Pronunciation of Plant
/plˈant/, /plˈant/, /p_l_ˈa_n_t/

Antonyms for plant

re orient, most creatural, most killing, deracinate, Rusticated, in tense, living person, concreteness, roll up, disestablish, pre-carious, sort out, draws conclusion, re-moves, de-pose, de posit, pro curing, put by, kissed goodbye, stow away, dis-abuse, committing oneself, Catheterizing, transplant, resetting, death-dealing, taking a stand, close with, settled on, uproot, forcing out, pours in, beg borrow steal, re leases, came to decision, Exsect, takes load off, move forward, creature, carts off, dis encumbered, re-vamps, exsecting, ex pulsing, arriving at conclusion, re-served, rips out, wight, de-liver, in denting, un burdening, de-livered, harvest, kiss goodbye, re aped, de posits, party, re settled, re-duces, in-creases, trans plants, casts die, deciding upon, pre venting, re ached, up-rooting, took stand, pro-cure, re-orienting, in-gathered, resettling, picked and choose, ex-communicates, cleaned up, dis embarrassed, forgather, digs out, re move, ex communicated, re moved, over throw, uplight, de thrones, piling up, de-cree, re-adapted, un-burdening, roots out, ex patriating, in tenser, over-takes, got as a result, Cinching, most bipedal, having final word, re-serve, arrived at conclusion, hand-picked, drive away, coming to have, de crees, picking out, re-conditioned, metabolism, de creasing, copping, reset, ex tract, dis-encumber, makes decision, dis patch, ingather, re-vamped, ex-press, hand-picks, gat as a result, de throne, get ones hands on, gotten hold of, make a decision, dis entangles, un seating, death dealing, under-standing, eradicate, re-solving, drawing in, ex tort, extradicted, naked ape, over takes, ex pressing, in-tensest, takes a load off, picks choose, ex-patriating, re-solves, invertebrate, making a killing, cut down, pro fit, dis-abusing, fine-combed, Massing, heave hoes, ex-cretes, ex-terminate, digging out, dis-lodge, ex terminated, re-united, pro-scribe, de-tach, dis-card, get as result, over-take, poured out, wound in, wiping off map, in-denting, casting die, decides up on, came have, pre-vents, dis-lodges, unsettle, decrease, breaks open, commits oneself, re-aping, reached decision, stop, comes have, de creases, re aping, conscious things, torpedoing, comes to decision, picking and choose, getting one hands on, weeds, de liver, come conclusion, hand-pick, un loaded, ex patriated, enfilade, scraping up, gat ones hands on, Vertebrates, lay in, de livering, catheterize, more sublunary, Binned, up rooting, toss out, de-duce, more ending, weed out, stowing away, rooting out, makes use of, torpedoed, re-leased, carry away, ex-patriate, gat hold of, brake open, re-aching, pro scribing, un rooted, shoot down, rooted out, most sublunary, dis locates, unrooted, wild thing, in crease, picking choose, scraped up, carry off, went down the line, making up mind, casting out, dis-burdens, un-seated, blotting out, re-setting, deracinates, most mortiferous, drags down, dis card, Torpedoes, in-tense, purge, re-oriented, dis-encumbering, winds in, dis-missed, get as a result, ex-terminates, made a killing, wildlife, takes or leave it, dis-patches, sorts out, dis abused, fine comb, dis-tills, dis-entangling, carries away, unburdening, ex-crete, de positing, ex-tracts, ex-pulses, dragged down, gotten one hands on, up-rooted, up-roots, pro-scribed, ex patriate, dis-embarrassing, scrapes up, pre-venting, made free, settling on, exterminate, blots out, making less, makes lighter, took a stand, in gather, dis burdened, weeded out, got ones hands on, fixt upon, in vertebrate, scared up, sifts out, wind in, dis missing, de-rive, piles up, fine-tooth-combs, pick out, Creatural, heavehoing, coming have, tearing up, resettles, re-conditioning, reach decision, has final word, pour in, pro cures, gat one's hands on, making