Pro Moting

Pronunciation of Pro Moting
/pɹˈə͡ʊ mˈə͡ʊtɪŋ/, /pɹˈə‍ʊ mˈə‍ʊtɪŋ/, /p_ɹ_ˈəʊ m_ˈəʊ_t_ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for pro moting:

give up, leave alone, injure, derange, corrupt, deject, miss, comply, deter, block, shun, tell truth, disfavor, curtail, halt, abridge, claim, waver, lower, unfit, change, hesitate, stand, disorganize, discontinue, stop, desert, hate, demolish, put out, opposing, suppress, turn, disperse, blame, vex, depart, forfeit, return, pollute, irritate, decline, disinvite, displace, shrink, secret, retreat, call in, consume, abandon, starve, debase, disorder, lull, dishonor, repulse, stunt, misunderstand, trouble, enlarge, conceal, start, blow, spurn, avoid, pull, buy, hurt, clothe, denounce, mislead, raze, weaken, begin, waste, exasperate, agree, forsake, invalidate, disgrace, yield, clean, fail, detain, lose, antagonize, give, recede, provoke, oppose, dissuade, increase, reply, discredit, dodge, learn, scatter, receive, discourage, slow, ignore, counteract, go, mismanage, refrain, circumscribe, repress, deprive, hinder, contract, condemn, misuse, uncover, humiliate, plant, disagree, spend, decrease, handicap, damage, burden, release, mix up, protect, cease, quiet, repel, help, let down, dampen, retrogress, refuse, play down, worry, kill, gather, fall, be upright, narrow, intensify, deteriorate, upset, depress, hold, hide, be inferior, make difficult, maintain, bottle up, confine, remain, offer, contend, steady, disturb, sell, separate, dirty, unstopper, neglect, disregard, deny, harm, cover, throw away, cut, assail, surrender, check, dispirit, frustrate, disapprove, counter, straighten, keep quiet, deceive, criticize, secrete, demote, tranquilize, be honest, conclude, impugn, turn off, disclaim, agitate, represent, calm, take back, reduce, decelerate, use competition, keep, be forthright, prohibit, forgo, thwart, stay, delay, shame, relinquish, leave, defend, back down, impair, collect, rest, ruin, insult, consent, impede, let go, drop, divide, take away, disappoint, obey, undermine, retard, reveal, insist, create, bequeath, bring down, set back, desist, be against, delight, resist, remove, get worse, dishearten, spoil, soothe, extend, abbreviate, idle, prevent, not want, protest, confuse, withdraw, disarrange, attack, explain, withhold, be modest, pass, walk, purify, obstruct, make happy, please, offend, repudiate, contradict, censure, free, descend, complete, deaden, uncork, degrade, exhaust, worsen, fall behind, Against, uninspire, bore, abstain, quit, finish, detract, not plan, wait, kick downstairs, move, annoy, unplug, disprove, continue, end, answer, overlook, lessen, condense, give away, diminish, shorten, destroy, tell, pursue, aggravate, disenchant, approve, keep secret, reject, unsettle, give in, belittle, forget, excite, procrastinate, perplex, be humble, dull, take, dislike, compress, incite, subtract.

Synonyms for pro moting:

cultural (adjective)

advancing, artistic, beneficial, broadening, constructive, corrective, developmental, dignifying, edifying, educative, ennobling, expanding, helpful, humane, influential, inspirational, instructive, learned, liberal, polishing, raising, refined, refining, socializing, stimulating, uplifting, widening, Adorning, Beautifying, Civilizing, Disciplining, Elevating, Enriching, Glorifying, Humanizing, Liberalizing, Nurturing, Ornamenting, Regenerative.

featuring (adjective)

highlighting, pushing, showing, starring, turning, Recommending, Presenting, headlining, showing off, calling attention to, drawing attention to, making much of, pointing up, turning the spotlight on, giving center stage to.

supporting (adjective)

approving, encouraging, helping, shielding, Aiding.

