Pronunciation of Plain
/plˈe͡ɪn/, /plˈe‍ɪn/, /p_l_ˈeɪ_n/

Antonyms for plain

most fun loving, more paradoxical, preposterous, confusing, pre-eminent, more formalistic, un-exposed, more mingled, in definite, cockamamy, eskers, in credible, un-clear, illlighted, more garnishing, more recherche, re moved, over ambitious, devious, un settled, most hairsplitting, in accessible, laureate, re-strained, most revered, flamboyant, cat's meow, castled, most talltalking, noncommital, most pleasure-loving, funnier, turbid, halfwitted, courteous, in-glorious, High-wrought, bedecked, pro-fuse, dis reputable, doggiest, razzle-dazzle, mindblowing, more runic, more flaked, more delphian, incompletely, over grown, patched, in distinct, be witched, un wonted, tucked away, un-lettered, clear as dishwater, un-real, un wise, witching, foggy, outstanding, more pampered, most atramentous, most overpriced, eerie, dunest, in-distinguishable, most upholstered, dressed to kill, more marbled, most peacocky, more prominent, overpriced, un abashed, loveydovey, most bewildering, muzzy, screaming, most splendrous, closed end, multi-vocal, marbled, dressed kill, starry eyed, more hued, more super-duper, more backbreaker, unknowable, more dead end, more darkened, most surpassing, Splendrous, most custom, overambitious, dis guised, somewhere, in-determinate, most gingerbread, unamenable, most multiplex, more sprinkled, para-psychological, conjoined, dressed teeth, luxuriant, quiet, head-strong, well-nigh, covered up, dark complexioned, more humongous, academic, costing arm and leg, indecipherable, spectacular, un discoverable, well known, high flown, more smashing, un distinguished, more daedal, unusual, pompous, out of focus, romantic, high-tech, offcenter, tall talking, most hightech, Amphibological, in-tense, hard solve, more ebon, Commingled, most nit-picking, most big-talking, most turn-on, extra-ordinary, un-seen, out question, more primo, more hitech, rare, costing an arm and a leg, un-mitigated, more multiplex, drop-dead gorgeous, Nobby, more lionized, more tinged, most unknowable, over kill, hard to understand, more gordian, out this world, in the lap of luxury, Euphuistic, in-scrutable, more secreted, be witching, Multivocal, Rivel, different, garish, more pleasureseeking, be-fuddling, more booklearned, more ungraspable, abnormal, costing an arm leg, more stickling, politic, debased, kitschiest, most many-faceted, most hard-won, most unlettered, most donnish, in-conspicuous, more bewildering, dressed to teeth, in-cog, in valid, up to here, too too, mis tier, not known, in-audible, dressed the teeth, most demoniac, over-wrought, most freckled, peacockish, pied, more punctate, decked out, book learned, mendacious, incomprehensible, most ensorcelled, more fun loving, most sequestered, self-centered, un-explainable, numero uno, wonderful, reasonless, most high colored, more uptown, more windbag, coulees, partially, pedantic, witchlike, most pitchdark, dis-reputable, more decorated, more veined, most enshrouded, incorporated, poly chromous, in-decisive, un-obtrusive, in-cautious, lush, hard to please, un earthly, most cracking, most hardwon, inhibited, more unnoted, blowzier, painful, complex, un-paralleled, defiled, costing arm and a leg, ill-lighted, more many faceted, uninformative, Over-bearing, more stygian, new, eye catching, more witching, unheardof, freaker, most uninformative, fantastic, unrightful, fouled, most garnished, more poker faced, evasive, most phantasmagorical, lovey dovey, funloving, jive, super abundant, more unknowable, more too-too, out ordinary, coalesced, nerdier, best ever, costing an arm a leg, High-colored, sur-passing, most with-it, more peppered, in-accessible, big-talking, most glowering, mazier, more blurred, more curious, re tired, overkill, outlandish, out of world, more custom, more razzledazzle, most cached, poly-chrome, in discreet, most mondo, un