Pronunciation of Polished
/pˈɒlɪʃt/, /pˈɒlɪʃt/, /p_ˈɒ_l_ɪ_ʃ_t/

Antonyms for polished

more bad mannered, unsorted, more unbaked, naive, in experienced, unable, un seemly, most chapped, more wolfish, un-assembled, Crossgrained, low-down, naif, most clownish, unfulfilled, wolfish, most unconversant, Inurbane, foul mouthed, in-elegant, more unprecise, bad-mannered, homespun, un happy, un-pleasant, most unhewn, more unproficient, Asperous, un poised, ill-bred, un seemlier, most roughneck, un fulfilled, Ungenteel, Unconversant, more unmeticulous, unprocessed, ill mannered, philistine, more ruffled, more dabbling, more lowbred, un scrupulous, Incult, un gentlemanly, inculter, in sensible, scraggier, un refined, rustic, wrinklier, loud mouthed, in making, un holier, in-delicate, most brutish, un executed, more ill bred, most unsmoothed, more unfashioned, un mannerly, un-completed, heavy handed, in harmonious, screwedup, un cultured, unlevel, dis-respectful, un-kempter, most messed up, unintelligent, un-genteel, blustering, unfinished, un-matured, un skillful, in cult, un-gracious, unpasteurized, in human, un-sightliest, un hewn, un-just, ungraded, most clodhopping, most guessed, most roughhewn, lowbred, lowdown dirty, uncompleted, more half done, most unshorn, un adorned, un-level, un-polished, scraggy, un-sorted, fly by night, un-seemliest, un-meticulous, un dressed, unassembled, more unwrought, tumultoustumultuous, more screwedup, most stridulent, most unworked, tumultous tumultuous, most crossgrained, incultest, more unbroken, inartistic, in expert, most screwedup, more unconcluded, un sightliest, more messed up, un loveliest, dark, in artistic, un godlier, unsophisticated, most cross-grained, in accurate, most imprecise, un tidiest, Unaccomplished, brutal, un-shaven, un wrought, un ripest, unproficient, most outland, more unmatured, most foul mouthed, more disgracious, un kemptest, un juster, un-enlightened, more unsorted, non-literate, un-friedest, un-smoothed, more rough hewn, more hamhanded, un perfected, in a state of nature, big, roughly made, more crossgrained, cloddish, in-decent, most ruffled, most ham-handed, un-baked, in a state nature, in the ballpark, un feeling, savage, fouledup, nonliterate, handcrafted, un prepared, most messedup, more fouled-up, more screwed up, more unsmoothed, un sophisticated, most rough hewn, unmodified, un meticulous, most loud-mouthed, most unsorted, dis courteous, un genteel, un controlled, un assembled, more asperous, unlettered, more agrestic, agrestic, un-finished, un trained, most screwed-up, most untreated, un-riper, more unassembled, most nonliterate, sylvan, most unpasteurized, most lowbred, more halfdone, most unexecuted, more unthorough, most blustering, un gainlier, bramblier, most undercooked, out line, ham-handed, loud-mouthed, most botched, flat, most bad mannered, more screwed-up, un-taught, unneighborly, more unmodified, more lowdown, un godliest, heavyhanded, lackluster, un-cut, un educated, un conversant, more loud mouthed, un sightlier, gauche, more uncompleted, un-refined, offcolor, more unshorn, unshorn, un lovelier, most buffeting, dull, most loud mouthed, un-civil, unmeticulous, more untreated, most illbred, tasteless, un gainliest, more unhewn, unpolished, in-sensible, un-godlier, most out-of-line, in the rough, more cross grained, wrinkliest, un shaven, un-proficient, un-shorn, most ill-bred, more half-done, grody, un-cultured, most cloddish, stout, most out of order, more nodular, more out of line, Unmilled, most swinish, cross-grained, most handcrafted, backwoods, most foul-mouthed, more ill-bred, brambliest, un affected, in sensitive, un-educated, junky, blunt, rough and ready, un holy, clumsy, most fouledup, most unbroken, boorish, un-pasteurized, more clownish, in-cultest, most screwed up, polyester, most agrestic, most fouled up, prentice, un-tidiest, more unconversant, un-frieder, un-domesticated, un-lovely, un-ripest, un tidy, more inurbane, most unmilled, most ham handed, un-justest, most vulgarian, badmannered, un gracious, most low-down-and-dirty, in decent, most nodular, ham handed, un-gainlier, un treated, un graded, un-developed, un polished, most unconcluded, brambly, more ham-handed, un-gainly, out-line, squally, un-prepared, un