Pronunciation of Planned
/plˈand/, /plˈand/, /p_l_ˈa_n_d/

Antonyms for planned

unconsidered, un-wisest, hot-and-cold, more bandaid, most unprompted, lowbred, rash, unanticipated, unalert, ex-temporary, even tempered, most unlooked-for, pre maturer, in discreet, erratic, chance, Purportless, co incidental, co-incidental, more rough hewn, Objectless, un-calculated, re flex, more causeless, un-discriminating, un concerned, low-pressure, un-restrained, more undemanding, happy go lucky, un hurried, arbitrary, madeup, most electrifying, un-controlled, un-directed, un-fussier, from left field, stray, fortuitous, in advertent, ex-cess, most extemporize, unplanned, by ear, kneejerk, unselective, unprompted, most goalless, more imperceptive, un demanding, in-elegant, un-developed, more floundering, more insuppressible, most unpurposed, laid back, snapper, de-pendent, un predicted, uncalledfor, more good for nothing, sub ordinate, without preparation, lucky dog, un studied, most unpredicted, non essential, un-studied, eventempered, dis orderly, un-wariest, un-intended, out of blue, with drawn, unpredicted, inessential, illbred, more unreflective, un processed, untaught, un meditated, un avoidable, un-finished, involuntary, un-intentional, more unselective, ad hoc, un helpful, as one wishes, ex temporize, most improvise, by-the-way, more eye-opening, Willy nilly, prentice, at random, serendipitous, un-contrived, most unimpressible, more extemporized, made up, uncalculated, luckydog, most throwaway, Unartful, more extemporize, ill-bred, most hang loose, more irreflective, most improvisatory, unexcited, unwilling, sur plusser, more electrifying, more overhasty, more payback, in the rough, dis-impassioned, unscripted, in judicious, more band aid, in-frequent, Designless, thrown off, in-voluntary, most hot-and-cold, most eye-opening, more jamming, most luckydog, un-inhibited, un desirable, more unalert, causeless, un-predicted, in-formal, de signless, most rough hewn, most unaimed, un inhibited, crude, un devised, unconscious, Pococurante, more improv, in discriminate, laidback, un-polished, more lucky-dog, un alert, more unlookedfor, un-watchful, free easy, forced, impure, more unworked, low pressure, un-willing, improvised, any old way, in-curious, pre-maturer, un heeding, un-anticipated, willless, most payback, illconsidered, off top one's head, un systematic, most prentice, dis impassioned, unrehearsed, at will, off top one head, Unimpressible, un ruffled, most grudging, not bargained for, pre maturest, more vamped, most undiscriminating, un excited, most unproficient, un-prepared, as thinks best, un-essential, un perturbed, most ill bred, be-grudging, more undirected, un-planned, in essential, overhasty, most designless, in decent, reflexive, un-processed, unlooked for, more unhelpful, loud-mouthed, un fussiest, bandaid, all over map, Improvisatory, most unthought, more roughhewn, in-judicious, most unartful, extempore, sub-ordinate, re-flex, off hip, most undirected, most unlooked for, spur-of-the-moment, un-emotional, unhelpful, motiveless, more unscripted, most vamped, un prompted, most jamming, more objectless, un gainly, more unbidden, more uncontrived, more disimpassioned, on impulse, re-flexer, more unmilled, more ungraded, un constrained, un bidden, more band-aid, most unwatchful, un fussier, unguarded, gone deep end, in expert, thought out loud, un prepared, more purportless, more outline, rough-hewn, most reflexive, un-foreseeable, flukest, goalless, un necessary, dis interested, un methodical, throwaway, most faked, dis-ordered, most will less, more motiveless, re flexest, unintended, un-profitable, un troubled, un-considered, un-trained, more unpurposed, in-advertent, inadvertent, head long, unwrought, more loud mouthed, off the top one's head, snap, off top head, most contributing, more unartful, improvisational, more unvigilant, most unpremediated, most bandaid, in sensible, un-heralded, most improviso, in calculable, unprepared, more unaimed, easygoing, de pendent, most on-the-spot, un foreseeable, un required, more unimpressible, dis-orderly, more unmatured, jumping to conclusions, most unscripted, head-long, most mongrel, un intended, most hot and cold, more improviso, un caring, ad-lib, rough hewn, more aleatory, more pococurante, band aid, in delicate, in-decent, head-strong, shot from hip, slapdash, over-hasty, un-graded, unheeding, coincidental, Unpurposed, most purportless, pro-fuse, un-excited, IMPROV, most unworked, un skillful, more unexcited, gone off deep end, in-sensible, luck out, un-rehearsed, in frequent, not in cards, more mingled, Unmeditated, unpremediated, more unthought, most unbidden, more low pressure, un thinking, extemporaneous, off the top of ones head, un gainlier, more probably, more grudging, dashed off, un-hurried, Autoschediastic, toss out, most insuppressible, un-ruffled, un calculated, un-fussiest, unwatchful, catch-as-catch-can, un essential, sur-plussest, most unselective, in rough, un impressible, grody, ex-temporized, dis passionate, unlooked-for, un needed, devil may care, most serendipitous, un fussy, un-matured, un-interested, most aleatory, scattered, off top of ones head, Irreflective, more low-pressure, un heralded, un vigilant, more unmethodical, more goalless, un compelled, un graded, un-forced, luck in, from the hip, more autoschediastic, impromptu, noncompulsory, not the cards, more