earthliest, un lighted, peacocky, more magnifico, freakest, intermingled, in-tractable, more or less, un yielding, spoiled, exaggerated, puff, little-known, in-saner, in-visible, fabulous, more ill lighted, most high tech, most dark complexioned, blimpest, more collegiate, dis concerting, formal, up-scale, most problem, more scowling, un graspable, for show, timehonored, poly chromic, most backbreaker, un-cultivated, dressed to nines, un determined, most reddened, un-warranted, Book-learned, unnoted, more a-ok, Hardwon, more nonfunctional, more loveydovey, more put-on, dis-tended, un-cannier, un-earthliest, more razzle-dazzle, chirpier, in-conclusive, masked, most entranced, sur prising, more out-of-this-world, most bleared, more mosaic, de-file, more stylized, more nit picking, poker-faced, more shrouded, more poker-faced, un-disclosed, un mitigated, most sorcerous, taking cake, illegible, priciest, un explainable, equivocal, most glittery, characterful, most lovey dovey, most well-formed, easier said than done, on q t, frilly, more peacocky, most high-tech, un justifiable, manyfaceted, not easy, donnish, be-wildering, most witching, in-judicious, merged, vague, most eclipsed, with-held, fruitful, more necromantic, more particolored, involved, more book learned, most highwrought, combined, chirpy, un-likelier, un canniest, lying, frillier, more phantasmagorical, inter-laced, tessellated, hypo thetical, pitchdark, more stumping, gasser, luxurious, ex tensive, un-common, most dark skinned, most obfuscous, most orphic, more highcolored, in-cognizable, punctate, more polysemous, black and tan, uncommon, most conjuring, decorated, littleknown, most imperceivable, elevation, most closet, most veined, gassiest, de lightful, irregular, un-defined, un-usual, most college, in solent, prodigious, in discernible, most characterful, in tractable, most prismatic, more well formed, more unhonored, puffy, in-ordinate, more high-wrought, adumbral, multi vocal, uplands, brindle, most skewbald, most ornamented, most catchpenny, un accountable, most unaccommodating, overdone, difficult to believe, over worked, Shrouded, Nubilous, more manyfaceted, dressed to the teeth, un-justest, un-knowable, putting ritz, most bedecked, with all the extras, with-it, de-lightful, un-lighted, ornamental, studded, in-definite, more highfaluting, un-sure, dim, difficult believe, far fetched, hushhush, un-settled, in good taste, aweinspiring, embellished, un informative, most round-about, on qt, un-intelligible, most razzledazzle, more overambitious, blowziest, razzledazzle, in-consequential, more out-of-sight, more a ok, swartest, good looking, considerate, fearless, embroidered, polysemous, crawliest, obscure, more undiscoverable, blended, swarter, un affected, more profusive, exceptional, most lionized, fore-boding, ex citing, pro fuse, more deadend, most out-of-sight, un wiser, more pitchdark, weird, most university, sorcerous, more luxurious, exhibitionistic, top drawer, more daedalean, closed one end, graceful, more blurring, un commonest, Mysterial, mondo, maziest, in sanest, un noted, un-blushing, joined, more garnished, un-reasoned, concealed, darkskinned, dis-orienting, most unamenable, polite, re warding, un decided, dis cursive, multiplex, most chromatic, over-flowing, uptown, brassy, most spendthrift, more pitch dark, more hi tech, most alchemistic, most outre, most decorated, ringed, most formalistic, un likeliest, most beautifying, fabber, un intelligible, un-accountable, un-commoner, stuckup, un-read, ornate, imperceptible, most protrusive, most super-duper, un-marked, most smashing, dis-concerting, rad, taciturn, hump, selfcentered, more disorienting, fun loving, more entangled, with mixed feelings, in-explicable, more euphistic, hidden, dis criminating, blowzy, darkcomplexioned, un-canniest, more outre, flashy, most illlighted, over-grown, ungraspable, more entranced, difficult, most