done, more ham handed, most halfdone, more botched, more brutish, un-controlled, unconcluded, most unmeticulous, most unprecise, out-of-line, un-musical, messedup, in-discreet, un fashioned, bearish, more ungenteel, un modified, un-broken, ill-mannered, un-wrought, un stained, more cussed, more low-down, un civil, undercooked, be draggled, most unthorough, un ripe, not smooth, most lowdown, un tidier, in state of nature, more chapped, most unaccomplished, un-worked, un-equal, un concluded, inhumane, not done, more barnyard, un matured, coarse, more outland, most unmatured, most unneighborly, un-trained, more roughhewn, most wolfish, vulgar, un broken, un-holy, un accomplished, un pleasant, more stridulent, unshaven, under construction, junkier, most fouled-up, more mannerless, more untutored, slipshod, most half-done, un-ceremonious, most ungraded, under-cooked, most cussed, more low down, un systematic, un-restrained, un-tutored, un seemliest, in-sensitive, in complete, un kempt, un just, more outline, in ballpark, low down, un-mannered, provincial, un-tidier, un couth, screwed-up, most outline, in-urbane, more bearish, un completed, most untutored, un-adorned, rude, more guessed, un-skillful, clownish, un-fried, more surmised, be-draggled, in-culter, in-experienced, un-juster, un shorn, un-neighborly, Disgracious, most unfashioned, out-of-order, in the making, more unworked, un smoothed, in-complete, un precise, un-happy, un enlightened, dis gracious, most unfulfilled, unvarnished, junkiest, cross grained, un-fulfilled, un finished, in-expert, un proficient, more messed-up, un holiest, more undercooked, un frieder, huge, un equal, un-stained, found wanting, un cultivated, more messedup, in delicate, more cross-grained, unwrought, un happier, tumultous-tumultuous, un-varnished, more foul-mouthed, most disgracious, out of line, crude, raw, un milled, un-seemlier, most inartistic, more fouled up, uncivilized, more buffeting, un-conscionable, more loud-mouthed, more unaccomplished, more unfulfilled, most asperous, in-decorous, un-systematic, un worked, unfrieder, in culter, unthorough, rough, un-gainliest, unsmoothed, most uncompleted, more unshaven, un-poised, roughhewn, more out of order, in elegant, low down and dirty, in-solent, un-holier, more inartistic, un-tidy, most hamhanded, un-hewn, un spoiled, more unneighborly, more clodhopping, un neighborly, un cut, in discreet, scraggiest, fouled-up, nodular, most unlevel, dis-gracious, more illbred, illtempered, halfdone, un-lovelier, in-harmonious, hamhanded, Unbaked, stridulent, un-milled, un-ripe, most prentice, un level, un tutored, un lovely, more unlevel, un-gentlemanly, most unwrought, under-done, off color, more fouledup, most low down and dirty, un happiest, more cloddish, un-couth, most unmodified, most ill bred, most unassembled, most dabbling, un-scrupulous, un-perfected, in-human, swinish, un-dressed, most cross grained, most bad-mannered, in rough, half done, immense, most unshaven, more out-of-line, un-processed, uncouth, most surmised, un-spoiled, un kempter, un conscionable, Unexecuted, messed-up, illiterate, most rough-hewn, lowdown, rough hewn, un-mannerly, un-cultivated, foul-mouthed, Clodhopping, most inurbane, in-artistic, un godly, un-conversant, heavy, un-civilized, most barnyard, un cooked, un gainly, wrinkly, most half done, under done, bad mannered, more unpoised, ill bred, un-cooked, un-concluded, un taught, un-sociable, un-fashioned, un processed, un varnished, uncalledfor, thick, more unpasteurized, most ungenteel, brutish, grodier, more prentice, more foul mouthed, un justest, more badmannered, un-sightly, in-clement, most messed-up, dis respectful, large, un-godliest, un-accomplished, great, Unprecise, untutored, more ungraded, illmannered, more unexecuted, half-done, uneducated, chapped, more blustering, in solent, indecent, unworked, illbred, barbarous, more unmilled, dis-courteous, un-executed, low-down-and-dirty, in decorous, most bearish, un civilized, un-treated, un-kemptest, unhewn, un-godly, ignorant, in urbane, in state nature, un-holiest, grodiest, imprecise, Unfashioned, un-kempt, most badmannered, un baked, under cooked, churlish, in-humane, more roughneck, more swinish.