advertising (noun)

announcement, ballyhoo, billing, blasting, broadcasting, buildup, exhibition, exposition, hard sell, hoopla, pitch, posting, pr, proclamation, promotion, publicity, screamer, spread, squib, Announcing, Displaying, Exhibiting, Promoting, PROMO.

abet (verb)

condone, egg on, goad, incite, instigate, prod, promote, provoke, sanction, spur.

acquire (verb)

access, achieve, amass, annex, attain, bring in, buy, catch, collect, cop, corral, earn, gain, gather, get, get hold of, grab, have, hustle, land, lock up, procure, rack up, secure, snag, take, wangle, win, pick up, latch onto, scare up, take possession of, get hands on.

advance (verb)

accelerate, bring forward, come forward, conquer, dispatch, drive, gain ground, get ahead, go forth, go forward, hasten, launch, make headway, march, move on, press on, proceed, progress, propel, push on, quicken, skyrocket, step forward, storm, go ahead, forge ahead, push ahead, go great guns, continue ahead, continue on, get green light, get there, get with it, go places, go to town, make the scene, move onward, send forward.

advertise (verb)

acquaint, advise, announce, apprise, bill, blazon, circularize, communicate, declare, disclose, display, divulge, drum, exhibit, expose, flaunt, herald, inform, notify, press agent, proclaim, promulgate, reveal, show, soft sell, splash, spot, tout, uncover, unmask, make known, get on soapbox for, make a pitch, put on the map, beat the drum for.

advocate (verb)

bless, brace up, countenance, defend, go for, go with, justify, plump for, propose, side, vindicate, hold with, press for, root for, give a leg up, go to bat for, argue for, be in corner, campaign for, get on bandwagon, give a lift, plead for, ride shotgun for, run interference for, say so, spread around, stump for.

aid (verb)

abet, alleviate, bail out, benefact, lighten, mitigate, relieve, straighten out, sustain, lend a hand, stick up for, open doors for.

arrange (verb)

adapt, adjust, blueprint, chart, compromise, concert, construct, contrive, decide, design, determine, devise, direct, draft, establish, frame, harmonize, iron out, lay out, manage, map out, negotiate, organize, prepare, project, provide, quarterback, resolve, schedule, scheme, settle, tailor, work out, shape up, line up, agree to, get ready, make ready, come to terms, make a connection, get act together, hammer out a deal, pull a wire, pull things together, set stage, work out a deal.

ask (verb)

angle, appeal, apply, beg, beseech, bite, bum, call for, charge, claim, command, crave, demand, entreat, implore, impose, knock, levy, mooch, order, petition, plead, pray, request, requisition, seek, solicit, sue, supplicate, touch, HIT, file for, contend for.

attain (verb)

accede to, acquire, arrive, arrive at, bring off, come through, complete, effect, fulfill, grasp, make it, obtain, reach, realize, reap, score, succeed, unzip, pull off, glom onto, get fat.

back up (verb)

lend support.

benefit (verb)

advantage, ameliorate, build, pay, pay off, profit, fill the bill, contribute to, make a killing, be good for, do for one, do the trick.

better (verb)

amend, beat, best, cap, correct, enhance, exceed, excel, help, meliorate, mend, outshine, outstrip, rectify, refine, reform, revamp, surpass, top, transcend.

boost (verb)

inspire, praise.

build up (verb)

add to, expand, extend, fortify, heighten, intensify, reinforce, spotlight, strengthen.

champion (verb)

battle, contend, side with, stand behind, stand up for, fight for, put in a good word for, thump for.

civilize (verb)

acculturate, cultivate, edify, educate, enlighten, enrich, humanize, idealize, indoctrinate, instruct, polish, reclaim, sophisticate, spiritualize, tame, uplift, ethicize, help forward.

connive (verb)

cabal, cogitate, collude, conspire, cook up, diddle, finagle, intrigue, machinate, operate, wire, frame up, be in cahoots with, work hand in glove.