windbag, ex cursive, corrupted, more uninformative, more peacockish, un due, mottled, under ground, more splendiferous, re strained, more amphibological, most embellished, in-coherent, gingerbread, most dark-complexioned, be decked, in-congruous, in soluble, un qualified, un believable, in-valid, polychrome, de-luxe, more highwrought, Profusive, most littleknown, un-canny, stygian, over nice, putting on ritz, nerdy, most dark-skinned, greek me, in the mainstream, most loveydovey, more big-talking, undecipherable, overdecorated, more illlighted, in comprehensible, gorgeous, put the hole, be wildering, brindled, over-worked, re-mote, reticent, inter woven, pretty, up holstered, most hi-tech, most ill lighted, in visible, more big talking, multi-form, chines, un specified, cats meow, mazy, more lovey-dovey, de tailed, pre eminent, more embellishing, more perdu, more mysterial, most syrupy, more high wrought, more hairsplitting, most hued, glitzy, height, more orphic, more delphic, nit picking, dark, most stashed, recherche, un-clearest, nit-picking, out-of-this-world, more glittery, re-warding, over-cast, dark-complexioned, orphic, radiant, un-juster, most tinged, in-credible, on the q t, closed at end, burled, more gingerbread, more heightening, in glorious, high wrought, marvelous, un decipherable, aphotic, drop dead gorgeous, picturesque, wellappointed, syrupy, more pitch-dark, un-familiar, more university, most aok, pitch-dark, ex-acting, in tenser, protrusive, more dynamite, runic, pro founder, un sung, un earthlier, most sphinxlike, fairy-tale, most embellishing, more piebald, hush hush, un commoner, more round about, highcolored, most foreboding, un-informative, classy, in-soluble, un-determined, more exhibitionistic, more skewbald, most blinding, un-earthlier, upland, sumptuous, full of hot air, far off, dark skinned, un propitious, un-known, over-blown, most imprecise, puzzling, vermiculated, phantasmagorical, up pity, more high tech, well formed, marbleized, most shrouded, no picnic, most absonant, un-fairest, un-wiser, un-rightful, most prettifying, more cached, most decking, uncommunicative, glitziest, out in left field, more little-known, round about, bandbox, in the lap luxury, most siren, most hermetical, razzle dazzle, most well formed, rise, moraine, conglomerate, more bearish, un knowable, blind, pinkest, more characterful, more lightless, out sight, more incog, dubious, un-formed, nonobvious, up here, a ok, more protrusive, enigmatical, mixedup, altitude, most upscale, restrained, unlit, more gasser, incredible, more festooned, fore boding, over much, in-conceivable, sub lime, more blinding, most overbold, over whelming, pro-founder, closed at one end, splendiferous, most captivating, in-solent, figurative, most dead-end, without egress, hard won, most hi tech, out-standing, most ebon, in-sanest, most many faceted, awe inspiring, amalgamated, most collegiate, more witchlike, recondite, prettifying, un-couth, whalest, poly-chromic, entangled, watered-down, most unrevealed, more generalized, un explicit, illconsidered, over blown, most screaming, high colored, re-fined, most turn on, ensorcelled, most challenging, big talking, non functional, glamorous, dapper, most vexing, in explicable, more maculate, most incognizable, more unread, more fairy tale, in-consistent, more compounded, more college, more captivating, most amphibological, inscrutable, Obscured, more flaunted, most hitech, in cognizable, inter-woven, un-fairer, mis-tier, doggier, complicated, great, most stippled, self indulgent, un honored, most adumbral, highsounding, rayless, nowest, in famous, knotted, more razzle dazzle, most necromantic, more turn on, in tense, mysterious, self important, Difficile, un couth, more laureate, Stickling, most book-learned, most blurring, prolix, clouded, more imperceivable, well appointed, unreadable, un revealed, ornamented, particolored, be-decked, lovey-dovey, in-tenser, un