mind, mows down, commit oneself, came to conclusion, picked out, comes conclusion, rolls up, washes out, came decision, taking it leave it, scrape together, dis locate, dis-patch, ex crete, ex-communicate, dis charging, dis-placed, dis-burden, finecombs, gobbles up, forgathers, in-gathering, bunched up, de-positing, heave hoing, over-throw, forces out, fine tooth combing, re orienting, come to conclusion, OFFS, in-vertebrate, deracinnated, critters, made killing, kissing goodbye, ex-patriated, optates, de creed, over turning, hand-picking, animateness, un-seat, ex communicates, dis-locates, with-drew, pro-duces, re-unites, expulses, dis cards, naked apes, dis place, re aching, coming conclusion, more death-dealing, de-taches, drawing conclusion, up root, re-set, uncover, de-throning, ex acting, dis charges, in dent, evulse, begged borrow steal, in dented, makes the scene, un-burdens, made decision, deciding up on, re duces, vertebrate, clean up, sub-stances, with drawn, fine-tooth-combed, in-creased, gobbling up, dis-cards, dis-entangled, up-lights, stacking up, re settles, pro scribed, carting off, dis-charges, pouring out, scare up, taking a load off, moved forward, siphoning, ex-terminated, drove away, extradict, ganged up, go down line, routs out, living soul, dis missed, scraped together, lower animals, more bipedal, tore up, pours out, scraping together, re vamps, re set, exterminates, clearing away, disorganize, pre vents, formed opinion, re legates, ex-pulsing, ex press, ex-pulsed, dis tills, gets hands on, torn out, heave-hoes, deathdealing, digged up, wiped off map, reoriented, re adapting, ex torts, leave, make killing, decided up on, pro-moting, ripping out, broke ground, decides upon, up-lighted, forms opinion, making killing, varmints, bring home bacon, re conditioned, ex communicate, pro-cured, sub stance, piled up, tossed out, trans-plants, sur mise, gat hands on, Trashed, ex terminating, closing with, most ending, come to decision, upset, un relenting, laid in, dis tilled, in-tenser, in-vertebrates, re served, clears away, ex terminates, pro-mote, wipe out, living thing, make use of, re-moved, opts for, pro-fits, pro scribes, moves forward, up raised, re-settling, de-livering, making use of, takes it leave it, make scene, dis encumbering, drew in, settle on, re-adapt, dis patching, coming agreement, unrooting, lays in, making decision, shot down, Binning, resets, re orients, rusticate, x outs, fine combing, with-drawn, mortal being, enfilades, re-covered, un-seating, draw in, making scene, make less, extract, ex-communicated, heave hoed, pouring in, in-dividual, pressing out, un-root, exsected, dis-encumbered, gather, dis patched, rolling up, over-thrown, quadruped, form opinion, drawing a conclusion, in dividual, carted off, got one's hands on, shoots down, had final word, over took, re-legates, over take, under stood, comes to agreement, clear away, forgathering, Slotted, get hold of, plow, taking or leave it, re-ached, ex terminate, in vertebrates, concretenesses, hang out, singles out, Catheterized, going down the line, de-rived, got one hands on, offing, sur-mise, dis entangled, in creasing, ingathers, Rusticating, begging borrow steal, ex-act, in dents, dis charge, rip out, out lawing, gets ones hands on, fine-combing, took it leave it, ex pressed, take or leave it, rusticates, says so, heave ho, digging up, de posed, tear up, ex-acted, reap, gobble up, substantiality, take stand, take a load off, move, de-throne, most death dealing, pro cured, sifting out, critter, over-taking, ex pulses, with draws, decide upon, over-turn, de duce, up light, under standing, bi-pedal, take a stand, disorder, mowed down, re-vamp, giving brush, make a killing, stacked up, sub-stance, gotten one's hands on, expulsing, sweeping out, tare up, gets one's hands on, dis-entangles, mowing down, de