conspire (verb)

collogue, confederate, connive, hatch, maneuver, be in cahoots, get in bed with, put out a contract, work something out.

continue (verb)

abide, draw out, endure, go on, hang in, keep on, keep up, last, lengthen, linger, live on, loiter, maintain, outlast, outlive, persevere, persist in, prolong, pursue, remain, rest, ride, stand, stay, stay on, stick to, survive, Perdure, run on, carry forward, keep at, stick at, get on with it, keep on truckin', keep the ball rolling, move ahead, never cease.

cultivate (verb)

bring on, butter up, cherish, civilize, court, discipline, nurse, rear, teach, train, brownnose, run after, get in with, play up to, shine up to, suck up to, devote oneself to, get next to, get on good side of, seek friendship, take pains with.

develop (verb)

actualize, age, amplify, augment, beautify, broaden, deepen, dilate, elaborate, enlarge, evolve, exploit, finish, flourish, grow, grow up, materialize, maturate, mature, mellow, perfect, ripen, stretch, thrive, unfold, widen, Enroot.

dignify (verb)

adorn, distinguish, erect, grace, sublime, Uprear.

display (verb)

arrange, bare, betray, boast, brandish, demonstrate, emblazon, evidence, evince, feature, flash, glaze, grandstand, illustrate, impart, manifest, model, open, parade, perform, present, publish, represent, set out, showcase, sport, stretch out, trot out, unfurl, unroll, unveil, vamp, show off, lay bare, open out, make clear, bring to view, spread out.

dispose (verb)

actuate, array, bend, bias, call the tune, condition, distribute, fix, govern, group, incline, induce, influence, lead, locate, marshal, motivate, move, predispose, prompt, put, range, rank, regulate, ride herd on, set, shepherd, sway, systematize, tempt, Methodize, set in order, lay down the law, read the riot act, make willing, put one's foot down, put to rights.

ease (verb)

abate, allay, anesthetize, appease, assuage, attend to, calm, cheer, comfort, cure, disburden, disengage, doctor, expedite, facilitate, free, lessen, lift, moderate, mollify, pacify, palliate, quiet, relax, release, relent, simplify, slacken, smooth, soften, soothe, speed up, still, tranquilize, Untighten, make easier, clear the way, let up on, open the door.

encourage (verb)

approve, back up, brace, console, ease, invite, prevail, reassure, second, solace, subscribe to, pat on the back, pull for, smile upon.

endow (verb)

accord, award, bequeath, bestow, confer, donate, empower, enable, endue, finance, found, fund, furnish, grant, invest, leave, make over, settle on, subscribe, supply, will, lay on, come through with, vest in.

expedite (verb)

hurry, precipitate, press, railroad, rush, fast track, shoot through, cut the red tape, grease wheels, hand-carry, hand-walk, handle personally, run interference, run with the ball, walk it through.

facilitate (verb)

walk through, make easy, grease the wheels, open doors.

falsify (verb)

adulterate, belie, change, color, contort, contradict, contravene, cook, counterfeit, deacon, deceive, deny, distort, dress up, embroider, equivocate, exaggerate, fake, fib, forge, garble, gloss, lie, misquote, misstate, palter, pervert, prevaricate, salt, traverse, trump up, twist, warp, tamper with, put on an act, con, fake it, four-flush, phony up.

favor (verb)

accommodate, esteem, gratify, humor, indulge, oblige, pull strings, spare, spoil, value, treat well, play favorites, be partial to, do a kindness, do right by, make exception, show consideration.

feature (verb)

accentuate, blaze, emphasize, headline, italicize, mark, play up, point up, star, stress, underline, underscore, set off, make conspicuous.

fib (verb)

concoct, fabricate, falsify, invent, jive, plant, shovel, make up, stretch the truth, create fiction, speak with forked tongue, tell a little white lie.