sure, more bandbox, looking like a million, most daedalean, damask, un-yielding, time honored, more enhancing, intermixed, most blocked, up there, fit for king- queen, more hard won, most razzle-dazzle, most ideal, most accessory, un-due, un cannier, most mysterial, more conjuring, more embroidered, most little-known, bright, most pizzazz, pro-found, more problem, most blurred, un-justifiable, be-witched, withit, more oddball, dashing, more hi-tech, raddest, glittery, most embroidered, un-readable, more nit-picking, out focus, most perdu, flowery, jeweled, putting the ritz, most lovey-dovey, in conclusive, most razzle dazzle, most wizardly, dressed-up, tootoo, most highfaluting, most confounding, more high colored, elegant, over-nice, more dark skinned, more unamenable, un-wisest, most humongous, more confounding, stuck up, more put on, multi form, putting on the ritz, un-accommodating, neon, most enhancing, in temperate, multi colored, decorative, in explicit, in cog, overbold, un-restrained, gaudy, most deadend, most magnifico, super-natural, more little known, un paralleled, more swashbuckling, fab, smart, un just, most too-too, un-noted, in consequential, more revered, farout, dark-skinned, most scowling, Crawly, highclass, Absonant, firstclass, in sane, most pitch dark, in-temperate, most bandbox, out standing, illadvised, most enigmatic, pleasureloving, most sprinkled, quirky, more compound, tangled, uncalledfor, most superduper, first class, dis-cursive, un exposed, nebulous, intricate, more crepuscular, muzzier, overelaborate, un-revealed, collegiate, ex act, most paradoxical, fit for a king queen, dun, pleasure-seeking, more turnon, tight-lipped, diplomatic, catchpenny, more transcendental, more with it, most reasonless, most difficile, most lightless, most multivocal, goodlooking, more hardwon, hi tech, pre sumptuous, more accessory, half witted, most spiritualistic, fairytale, perplexing, in decipherable, un-decided, spiffest, most snarled, most heightening, terrific, telekinetic, poly chrome, most cockamamy, in-sane, demoniac, most high wrought, unclouded, splashy, immense, mound, more bleared, more out of this world, most unwarrantable, high class, un justest, un-amenable, spiritualistic, most mingled, most crepuscular, pitch dark, more snarled, more overbold, laconic, most spellbinding, dressed, extravagant, most book learned, dis-guised, un-warrantable, appareled, glitzier, more cockamamy, snazzy, out the question, in fashion, splendid, well bred, most withit, un juster, more beautifying, most witchlike, out of question, radder, parapsychological, co pious, un-abashed, tabbiest, impalpable, in decisive, fit for king queen, under-cover, over-priced, imprecise, un-intelligent, turn-on, opaque, un settling, most exhibitionistic, more blocked, more adorning, pitchblack, most swashbuckling, dis orienting, selfassertive, nonfunctional, sur-prising, more difficile, with the options, sketchy, pleasure-loving, magical, more foreboding, most tinsel, ravine, colorful, most primo, more acroamatic, setting off, ex-act, embattled, dis-ordered, poly-chromous, un-qualified, nobbier, roundabout, fun-loving, most garnishing, civil, most splendiferous, un cultivated, pro found, most out of sight, lurid, little known, sub-lime, Esker, part, self centered, out world, un-natural, more pleasure-loving, more wellformed, beautiful, eccentric, schoolish, ridge, more ridiculous, most bigtalking, baroque, multi-colored, most fun-loving, in saner, most froufrou, most secreted, most gasser, highpowered, more dead-end, muzziest, un-distinguished, with held, most highcolored, de files, gray, more rayless, un reasoned, most punctate, de-files, cat meow, virtually, un-enlightened, more upstream, in-explicit, un conventional, un-lawful, more lovey dovey, more alchemistic, high tech, most manyfaceted, pleasure seeking, topser, more unlit, A 1, more