Piece of action

Pronunciation of Piece Of Action
/pˈiːs ɒv ˈakʃən/, /pˈiːs ɒv ˈakʃən/, /p_ˈiː_s ɒ_v ˈa_k_ʃ_ə_n/

Synonyms for piece of action

allotment (noun)

appropriation, grant, stint, rake off, piece of the action, cut of pie.

commission (noun)

ante, bonus, brokerage, compensation, discount, fee, indemnity, juice, pay, payment, remuneration, royalty, salary, stipend, vigorish, Factorage, cut-in.

division (noun)

affiliate, associate, border, boundary, branch, category, chunk, class, compartment, cut, degree, demarcation, department, divide, dividend, divider, dividing line, divvy, end, fraction, fragment, grouping, head, kind, lobe, lump, member, moiety, offshoot, parcel, partition, piece, portion, ramification, section, sector, segment, share, slice, sort, split, subdivision, wedge, rake-off.

fee (noun)

account, bill, commission, consideration, cost, emolument, expense, gravy, handle, hire, honorarium, house, price, recompense, reward, take, toll, wage, take-in.

percentage (noun)

corner, duty, holdout, interest, payoff, percent, rate, ratio, winnings, points.

portion (noun)

allocation, allotment, allowance, apportionment, bang, bit, division, drag, dram, excerpt, extract, fix, gob, helping, hunk, lagniappe, lot, measure, meed, morsel, part, plum, quantity, quantum, quota, scrap, serving, shot, slug, taste, smithereen, HIT, lion's share.

quota (noun)

assignment, bite, percentage, proportion, ration, Partage.

ration (noun)

consignment, distribution, dole, food, provender, provision, store, supply.