Pronunciation of Pre-Vails
/pɹˈiːvˈe͡ɪlz/, /pɹˈiːvˈe‍ɪlz/, /p_ɹ_ˈiː_v_ˈeɪ_l_z/

Synonyms for pre-vails:

affect (verb)

act on, alter, change, disturb, impinge, impress, induce, influence, inspire, interest, involve, modify, move, perturb, prevail, regard, relate, stir, sway, touch, transform, upset.

be (verb)

abide, act, breathe, continue, endure, go on, hold, inhabit, last, live, persist, remain, rest, stand, stay, subsist, survive, DO, be alive, have being, have place.

best (verb)

better, blank, blast, bulldoze, clobber, cream, deck, drub, exceed, excel, flax, floor, ko, lambaste, lick, outclass, outdo, outshine, outstrip, put away, shut down, surpass, take down, tan, thrash, top, total, transcend, trash, trounce, wallop, waste, wax, whip, whomp, whop, wipe, wipe out, zap, knock off, get the better of, beat up, shoot down, take care of, triumph over, let have it, wipe the floor with.

carry (verb)

affect, capture, drive, effect, get, impel, secure, spur, strike, urge.

come through (verb)

achieve, carry out, chip in, contribute, kick in, pitch in, score, be successful.

command (verb)

administer, boss, charge, check, coach, coerce, compel, conduct, constrain, control, curb, determine, dictate, direct, dominate, exact, force, govern, guide, head, hinder, lead, manage, officiate, oppress, overbear, override, prescribe, push, regulate, repress, restrain, run, stop, subdue, superintend, supervise, take over, tyrannize, wield, hold office, preside over, reign over, exercise power, have authority.

conquer (verb)

acquire, annex, checkmate, circumvent, crush, discomfit, foil, frustrate, humble, occupy, outwit, overmaster, overpower, overrun, overthrow, quell, reduce, rout, seize, subjugate, surmount, throw, thwart, vanquish, worst, bring to knees, trample underfoot, wipe off map.

dominate (verb)

call the shots, eclipse, handle, lead by the nose, monopolize, overshadow, subject, Superabound, detract from, prevail over, play first fiddle, rule the roost, lay down the law, hold sway over, have one's way, have upper hand, keep under thumb, run the show, sit on top of.

domineer (verb)

bend, bluster, boss around, browbeat, bully, hector, intimidate, kick around, menace, rule, swagger, threaten, Henpeck, run things, be in the saddle, in the driver's seat, push the buttons, throw weight around.

encourage (verb)

abet, advance, advocate, aid, approve, assist, back, back up, befriend, bolster, boost, brace, comfort, console, countenance, develop, ease, egg on, endorse, favor, fortify, forward, foster, further, get behind, go for, improve, instigate, invite, promote, reassure, reinforce, relieve, sanction, second, serve, solace, strengthen, subscribe to, subsidize, succor, support, sustain, uphold, side with, root for, pat on the back, give a leg up, pull for, smile upon.

endure (verb)

be, bide, carry on, carry through, cling, exist, hang on, hold on, hold out, keep on, linger, live on, outlast, outlive, ride out, stay on, stick to, superannuate, wear, wear on, Perdure, run on, be left, be long lived, be timeless, have no end, never say die, wear well.

exist (verb)

happen, lie, occur, be present, be extant, be latent.

hack it (verb)

accomplish, avail, carry off, come through, bring home the bacon, deliver the goods, hit the mark, cut it, cut the mustard, get to the top, make a go of it, pull it off, make the grade, make the cut.

influence (verb)

act upon, arouse, bias, brainwash, bribe, bring to bear, carry weight, channel, count, dispose, form, get at, incite, incline, manipulate, mold, persuade, predispose, prejudice, prompt, pull strings, rouse, seduce, sell, shape, snow, talk into, train, turn, argue into, work upon, be recognized, have a part in, impact on.

lead (verb)

accompany, attend, bring, bring on, cause, chaperone, conduce, convert, convey, convoy, draw, escort, guard, helm, introduce, motivate, pilot, point out, point the way, precede, produce, protect, quarterback, route, safeguard, see, shepherd, show, span, spearhead, squire, steer, tend, traverse, usher, watch over, trail-blaze, go along with, result in, show around, show in, pass along, show the way, be responsible for, find a way, get the jump on, go out in front.

lie (verb)

be on, belong, beset, extend, reach, spread, stretch, be seated, be even, be beside, be buried, be established, be fixed, be found, be interred, be level, be located, be placed, be smooth, have its seat in.

live (verb)

get along, get by, maintain, pass, remain alive, draw breath, have life.

outlive (verb)


outweigh (verb)

balance, cancel out, compensate, counterbalance, counterpoise, countervail, offset, outbalance, outrival, outrun, set off, atone for, make up for, take precedence, tip the scales.

overcome (verb)

down, drown, get around, hurdle, knock over, overwhelm, prostrate, render, shock, stun, weather, whelm, rise above, knock socks off.

persist (verb)

grind, insist, keep up, leave no stone unturned, perseverate, persevere, pursue, recur, repeat, strive, follow up, see through, follow through, go all the way, stick it out, be resolute, be stubborn, go the limit, stick to guns, tough it out.

predominate (verb)

hold sway, outweigh, tell, get the upper hand.

preponderate (verb)

reign supreme.

prevail (verb)

abound, beat, best, carry, command, conquer, domineer, gain, luck out, make it, make out, master, move out, obtain, overcome, overrule, predominate, preponderate, prove, reign, succeed, triumph, win, take off, go great guns, be common, be current, be prevalent, be usual, be victorious, be widespread, come out on top, exist generally, get there, go places, hit pay dirt.

remain (verb)

bivouac, bunk, delay, dwell, freeze, halt, hang, hang out, hold over, hover, lodge, nest, pause, perch, reside, roost, sit out, sit tight, sojourn, squat, stay put, stick around, tarry, visit, wait, stay over, sit through, stay behind, stay in, make camp, hold the fort, put on hold, remain standing.

rule (verb)

bridle, decree, order, preside, be in power, crack the whip, be in authority, be in driver's seat, hold the reins, keep under one's thumb.

stand (verb)

fill, take up, be situated, be valid.

succeed (verb)

arrive, benefit, come off, distance, earn, flourish, fulfill, make good, outdistance, possess, profit, prosper, realize, reap, receive, recover, retrieve, thrive, work, turn out, pull off, HIT, make a fortune, do all right, do the trick, grow famous.

take (verb)

operate, be efficacious, have effect.

triumph (verb)

sink, sweep, take the cake, blow away, win out, beat the game, beat the system, carry the day, get last laugh, strike it big, take it all, win hands down.

wear down (verb)

hold up.

win (verb)

edge, finish off, shut out, walk off with, walk away with, run circles around, be first, come in first, finish in front, gain victory, take the prize.

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