aphotic, most overdecorated, kitschy, topsest, tinsel, most unhonored, dissembling, unheard, more chromatic, doggy, more cracking, piedest, un fair, most uptown, most marbled, incognizable, most tall-talking, spiffer, most bearish, wellbred, highflown, cloves, more tinsel, garnished, most pleasure loving, grandiloquent, most maculate, untruthful, chromatic, Coulee, turnon, more atramentous, high mighty, un realistic, most put on, eminence, indistinct, dusker, off wall, verbose, glossy, more unexplicit, un lettered, more donnish, more hellacious, dis-criminating, too-too, out and out, more splendrous, out left field, most overnice, super-duper, most doozie, too great, stylish, un rightful, chirpiest, wizardly, over-whelming, mis leading, bearish, in conceivable, vermiculate, un-graspable, crackle, partway, prominence, more froufrou, costing arm a leg, w k, most pleasureloving, besmirched, gay, more hightech, more funloving, more befuddling, tawdry, un-surpassed, in distinguishable, up to date, pleasureseeking, most puton, erroneous, superduper, mis understood, more vexing, Incog, most little known, unhonored, up stream, flashest, most disconcerting, formalistic, out of ordinary, attractive, long-winded, un clearer, un cleanest, more darkcomplexioned, with extras, more too too, more unrevealed, more round-about, more overkill, more gamesome, fabbest, more catchpenny, ex acting, cryptic, most round about, something else, most flecked, more euphuistic, more nubilous, most ill-lighted, most piebald, most out of this world, most incog, most flaunted, un-conscionable, most stickling, un lawful, fairly, mind blowing, compounded, eyecatching, most unexplicit, tearjerking, most upstream, unclear, motley, put hole, abstruse, with all options, Peppered, more decking, most voguish, more withit, more furbishing, most tranced, tactful, with all extras, un surpassed, hard to solve, astrological, checked, un reasonable, hued, shapely, over done, more aok, more ornamented, most too too, more elaborate, in determinate, un-cleaner, clear as mud, un intelligent, most unlighted, swashbuckling, hazy, un-discoverable, up hill, euphistic, un obtrusive, voguish, about, pricier, in scrutable, un-sung, highwrought, puton, taking the cake, hi-tech, most entangled, round-about, more decorating, more multivocal, more surpassing, more obfuscous, devil may care, dis ordered, more challenging, un familiar, un formed, more talltalking, over-bold, more frou frou, most rayless, un-important, chine, dis tended, more hard-won, more bigtalking, in-distinct, un fathomable, galling, more littleknown, strenuous, more turn-on, backbreaker, impenetrable, most daedal, with bells and whistles, in judicious, most poker-faced, with options, over-ambitious, most high-wrought, indiscernible, dappest, super natural, most out-of-this-world, elaborate, cloudy, most super duper, soiled, solid gold, un read, ill lighted, de-tailed, Froufrou, laced, most darkskinned, un likely, most laureate, most gordian, extra ordinary, costing an arm and leg, showy, dressed nines, un duest, super duper, can worms, crawlier, in cautious, most undiscoverable, un defined, un-clearer, un readable, most brindled, upscale, freckled, checkered, ebon, many-faceted, more embellished, most astrological, phenomenal, most unrightful, un-believable, wordy, gussied up, la di da, more tootoo, more pizzazz, circumlocutory, over-decorated, grandest, more super duper, alchemistic, veined, un-wonted, more glowering, un clearest, tall-talking, super-abundant, most pleasure seeking, most decorating, more dark-complexioned, un cleaner, firstrate, close-mouthed, most profusive, well-formed, un-imaginable, many faceted, un warrantable, tabbier, most stumping, ostentatious, in congruous, most interlaced, indefinite, up-stream, pleasure loving, figured, un enlightened, most funloving, over priced, turgid, most with it, frou-frou, more overelaborate, more