finance (verb)

bank, bankroll, capitalize, endow, float, grubstake, guarantee, juice, loan shark, pay for, stake, underwrite, lay on one, pick up the check, prime the pump, provide funds, provide security, put up money, raise dough, pick up the tab.

foment (verb)

agitate, arouse, brew, excite, set on, start, stir up, whip up, fan the flames, sow the seeds.

further (verb)

engender, generate, propagate, take care of, give a boost to.

gain (verb)

accomplish, capture, clear, consummate, enlist, glean, harvest, make, net, overtake, parlay, produce, win over, move forward.

grubstake (verb)

put up money fo.

help (verb)

buck up, intercede, prop, save, see through, stand by, be of use, do a favor, do a service, do one's part, take under one's wing.

improve (verb)

come around, convalesce, doctor up, edit, emend, look up, perk up, purify, rally, recover, recuperate, revise, rise, sharpen, touch up, update, take off, set right, make strides, turn the corner.

incite (verb)

activate, animate, coax, craze, exhort, foment, force, get to, impel, inflame, inspirit, persuade, rouse, talk into, taunt, trigger, work up, PSYCH, put up to, prick, fan the fire, key up.

induce (verb)

breed, bring about, bring around, bulldoze, cajole, cause, convince, draw, draw in, goose, occasion, set in motion, squeeze, steamroll, suck in, wheedle, get up, give rise to, argue into, lead to, prevail upon, sell one on, soft-soap, sweet-talk, twist one's arm.

intrigue (verb)

plan, set up.

lie (verb)

beguile, bs, bull, delude, dissemble, dissimulate, dupe, forswear, fudge, go back on, malign, misguide, misinform, mislead, misrepresent, overdraw, perjure, phony, snow, string along, victimize, Misinstruct, Misspeak, put on, make believe, put up a front, bear false witness, be untruthful, break promise.

lobby (verb)

affect, alter, billboard, modify, politick, pressure, thump, high pressure, sell on, solicit votes, bring pressure to bear, exert influence, make a pitch for, put pressure on, soft-sell.

machinate (verb)

engineer, come up with, play games.

merchandise (verb)

market, retail, trade, vend, wholesale, deal in, buy and sell, do business in, traffic in.

misrepresent (verb)

blarney, cheese, blow smoke.

misrepresent/misquote (verb)

beard, cloak, confuse, disguise, dress, embellish, mangle, mask, misinterpret, overstate, pirate, skew, Miscolor, Misreport, cover up, slant, give snow job, spread it on, take out of context, throw a curve.

nourish (verb)

attend, tend.

nurse (verb)

baby-sit, cradle, father, feed, harbor, immunize, inoculate, irradiate, keep an eye on, keep tabs on, look after, medicate, mother, pamper, preserve, sit, treat, vaccinate, wait on, watch over, minister to, see to, watch out for, keep alive, take charge of.

operate (verb)

act, act on, behave, burn, carry on, click, compel, concern, conduct, contact, convey, enforce, engage, exert, go, hum, keep, ordain, percolate, react, revolve, roll, run, spin, tick, transport, turn, work, DO, be in action, get results, produce a result.

plot (verb)

conceive, imagine, lay, outline, rough out, sketch.

plug (verb)

mention, write up.

popularize (verb)

catch on, disseminate, generalize, restore, resurrect, revive, universalize, Familiarize, make available, give currency.

prefer (verb)

adopt, choose, cull, desire, elect, fancy, finger, pick, place, pose, proposition, propound, put forward, select, suggest, tag, tap, wish, Optate, Propone, fix upon, like better, be turned on to, opt for, would rather, would sooner.

prevail upon/prevail on (verb)

dispose, get around, impress, put across, crack, ram down throat.

procure (verb)

appropriate, buy out, buy up, come by, compass, find, lay hands on, purchase, latch on to, make a haul, manage to get.