improvisatory, more improvise, irregular, un scripted, tossed off, not in the cards, not purpose, most undemanding, most band aid, most pococurante, un-guarded, un purposed, not cards, more unlooked for, most unalert, loud mouthed, ex cess, random, tossed out, more on the spot, extemporary, un-proficient, Imperceptive, un-methodical, un-artful, most uncircumspect, most poised, most improv, un expected, unintentional, un-helpful, unfussiest, de-signless, most good for nothing, in-expert, in elegant, most irreflective, more noncompulsory, off the top of head, unmindful, un emotional, heaven-sent, un conscious, un ceremonious, un premeditated, more lowbred, unexpected, out line, illadvised, contingent, un foreseen, desultory, off cuff, pre-maturest, in-essential, unfussy, unreflective, most unmatured, un finished, fortunate, more excess, in-different, Insuppressible, at first glance, un-thinking, off the hip, more hot-and-cold, lucky-dog, ex temporized, sur-plusser, un-conscious, re-mote, most unvigilant, un-foreseen, un watchful, un-gainly, un-compelled, un mindful, un-systematic, more rough-hewn, more on-the-spot, helterskelter, willynilly, more throwaway, unstudied, dis-organized, un considered, more faked, re-flexest, most willless, most low-pressure, un proficient, un critical, most mingled, un-thought, more eyeopening, as one thinks best, in voluntary, more eye opening, hot and cold, un gainliest, un-couth, more drifting, un discriminating, un profitable, undiscriminating, most lucky dog, un flappable, un feeling, un reflective, most by-the-way, ex-temporize, un wrought, fly by night, most ill-bred, most floundering, aleatory, un wariest, out giving, un-formed, Improviso, most disimpassioned, more unpremediated, shot from the hip, most noncompulsory, unthought, more contributing, more serendipitous, un-meditated, most eyeopening, un polished, unsorted, in-calculable, nonchalant, more barnyard, offhanded, un-impressible, off the top head, snappest, all over the map, most probably, un-devised, off top ones head, most shuffled, un wiser, taking for ride, roughhewn, un guarded, un-fussy, un-caring, in cautious, most ungraded, un-avoidable, un-alert, pre mature, jumping conclusions, in-discreet, unmethodical, impulsive, disorganized, most hangloose, un controlled, cloddish, most will-less, more begrudging, toss off, most rough-hewn, most drifting, most unmilled, un-concerned, more shuffled, unbidden, un trained, over hasty, dis ordered, out-line, undemanding, more prentice, sur plussest, unmatured, un-witting, without rehearsal, most unhelpful, un-mindful, un warier, more unanticipated, more ill-bred, un-enlightened, break loose, most lowbred, non compulsory, more unlooked-for, out blue, un meant, Uncircumspect, un milled, un enlightened, un-desirable, most unexcited, most unlookedfor, un witting, un-aimed, most lowpressure, more hot and cold, unproficient, un-expected, occasional, un wisest, un predictable, un-skillful, providential, lucky, Non-essential, un matured, more good-for-nothing, helter skelter, dis-interested, most band-aid, most outline, purposeless, un willing, un thought, more lucky dog, most unsorted, most driftless, un-wiser, un-premeditated, most illbred, un interested, accidental, most imperceptive, unwitting, without restraint, more undiscriminating, Disimpassioned, most on the spot, hang-loose, un anticipated, in formal, as wishes, most uncontrived, most cloddish, un-necessary, outgiving, off top of one head, more designless, grodier, un-reflective, not on purpose, unworked, unvigilant, in evitable, ADLIB, in different, pre-mature, un-milled, fluky, on-the-spot, un-taught, un-heeding, ex temporary, un worked, unpremeditated, most unwrought, un-wrought, un wary, un-wary, most unreflective, un taught, good for nothing, un-scripted, off the top one head, incidental, offhand, more driftless, most overhasty, casual, more uncalculated, Unmilled, un-purposed, hang loose, in curious, dis organized, un wise, un planned, un-critical, fluker, un-warier, off the top of one head, off the cuff, un developed, undirected, off the top ones head, un directed, aimless, un-prompted, selfpossessed, uncontrived, un-circumspect, off the top of one's head, from hip, more will-less, un-selective, in suppressible, un-worked, happy, more unwrought, more will less, in-cautious, in-evitable, more reflexive, in-delicate, indiscriminate, un sophisticated, more outgiving, more unsorted, more unprompted, off top of one's head, eye opening, ad lib, spontaneous, more mongrel, on the spot, most hang-loose, more unmeditated, most extemporized, will less, in-discriminate, un-diplomatic, un artful, with-drawn, most autoschediastic, un intentional, un-needed, ill bred, un sorted, controlled by, dis-passionate, ungraded, off top of head, most motiveless, beside point, eye-opening, more fortunate, relaxed, out-giving, more ill bred, more loud-mouthed, pro fuse, un selective, most uncalculated, most excess, most good-for-nothing, will-less, un couth, un-sorted, un-ceremonious, re flexer, more illbred, more hang-loose, unaimed, eyeopening, more poised, most roughhewn, un-predictable, un-bidden, be grudging, un contrived, un-organized, in-suppressible, un-perturbed, un forced, more unproficient, haphazard, more luckydog, un aimed, un-demanding, most objectless, Driftless, un-troubled, more lowpressure, most lucky-dog, ex tensive, un formed, free spirited, spotest.