Pronunciation of Positive
/pˈɒzɪtˌɪv/, /pˈɒzɪtˌɪv/, /p_ˈɒ_z_ɪ_t_ˌɪ_v/

Antonyms for positive

doubting, un-clear, most detracting, conest, academic, more trustless, more unpromising, most rejecting, ill defined, un clearer, more disallowing, pre judicial, more undermining, in distinguishable, most wrackful, far fetched, most trustless, un-convinced, moot, caviling, nervous, more bleared, negative, more disavowing, touch go, recusant, more extirpative, Discommodious, most nullifying, most against, most unassured, uncharged, vacillating, most catabolic, most undermining, humble, dis avowals, un seemlier, more against, more eradicative, informal, anti, un-timeliest, most eradicative, more anti, most impugning, more discrediting, most wreckful, more slipping, in expedient, un-affirmative, un-promising, un-enthusiastic, lenient, in discernible, qualified, most erosive, in-expedient, answerable, uncertain, in verse, most refusing, unconvinced, un convinced, irreverent, retro grade, more gainsaying, in decisive, equivocal, dismayed, in-auspicious, minus, un friendlier, under-mining, diffident, de-precatory, counterfeit, more dissentient, unassured, in definite, in-distinct, accountable, in conspicuous, faltering, disputed, disadvantageous, more cankerous, un decided, fly by night, doubtful, un-seemlier, unsure, non placet, fellest, un-settled, conditional, more worsening, cankerous, un seemly, un promising, un-fit, un likelier, more impugning, in-audible, un-trustier, more neutralizing, uncomplimentary, inappreciative, in advisable, de-tractive, most unconvinced, re ceding, most debasing, more declining, illadvised, dissentient, unconfident, untrustiest, un likely, in validating, catabolic, hypercritical, dis-commodious, unenthusiastic, most naysaying, un-seasonable, un-sure, un affirmative, mis-tier, indefinite, unreal, dis-allowing, unreliable, un-likely, un-luckier, in-convenient, disputable, in-distinguishable, more unassured, un enthusiastic, coner, gram-negative, more detracting, fearful, co nest, incertain, un-clearest, dis inclined, un-intelligible, more annulling, uncategorical, ambiguous, more abrogating, most unpromising, constitutional, most dissenting, in audible, partial, deniable, more uncomplimentary, un suited, mild, de precatory, un-favorable, dis-avowal, un-trusty, counter active, more contravening, pejorative, most deteriorating, most privative, dis-sentient, un-determined, un likeliest, most bleared, untrusty, un heard, detrimental, legendary, most recusant, dis allowing, most detractory, submissive, dis advantageous, dis sentient, unhelpful, most abrogating, pretended, mis-trustful, un-suited, out of focus, un dependable, hesitant, counter-active, more catabolic, more lethiferous, most disavowing, touch and go, most annihilative, unappreciative, under mining, limited, unflattering, more dissenting, meek, more blurred, un favorable, iffy, more wrackful, timid, false, disavowals, most receding, theoretical, de basing, un propitious, inconclusive, in-opportune, more naysaying, un trusty, compliant, pre-carious, re-ceding, most discommodious, un complimentary, most worsening, neutralized, most disallowing, illdefined, Wreckful, un clear, un-pleasant, in convenient, Wrackful, dis-avowing, more annihilative, un trustiest, un-willing, most blurred, un-decided, most cankerous, refutation, un-seemliest, most gainsaying, un-lucky, complaisant, un luckier, dis-avowals, touch-and-go, un-reliable, most discrediting, faultfinding, un-timelier, un lucky, co-nest, gentle, un-trustiest, un seemliest, Eradicative, dis commodious, Extirpative, un-friendliest, in determinate, de rogatory, un-friendly, more invalidating, pre carious, un defined, un-interested, most extirpative, most lethiferous, more privative, more receding, unfavorable, un-clearer, quiet, ductile, un-predictable, un reliable, disapproving, most dissentient, most declining, most unaffirmative, dependent, lowly, un settled, speculative, un-trustworthy, un friendliest, un timely, un sure, un pleasant, un trustworthy, un interested, refutable, un timelier, vague, more detractory, de-basing, yielding, naysaying, docile, in-felicitous, in-advisable, neutral, destructive, overcritical, most annulling, most slipping, more lapsing, retrograde, more erosive, untrustier, unheard, most invalidating, un-heard, disavowal, unassuming, in distinct, un-complimentary, un-fortunate, Privative, carping, more unaffirmative, un-likelier, more rejecting, wavering, un fortunate, most contravening, un-timely, in-conspicuous, dis-crediting, dissenting, dubious, unpromising, in auspicious, de tractive, retro-grade, refusal, responsible, re-fusing, controversial, de-rogatory, indecisive, shy, indistinct, confused, un determined, more nullifying, un predictable, out focus, un-defined, questionable, un assured, in-decisive, un-assured, un-friendlier, un luckiest, mis trustful, Contradictable, most anti, mis tier, most uncomplimentary, most opposed, Refusing, in opportune, more denying, fictitious, un timeliest, in-validating, un willing, more recusant, most lapsing, un trustier, dis avowing, pre-judicial, more deteriorating, more debasing, re moved, more unconvinced, erosive, dis-advantageous, more refusing, un-dependable, imaginary, captious, dis crediting, implied, in-definite, tentative, critical, unaffirmative, most denying, Detractory, re-versed, un-likeliest, contingent, dis avowal, dis-inclined, un clearest, in-verse, un seasonable, distrustful, re fusing, hypothetical, Trustless.