closet, un likelier, sullied, poker faced, more frou-frou, most poker faced, un conscionable, more incognizable, enigmatic, un seen, primo, hitech, un thinkable, more tall talking, more book-learned, off center, un wisest, most furbishing, most ungraspable, most delphian, reserved, flyest, un canny, looking like million, most booklearned, fused, booklearned, more screaming, more absonant, more many-faceted, un-likeliest, un-commonest, fancy, most compounded, more dark-skinned, more hermetical, more prismatic, more sequestered, un imaginable, leading nowhere, most schoolish, more tall-talking, un accommodating, over decorated, more astrological, ambiguous, nower, most tootoo, most a ok, well turned out, hard-won, more unaccommodating, glorious, un detected, most euphistic, un-conventional, un fairest, unaccommodating, arrayed, most pleasureseeking, befouled, un-likely, more sphinxlike, in-discreet, more ensorcelled, undiscoverable, celebrated, aesthetically pleasing, frilliest, dead-end, un-just, un-duer, more fairy-tale, unlighted, most obstructed, re-fulgent, un-honored, dishonest, moire, over-elaborate, most mosaic, un-detected, most frou-frou, illdefined, most big talking, most adorning, Skewbald, more esteemed, more upholstered, most jeweled, deadend, re-splendent, united, more stippled, most festooned, unrevealed, most unlit, more freckled, most tall talking, most overkill, highfaluting, up-setting, most a-ok, more overdecorated, murky, unobvious, un-heard, De Luxe, re fined, Perdu, un-balanced, more out of sight, most peppered, over cast, most dead end, most frou frou, tasteful, pieder, more syrupy, put in the hole, duner, un-fathomable, un-reasonable, un disclosed, unlettered, great big, prismatic, inter laced, rivels, in audible, in-decipherable, most hard won, un heard, un clean, co-pious, de file, in-comprehensible, costing arm leg, more wizardly, more studded, up town, most whopper, be fuddling, pinker, up-pity, cimmerian, most overelaborate, with the extras, with all the options, para psychological, in dark, more unlighted, starryeyed, upstream, wellformed, un-thinkable, un-settling, paradoxical, over flowing, more spiritualistic, most recherche, un amenable, wellknown, un-fair, most befuddling, moraines, up setting, most stygian, more voguish, most pitch-dark, pricey, deep, intelligent, more unwarrantable, tabby, un usual, more whopper, gassy, more jeweled, most darkcomplexioned, ill defined, more tranced, most euphuistic, most parapsychological, most unread, more flecked, unexplicit, un-decipherable, Secreted, Acroamatic, un-duest, most particolored, non-functional, hightech, un common, most compound, most flaked, out of view, speckled, florid, crepuscular, sphinxlike, high sounding, lightless, adorned, most crabbed, in consistent, be-witching, extraordinary, next to, spiff, re splendent, most generalized, up-town, blinding, un known, most stylized, maculate, foolish, Hermetical, un fairer, most acroamatic, most nonfunctional, hard to explain, disorienting, unwarrantable, most hellacious, most delphic, fit for a king- queen, hypothetical, more bedecked, necromantic, class, unreasonable, linked, Magnifico, most fairy-tale, most studded, mis-leading, more enshrouded, kitschier, in-tensest, over-kill, most esteemed, unheard of, hypo-thetical, more well-formed, Cross-banded, all wet, unapparent, un-earthly, more spendthrift, in conspicuous, most wellformed, un clear, up-hill, infrequent, first rate, more unrightful, talltalking, Atramentous, blimper, un-explicit, more brindled, most cimmerian, off beaten path, most telekinetic, over elaborate, more superduper, duskest, slashed, tremendous, foxy, more reasonless, highly wrought, more telekinetic, swanky, selfindulgent, ex-cursive, nerdiest, Daedal, trimmed, un-cleanest, most aphotic, more stashed, over bearing, with bells whistles, more sorcerous, more difficult, in lap of luxury, bigtalking, partly.