Pronunciation of Pleasantry
/plˈɛzəntɹˌi/, /plˈɛzəntɹˌi/, /p_l_ˈɛ_z_ə_n_t_ɹ_ˌi/

Antonyms for pleasantry

in humanities, pro-vocations, in-decencies, pesterer, immodesty, pesterers, in dignity, salacity, in-jury, nono's, nuisance, blueness, put-down, sleaze, no-no's, de positions, nono, in dignities, putdown, dirty deed, smuttiness, affront, in-conveniences, strong languages, shockingnesses, stolidity, no-no, fiendishness, nefariousnesses, backhanded compliment, sobriety, xrating, in conveniences, in delicacy, grossness, in juries, slap face, no nos, villianousnesses, no no, in-juries, out-rage, bluenesses, head ache, vileness, lubrici, lubricities, fourletter word, cuss words, pro-vocation, de-position, villianousness, poor excuse, out-rages, no no's, in-decency, adjurations, de-positions, pain neck, male-diction, scurrility, barbarousnesses, in delicacies, slap in the face, poor excuses, x ratings, criticism, swearword, backhanded compliments, malediction, slap the face, immodesties, out rages, dirty names, x rating, out rage, in decency, cuss word, in jury, pro vocations, lubricis, vilenesses, barbarousness, left handed compliment, male dictions, nonos, pain in neck, Lubricity, ribaldry, nefariousness, scatology, botherment, four letter word, dulness, male diction, sworn declarations, ruthlessnesses, x-ratings, stupidity, brickbats, oath, in-dignities, in-delicacy, porn, dirty deeds, de position, in-convenience, Raunch, in-delicacies, seriousness, male-dictions, gravity, sleazes, botherments, slap in face, solemnity, Shockingness, pro vocation, word honor, profaneness, brickbat, atrocity, ruthlessness, fiendishnesses, no-nos, adjuration, in-dignity, sworn declaration, strong language, in humanity, in decencies, dirty name.