Pronunciation of Present
/pɹˈɛzənt/, /pɹˈɛzənt/, /p_ɹ_ˈɛ_z_ə_n_t/

Antonyms for present

be-sieged, dead and gone, de-spoiling, more split, old time, Dunned, dis inherit, antiquated, paper over, un usable, most oversoon, insisted on, more squandered, de spoil, pre existent, DUNS, wornout, pre-existing, dis appointing, tardy, not here, by-gone, far, gotten away from, un-civilized, de-spoil, pre ceding, over early, more anachronistic, not good enough, out the window, more precedent, not up to par, out-dated, more eradicated, most has-been, counter claiming, too early, dis-lodging, most exanimate, ageold, more expired, cries out for, take back, years agos, de-spoils, medieval, musty, dis-robing, dis-mantle, most noshow, most decomposed, most oldfangled, most anachronistic, getting away from, Oversoon, noshow, more cooked, has-been, more unstylish, be neath, preexisting, un-sound, feudal, most oldhat, mis used, dis lodges, dis pleasing, Dunning, done, in quire, de nude, most runoff, farther away, most erased, most vestigial, underived, pre-existent, dis-appointing, previous, oldfangled, more above-mentioned, horse buggy, more runoff, un-burden, time-worn, Impetrated, most demolished, missing, old-fashioned, back when, be-siege, long-ago, completed, out side, concluded, most unremembered, ex-acted, dis placed, yore, more dinosaur, motheaten, dis mantles, un civilized, most disappeared, guerdon, more turned, counter claims, anachronistic, gave the slip, hookiest, be sieged, un original, counter-claimed, gave up ghost, re-quests, most quit, more has-been, in-quiring, got away from, rids oneself of, ex-animate, giving the slip, Bankrupted, long ago, un-fashionable, most ahead, be sieging, one time, most precursory, withhold, be-neath, re moved, up, untutored, de spoils, hit up, dis appeared, more preliterate, gives the slip, yester day, de-void, de void, more old hat, most disarranged, disused, obsolete, be reft, Lacked, dis robing, more unevolved, dis-integrated, un-usable, nowhere to be found, most passed, gave ghost, leaved behind, out of gas, unburdening, most expired, whistles for, overdue, rids of, most old school, un-evolved, most precedent, EXER, run off, more demolished, more ahead, Non-existent, re-tired, most anachronous, co oked, insists on, most no-show, over-due, dis mantled, dis-robe, more abolished, more frittered, off, be sieges, finished, more substratal, un sophisticated, leaving behind, pre historic, hasbeen, stiffs, most old-hat, counter-claiming, more out-of-style, nonliterate, stiffed, de composed, Auld lang syne, most ex-, anterior, old times, time worn, most cooked, most split, old-school, mis-laid, more perished, dis-possesses, most dinosaur, castoff, most demode, defunct, in quiring, more above mentioned, re-quiring, sub standard, dis-mantling, belated, penalty, de-composed, in-quired, distant, one side, most castoff, more fossil, in-quires, dis-placed, more gone by, dis-arranged, nowhere be found, more misused, compensation, in opportune, de-nude, un-cultivated, un trained, ex-terminated, shake off, elsewhere, insist on, out of it, over, in default, dis lodge, give slip, counterclaiming, unremembered, back, more underived, more time-worn, over looked, most turned, in quired, under-lying, un-available, most disheartening, more elapsed, no show, to one side, days gone byes, not duty, dis-carded, dis possessing, more whilom, be sought, ex, suppress, more preexisting, demand, too little too late, oldfashioned, fore going, more vestigial, rising, ghoster, dried up, most outworn, destroy, bankrupts, most disapproved, yesterday, more time worn, ex-, dis integrated, hookier, more precursory, un-trained, old fashioned, ghostest, pushing daisies, re quests, most old hat, most time worn, more abovementioned, de mode, un burdened, past, not snuff, yesteryear, more out of style, expropriate, un stylish, un-stylish, dis-pleasing, cried out for, most run off, most oldschool, un-derived, more run off, aforementioned, most whilom, un fulfilled, most deleted, dis robed, in-animate, unstylish, un sounder, ex acting, nobody home, fossilized, re quires, cover, un-burdened, more goneby, most brutish, over and done, dis-inherited, un timelier, more dissolved, dis-inherits, clamor for, abandon, has been, most run-off, hits up, most disused, ridded of, sub-stratal, most unevolved, most goneby, delinquent, more untutored, dis-possessing, more expunged, in-opportune, leave behind, fortune, dis-mantles, away, most has been, in-operative, more disapproved, un remembered, agone, re quire, not to par, un-sounder, de camped, not present, more away, not employed, not on duty, clamored for, fore-going, un-timely, re-mote, yester-years, behind times, unaccounted for, most out-of-style, un burdening, most dissolved, oldschool, yores, horse and buggy, dinosaur, more flown, gave slip, un-fulfilled, giving slip, most fossilized, mis-used, clamoring for, then, way back, most aforementioned, whistled for, fight, vanished, over soon, most old-school, more has been, out gas, left out, taken powder, non-extant, more out-of-fashion, burned up, dis-appeared, more old-hat, more preexistent, most cast-off, re-moving, ex animate, unborn, in animate, former, more oldschool, outdated, more ago, gave the ghost, age old, run-off, most nonliterate, taken leave, dis inherited, most gone by, longago, sub stratal, gone by, offing, Impetrate, of yore, more above, most above-mentioned, more bypast, shakes off, old fangled, grown old, unburdened, out of