Pre sent

Pronunciation of Pre Sent
/pɹˈiː sˈɛnt/, /pɹˈiː sˈɛnt/, /p_ɹ_ˈiː s_ˈɛ_n_t/

Antonyms for pre sent

consume, combine, yield, comply, shield, disappear, separate, future, collect, be vague, hate, later, repulsive, waste, suppress, fake, obligate, secret, block, obey, deceive, end, detain, dismantle, falsify, join, force, injury, disperse, increase, subdue, act, immaterial, counteract, hidden, former, condemn, decrease, cover, bury, listen, fairness, forfeit, forget, fail, dislike, watch, dishonor, imaginary, disregard, punishment, succeeding, conceal, eventually, unimportant, dissent, denial, leave alone, agree, turn, antiquated, rough, earn, loss, imprison, leave, subtraction, go, transfer, desecrate, tardy, ancient, denunciation, decide, misappropriate, hiding, mislead, change, ending, spurn, never, uncommon, flexible, there, retreat, obscure, be real, dissatisfy, indefinite, blockage, invalid, retain, misrepresent, confuse, distant, pass over, be quiet, disgrace, veto, eventual, preserve, untrustworthy, disapprove, complicate, intangible, shun, shrivel, hide, extract, mix up, back down, diverge, sentence, concealment, disrespect, put off, untrue, false, idle, refuse, prevent, disarrange, dishonest, be truthful, withdraw, abridge, abort, old, questionable, contest, contract, delude, insert, misuse, lift, ignore, keep secret, miss, deprive, save, renege, opposition, reduce, raze, condense, extinct, fight, reject, defend, question, fraudulent, spiritual, upset, refusal, awake, keep silent, gone, mumble, misfortune, hold back, forgotten, lower, refrain, discourage, check, past, overlook, take away, disadvantage, work, uncertain, argue, limit, repudiate, disorganize, answer, obstruction, meanness, use up, abandon, obsolete, mental, unclear, debt, disagree, hesitate, oppose, subtract, deny, displace, bad fortune, result, repress, outdated, dodge, preceding, pass, direct, abstain, undo, disclaim, seize, penalty, demolish, renounce, fade, deplete, unreal, slow, penalize, vague, withdrawal, retrogress, disprove, ruin, surrender, wonder, dispute, move, take, cloud, absent, fold, divide, guard, lessen, uncontemporary, disputable, previous, passe, shorten, play, keep quiet, ill will, bad luck, dissociate, attach, reality, protect, feigned, win, disavow, impartiality, hindrance, harm, repudiation, disfavor, desert, die, hoard, unite, delayed, curtail, ask, protest, criticism, leave plain, withstand, taking, remove, disallow, mismanage, unhealthy, break, far, mystify, misguide, drop, Unfurnish, unstable, lose, disdain, take back, stagnate, hold up, reply, conclude, contradict, kill, old-fashioned, compel, punish, stop, go up, finish, shrink, harmonize, give up, hinder, unreliable, neglect, capture, store, depress, halt, depart, away, wake, secrete, restrict, maintain, counterfeit, dead, hurt, pass by, late, destroy, dissuade, close, dubious, cut, confine, gather, withhold, recede, wrap, restrain, be genuine, defer, follow, object, misdirect, avoid, challenge, disapproval, unsure, unfit, keep, hold, borrow, erase, doubtful, receive, rise.