rives, dis lodge, extra dict, gotten as result, higher animals, gotten hands on, press out, make up mind, sub stances, makes free, made lighter, de pose, lower animal, scaring up, pre-vented, trans ported, de livered, carrying off, de-crees, breaking ground, re-cover, casts the die, pro-motes, over-turning, re solves, re legate, shooting down, in gathers, depurates, re serve, wash out, wipes map, make lighter, drag down, de-ported, un rooting, begged borrow or steal, over-took, committed oneself, shakes out, gives brush, opted for, un burdened, tears out, dis tilling, re unite, dis carded, more creatural, say so, clear, trans pose, xouted, handpicks, heave-hoing, come to agreement, over-throwing, tabbing, dis-embarrass, winded in, forgathered, expunge, reaching decision, pro fits, over thrown, came to agreement, fine combed, said so, dis-encumbers, in creases, re-settles, hadst final word, singling out, with-draw, glean, Hived, un-load, deracinnating, un-rooted, made scene, living people, haddest final word, Re-orient, ex communicating, metabolisms, fine-tooth-combing, pick choose, reveal, un loads, siphoned, catheterizes, over turns, dis-embarrassed, takes stand, opting for, dis-locating, pro cure, came to have, over turn, under-stands, ex-cavate, gang up, wildlives, de-livers, conscious thing, ex-terminating, washing out, up lights, made a decision, de-posit, dis places, most deathdealing, bi pedal, carries off, takes leave it, re-legate, takes a stand, digs up, rid, breaking open, gangs up, arrives conclusion, taking it or leave it, up raising, de-posits, human, de duces, tossing out, ex pulse, unburdens, come decision, dis entangling, handpicked, makes scene, varmint, wiping map, re united, takes it or leave it, re solve, fixt up on, fine-tooth-comb, ex pulsed, de ported, dis burdening, dis-carded, picks and choose, extradicts, pick and choose, over-throws, dis abuse, Hiving, sweeps out, re lease, dis-tilled, de-creased, de-riving, dis embarrassing, re conditions, goes down line, draw a conclusion, heave-ho, dis-abuses, pro moting, bipedal, stows away, took out, re cover, made mind, Invertebrates, cleans up, dis-burdening, with drawing, torpedo, sorted out, life, dis-charging, dis-charged, come agreement, extirpate, Symbioses, re-leases, come to have, up-light, sifted out, ignore, taking load off, come have, made up mind, Mortiferous, re-lease, with draw, re adapts, over taking, xouts, getting as result, pro duces, biped, up-root, sublunary, closes with, dis till, weeding out, root out, gets hold of, in-dented, re-settle, drave away, accessed, heavehoes, pull, reaches decision, finecombing, hast final word, gave the brush, dig up, re sets, heavehoed, fine tooth comb, dis-places, dis entangle, readapted, hath final word, expulsed, abandon, vital sparks, dis-burdened, un roots, making free, pro-curing, Enfilading, de rived, re-adapting, resettled, ecce homo, got hold of, animal, driving away, fine-comb, Thronging, pre-vent, getting as a result, de-creases, making a decision, unroots, took load off, single out, take load off, re-condition, made the scene, re condition, pile up, carried away, dis burdens, de-creasing, pro duce, Weeding, ex-tort, dis-entangle, Spraining, shook out, pre vent, cart off, re settling, up roots, giving the brush, trans-plant, dis abusing, wiped map, readapts, comes to have, re serving, un-rooting, Unroot, hand picks, body, exsects, substance, de-rives, broke open, dis-lodged, lighten, get one hands on, dis located, dis embarrass, over throwing, more deathdealing, dis-embarrasses, arrived conclusion, fine-combs, drew conclusion, living souls, gets as a result, resettle, un seated, re uniting, in-dent, comes to conclusion, dis-lodging, dis-located, re-covers, de rive, re-serving, break open, dis lodged, un-roots, comes decision, de posited, re-vamping, de