date, days gone by, had it, exanimate, more ex, outmoded, lose, more ex-, antediluvian, gone-by, most misused, re questing, overearly, fusty, demoded, antecedent, dis lodged, remuneration, most disintegrated, more devastated, Demised, conceal, more shifted, years ago, sue for, be-reaved, un-timelier, pre cursory, Old lang syne, un burdens, dis-robed, most away, more long ago, dis-lodge, old-time, more exanimate, turned dust, counterclaimed, gets away from, mislaid, underivative, rid of, more feudal, ex acts, substratal, re quested, un-derivative, most above, refuse, de ceased, unburdens, more outworn, most before, give the slip, most preexisting, be-reaving, de-parted, be-reave, un-taught, most feudal, truant, un burden, most fossil, be reaves, crying out for, with-drawn, out it, preexistent, more nonextant, nonextant, more unfulfilled, emerging, un derived, non extant, Bankrupting, dis used, turned to dust, vestigial, de parted, taken a powder, re-moved, most underived, hitting up, more decamped, gave up the ghost, futurity, more disused, most unrewarding, cast-off, un-cultured, sub-standard, more hasbeen, dead gone, counter claimed, more underivative, re-quires, gives slip, retired, un-soundest, deceased, ended, counterclaim, un-tutored, more unrewarding, dis-lodged, more disheartening, re moving, stiffing, fail, down drain, most hasbeen, un-burdens, dis lodging, most out of style, most time-worn, most sometime, de nudes, more old fangled, of old school, in the distance, in complete, de-nudes, dis solved, more brutish, most long ago, re quired, most eradicated, Whilom, old lang synes, counterclaims, under developed, most devastated, non existent, to side, more disappeared, yester days, lost, earnings, out-of-fashion, prior, most untutored, most perished, dis possess, most preliterate, dis-robes, former times, down memory lane, rip off, more cast-off, ex act, timeworn, most substratal, out worn, un-domesticated, un sound, re-move, un fashionable, olden day, too soon, subdue, stop, most flown, terminated, future, tomorrow, re tired, most squandered, most canceled, precursory, counter claim, not with it, dun, un founded, un refined, dis-possessed, most gone-by, ridding oneself of, oldhat, insisting on, more mortifying, out dated, un-satisfactory, most precluded, more run-off, re move, in distance, old, Impetrating, un tutored, de spoiling, most consumed, dis mantle, be reave, most out of fashion, get away from, re-quired, most relic, more demoded, un cultured, most annihilated, un available, non-literate, of old, dis robes, olden days, deprive, over due, way back when, passe, more oldfangled, un timely, be-sieges, no more, dead, latter day, re quiring, un rewarding, more deleted, most unstylish, Latterday, more overearly, in quires, more atavistic, un-learned, out style, more out of fashion, un evolved, un-rewarding, un-enlightened, dis-possess, ante-diluvian, wages, dis-approved, passed on, more quit, more oversoon, un tamed, with drawn, more precluded, times past, gone away, more annihilated, dis-inheriting, more passed, lowquality, dis approved, thieve, de-camped, not to snuff, dis possessed, dis heartening, old-fangled, most bypast, dis inheriting, be siege, more canceled, times pasts, most decamped, through, clamors for, ridding of, dis-mantled, yester-days, yester-year, ridded oneself of, back number, be-reaves, more longago, de spoiled, late, out of style, absent, long agos, more no show, be-sought, be side, over-early, more anachronous, out-of-date, neglect, dis-inherit, re-quire, dis-lodges, more noshow, more disarranged, more oldhat, de-ceased, primitive, hide, yester year, dis-used, out of fashion, more gone-by, foregone, dis carded, not modern, atavistic, un-original, re-questing, yester years, sues for, dated, on vacation, Omitted, more old-school, more aforementioned, dis inherits, most frittered, sued for, dis possesses, most expunged, mis placed, loss, outworn, antique, in-complete, more sometime, most shifted, in operative, dis robe, more demode, co-oked, more disintegrated, counter-claims, of the old school, mis-spent, be reaved, dis-appearing, refrain, long gone, be-reft, pre-historic, dis appearing, out window, un derivative, more erased, more castoff, forgotten, by gone, prehistoric, de-spoiled, dis-heartening, out date, archaic, turning aside, most no show, un taught, un-remembered, more long-ago, ante diluvian, unrewarding, gone, unevolved, deny, brutish, not sign of, decrease, over done, low quality, most elapsed, re-moves, take, un cultivated, counter-claim, most overearly, dis arranged, more consumed, ex terminated, in-quire, not par, most out-of-fashion, be reaving, un enlightened, enshroud, dis-solved, over-soon, former time, dis mantling, gat away from, un satisfactory, un-burdening, mis spent, not up par, most nonextant, ago, delayed, un-developed, be-sieging, ages ago, out-of-style, old-hat, belie, un-founded, most preexistent, cry out for, un-tamed, oldtime, most abolished, de-mode, more unremembered, un-warranted, more old-fangled, under-developed, more elsewhere, most ex, leaves behind, un timeliest, left behind, most underivative, pushing up daisies, re cent, more fossilized, rid oneself of, un-refined, most long-ago, most old fangled, whistle for, ex-acting, be-side, more old school, pre literate, not a sign of, goneby, pre-ceding, no-show, most elsewhere, yester-day, most ago, pre existing, behind one, not current, ex-act, most demoded, un-timeliest, more no-show, most longago.