Pronunciation of Picture
/p_ˈɪ_k_tʃ_ə/, /pˈɪkt͡ʃə/, /pˈɪkt‍ʃə/

Antonyms for picture:

original, conceal.

Usage examples for picture:

  • Try to picture her position. - "Catherine Booth A Sketch", Colonel Mildred Duff.
  • She saw a mental picture of Kara's small room on the top floor of the Gray House. - "The Girl Scouts in Beechwood Forest", Margaret Vandercook.
  • What a beautiful picture! - "The Marquis of Lossie", George MacDonald.

Idioms for picture:

  • the big/ bigger picture
  • put sb in the picture
  • picture of ( good) health;
  • picture sm as sm or sth;
  • face is a picture

Quotes for picture:

Rhymes for picture:

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