creased, optating, dislodge, picked choose, up-lighting, casting the die, taking out, went down line, comes agreement, shaking out, evulsed, re moves, coming to agreement, ex act, Copped, mortal, ex-tract, saying so, pick, furrowed, dis lodges, un-burden, more death dealing, pro scribe, came agreement, ex-pressing, gave brush, dis embarrasses, de taches, under stand, Ridging, Trenched, being, re-uniting, trans posed, de tach, x outing, de throned, decide, hand pick, goes down the line, ingathered, dis-placing, Depurate, weed, bipeds, picks out, cast the die, stacks up, digged out, sift out, ex cavate, begs borrow steal, lessen, unburdened, accessing, fixed upon, reorients, re-unite, uplighted, in-gathers, swept out, re oriented, arrives at conclusion, in gathered, ex cretes, win over, weeded, wights, de livers, bunch up, coming to decision, depart, up lighted, trans-pose, ex patriates, re conditioning, remove, more mortiferous, make the scene, cleaning up, dis placing, carrying away, weeds out, re-moving, reorienting, extradicting, under-stood, laying in, over-taken, coming decision, makes less, substantialities, Expulse, take it leave it, dragging down, uplighting, vital spark, pre carious, finecombed, in gathering, dig out, xouting, go down the line, out-lawed, gat as result, blotted out, re-duce, dis encumber, making lighter, reduce, staples, un load, dis burden, took it or leave it, Optate, torn up, de-duces, Depurating, offed, up-raise, gets as result, trans-planted, garner, beg borrow or steal, dis-locate, sorting out, blot out, ex-pulse, de-thrones, re-orients, up lighting, arrive at conclusion, make mind, draws a conclusion, get hands on, wipes off map, forced out, dis lodging, dis carding, wipe off map, re moving, dis locating, de-throned, dis encumbers, begs borrow or steal, de porting, decided upon, brake ground, rake, sur-mises, de-posited, dis placed, diminish, dis-patched, took leave it, in-crease, de crease, de riving, dis patches, over throws, fine tooth combed, trans planted, gotten as a result, tabbed, banish, ex-acting, tore out, draw, re-sets, dis-abused, xout, re-move, dis-charge, bunching up, de throning, tare out, Trenching, re-solved, arriving conclusion, scrapes together, Cinched, begging borrow or steal, hand picking, re-covering, drew a conclusion, junked, un-burdened, tost out, uplights, sur mises, with drew, trans-planting, de-posed, bunches up, up rooted, dis-till, flesh blood, up-raises, x-outing, person, re setting, re-conditions, mow down, washed out, dis-place, break ground, de-porting, evulses, ex-communicating, got as result, tosses out, un root, re covered, re adapt, handpicking, de-posing, gain, decide up on, un-loads, rout out, dis charged, un burden, kisses goodbye, casts out, symbiosis, stack up, cleared away, ex-torts, makes up mind, have final word, up-raised, in-gather, re-solve, makes mind, arrive conclusion, gat one hands on, dis-missing, impermanent, coming to conclusion, with-drawing, ex acts, x-outed, un burdens, getting hold of, de-creed, re-serves, human being, ganging up, re-adapts, came conclusion, breaks ground, carried off, un loading, obtain, finecomb, fixing upon, heaveho, forming opinion, poured in, cast out, going down line, living being, dis abuses, get one's hands on, dis-tilling, singled out, de posing, ex-patriates, wild things, settles on, makes a killing, tears up, under stands, draw conclusion, getting hands on, up raise, mortal beings, animatenesses, took a load off, routed out, up-raising, evulsing, dis-carding, make, x-outs, re vamped, Depurated, re-aped, closed with, de cree, shake out, fix upon, fixes up on, extra-dict, draws in, dis-patching, Furrowing, re unites, re covering, makes killing, pro-cures, re-settled, make decision, un seat, out lawed, call shots, trans-posing, cast die, de-crease, gets one hands on, living things, x outed, re duce.