Pronunciation of Plead
/plˈiːd/, /plˈiːd/, /p_l_ˈiː_d/

Antonyms for plead

are in driver's seat, being in drivers seat, re-strain, were in driver's seat, being drivers seat, sit top of, wast in driver's seat, art in authority, sitting on top of, were power, am drivers seat, de duces, running show, were in power, is driver's seat, reply, punish, rule roost, laying down the law, sitting top of, over ruled, re-solved, crack the whip, passed up on, am power, pre dominate, is driver seat, art in power, is in driver seat, be drivers seat, cracked the whip, wert power, lays down law, are driver seat, am driver seat, art in driver seat, lay down, de-creed, wert driver seat, de-crees, lay down law, is drivers seat, cracking the whip, am in driver seat, pre-scribe, be in drivers seat, be in power, taking over, being in driver's seat, decide, wast driver's seat, laid down, de cree, de-duce, be driver's seat, are in authority, holds sway, ignore, de duce, was in driver's seat, were in driver seat, wast drivers seat, wast authority, kept under one thumb, am in drivers seat, was driver seat, is power, pre-siding, laid down the law, pre dominates, are in driver seat, pre dominating, is in authority, are driver's seat, sits on top of, are in power, was power, pass upon, rule, hold the reins, pre-vail, re strains, re strain, keeps under ones thumb, deny, laid down law, take over, re solves, was drivers seat, cracked whip, art power, pre vails, are in drivers seat, keep under one's thumb, kept under ones thumb, be in driver seat, pre side, was authority, keep under thumb, was in driver seat, pre-dominated, laying down law, over-ruled, lay down the law, wert in authority, running the show, wert in power, be in driver's seat, pre vail, pre-vails, are authority, holds the reins, was in authority, re-strained, am driver's seat, passed upon, keeps under one thumb, re-solving, lays down, pre-scribes, de creed, was in drivers seat, is authority, pre-dominates, pre siding, over rules, took over, de-duces, run show, cracks the whip, pre-dominate, being authority, pre dominated, being driver's seat, art in drivers seat, runs the show, be authority, am authority, over-ruling, is in driver's seat, passing up on, were authority, being driver seat, ran show, wast in drivers seat, hold sway, sat top of, keeping under thumb, held sway, is in power, pre scribe, sate top of, being in power, passing upon, pre-side, art authority, refuse, wast in authority, over-rules, ran the show, laying down, re-strains, over ruling, wert in driver seat, kept under thumb, holding reins, re straining, sit on top of, crack whip, be driver seat, over-rule, answer, pass up on, wert in drivers seat, being in authority, takes over, cracks whip, hold reins, pre scribing, pre-scribing, wast driver seat, holding sway, were drivers seat, pre-scribed, kept under one's thumb, keeping under ones thumb, wast in driver seat, keeping under one's thumb, am in authority, are drivers seat, being in driver seat, sentence, re solve, art in driver's seat, being power, passes up on, are power, re-solves, cracking whip, am in driver's seat, keep under ones thumb, held reins, re-straining, sat on top of, re-solve, pre-vailed, passes upon, pre-dominating, re strained, is in drivers seat, pre vailing, be power, wast in power, run the show, wert drivers seat, keeps under one's thumb, be in authority, de crees, de-cree, sits top of, pre vailed.