profit (verb)

cash in on, clean up, prosper, use, utilize, make the most of, capitalize on, take advantage of, make money, be of advantage, stand in good stead, learn from, make capital, make good use of, make it big, put to good use, reap the benefit, turn to advantage.

promote (verb)

advance, advertise, advocate, aggrandize, aid, ascend, assist, avail, back, befriend, benefit, better, bolster, boost, build up, champion, contribute, cooperate, cry, develop, dignify, elevate, encourage, endorse, ennoble, espouse, exalt, favor, forward, foster, further, get behind, graduate, honor, hype, improve, increase, kick upstairs, magnify, move up, nourish, nurture, patronize, plug, popularize, prefer, propagandize, publicize, puff, push, raise, recommend, sell, serve, skip, speak for, speed, sponsor, stimulate, subsidize, succor, support, up, upgrade, uphold, urge, push for, call attention to, work for.

promulgate (verb)

annunciate, broadcast, call, circulate, decree, issue, sound, toot, trumpet, make public, pass the word.

provoke (verb)

awaken, begin, bestir, bring down, call forth, challenge, electrify, elicit, enthuse, fire, fire up, galvanize, innervate, kindle, pique, prime, stir, thrill, titillate, titivate, waken, whet, Innerve, Roust, Suscitate, bring to one's feet, draw forth.

puff (verb)

admire, blow up, commend, congratulate, flatter, overpraise, press-agent.

quicken (verb)

energize, liven, refresh, revitalize, spring, vitalize, vivify, Vivificate, step up, shake up, make haste.

raise (verb)

aggravate, assemble, bring up, congregate, congress, escalate, fetch up, forgather, form, heave, hike, hike up, hoist, hold up, inflate, jack up, jump, lever, lift up, mass, mobilize, mount, mushroom, muster, pry, pyramid, recruit, rendezvous, shoot up, shove, snowball, throw up, upcast, upheave, upraise, run up, put up, take up, stand up, pull up, jump up, goose up, place up, put on its end, send through the roof, set upright.

request (verb)

bespeak, inquire, sponge, hold out for, put in for, hit up for.

rob (verb)

abscond, bereave, break into, burglarize, burgle, cheat, defalcate, defraud, despoil, disinherit, dispossess, divest, embezzle, filch, heist, hijack, liberate, loot, lose, mug, oust, peculate, pilfer, pillage, pinch, plunder, purloin, raid, ransack, rifle, sack, scrounge, snitch, stick up, strip, strong-arm, swindle, swipe, thieve, withhold, rip off, do out of.

second (verb)

go along with, give moral support.

solicit (verb)

accost, approach, ask, cadge, canvass, drum up, exact, hawk, panhandle, peddle, postulate, query, question, refer, require, resort, seduce, steer, Importune, hit on, come on to, hit up, pass the hat, sue for, whistle for.

speed (verb)

barrel, belt, bomb, bowl over, career, fly, gallop, gear up, get moving, go all out, hightail, race, sail, tear, whiz, zoom, step on it, get a move on, get under way, go like the wind, cut along, gather momentum, go fast, lose no time, open up throttle, cover ground.

subsidize (verb)

angel, put up the money for.

support (verb)

bear out, carry, hold, stick by, substantiate, verify, agree with, take the part of, boost morale, rally round, take one's side, throw in one's lot with, throw in with.

tempt (verb)

allure, attract, bait, captivate, charm, dare, decoy, entrap, fascinate, honey, hook, inveigle, lead on, mousetrap, oil, risk, tantalize, test, try, woo, appeal to, make mouth water, turn one's head.

tout (verb)

acclaim, laud, tip, tip off, give a boost.

untighten (verb)

loose, loosen, slack, let up.

upgrade (verb)

make better.

uphold (verb)

buoy up, buttress, confirm, shore up, Upbear, hold to, hold up one's end.

urge (verb)

adjure, conjure, counsel, rationalize, insist on.

utilize (verb)

employ, exercise, handle, resort to, profit by, put to use, have recourse to, turn to account, avail oneself of.

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