segmented, pinch-hitter, more assistant, pro-visionary, pro positions, more progressing, in-tenser, changeling, more iterated, most on again off again, more mortiferous, stop and go, re-courses, re-conditioned, de fenses, most continued, Succedanea, un-trustworthy, un-enduring, more stimulative, most declining, more unenduring, every once a while, chainest, make do, re iterative, temporary expedient, substitute, most disintegrating, hiding places, hourliest, why wherefores, most unsteadfast, most epochal, stop-and-go, why and wherefores, more death dealing, quick wittedness, re occurring, in creation, un celestial, felt gut, un stabler, copouts, most fluctuating, cop-outs, under study, more on-again-off-again, Unenduring, refuge, not fastened, re-sorts, dis-continuous, re-placements, most unstationary, re scheduled, more nonspiritual, pre serve, every once while, re-curring, Portative, non-spiritual, moving, temporaries, most switched, most perambulatory, for the time being, resort, most band-aid, farout, most deathdealing, more mind bending, un-stablest, more something, jives, dernier ressort, more trustless, most detachable, re-lays, more stop and go, re-serves, Freighted, re conditioned, at various times, most centennial, more redone, most mindbending, on wheels, more killing, riding the rails, most killing, more perambulant, standin, most migrating, re-sources, dis-jointed, coverup, measure, hourly, sublunary, most stop-and-go, re stored, gone a heartbeat, in process, hourlier, more astir, more strolling, cleanups, most rescheduled, de-pendent, more ebbing, short range, every other, re-versed, sub-celestial, Trustless, un-stationary, more modernized, more detachable, trans posed, weekly, short-haul, re courses, Terraqueous, conveyable, re formed, makedo, episodic, most rallying, re-sort, short-lived, shorthaul, cover story, un reliable, substitute agents, pro-fuse, more overnight, more bipedal, more reconditioned, more itinerate, deathdealing, re modeled, most unenduring, most surrogate, surrogate, re sourcefulnesses, more recurring, most unsanctified, un-professional, changed, re-stored, most stimulative, most here-today-gone-tomorrow, re-vised, de legates, pre-carious, more deployable, rootless, movable, short run, more mindbending, harborages, pro curator, more emergency, bipedal, more iterant, Unsteadfast, most adjusted, quick-wittedness, Geotic, in frequent, pre-texts, re-source, more transmuted, commutated, most shifted, more traversing, re-serve, supplier, more glancing, most motile, re-organized, de pendent, more reorganized, pro-positions, most recurring, sub-stance, acting, Iterant, in parts, Uncelestial, re placements, more reoccurring, segmented, more reprogrammed, monthly, re-placement, more makedo, bi-pedal, un-stabler, more commutated, dis guises, most death dealing, most itinerate, dis-guise, most something, more terraqueous, throwaway, most commutated, un-settled, most evading, more thrown-together, brief, most motivating, re organized, flash in pan, in wink of an eye, un dependable, short-term, over in a heartbeat, gency, tellurian, most imitation, most reprogrammed, locum, un-stable, giving up the ghost, monthliest, trans-migratory, dis reputable, pre-text, gone in flash, make-do, not be trusted, re serve, re-iterated, re-scheduled, more subcelestial.