Pronunciation of Pro-Fusion
/pɹˈə͡ʊfjˈuːʒən/, /pɹˈə‍ʊfjˈuːʒən/, /p_ɹ_ˈəʊ_f_j_ˈuː_ʒ_ə_n/

Synonyms for pro-fusion:

abundance (noun)

affluence, bounty, fortune, myriad, plethora, profusion, riches, thriving.

congestion (noun)

bottleneck, crowding, jam, mass, overpopulation, press, rubber-necking, surfeit, traffic jam, Clogging, overdevelopment, overcrowding, crowdedness, snarl-up.

excess (noun)

balance, by-product, enough, exorbitance, exuberance, fat, fulsomeness, inundation, lavishness, leftover, luxuriance, nimiety, overdose, overkill, overload, overmuch, overrun, oversupply, overweight, redundance, redundancy, refuse, remainder, residue, rest, spare, superabundance, supererogation, superfluity, too much, waste, wastefulness, Leavings, Recrement, too much of a good thing, the limit.

excessiveness (noun)

inordinateness, Extravagancy, Extravagantness, superfluousness.

extravagance (noun)

absurdity, amenity, dissipation, exaggeration, expenditure, folly, frill, immoderation, improvidence, luxury, outrageousness, overindulgence, prodigality, profligacy, recklessness, squander, squandering, unrestraint, wildness, Overdoing, Unthrift, preposterousness, unreasonableness, overspending, icing on the cake.

extravagancy (noun)

excessiveness, profuseness.

flood (noun)

abundance, alluvion, bore, cataclysm, cataract, current, deluge, downpour, drift, eager, flow, flux, freshet, multitude, niagara, pour, rush, spate, stream, surge, tide, torrent, tsunami, wave, Drencher, outgushing.

fullness (noun)

adequateness, amplitude, broadness, completeness, completion, comprehensiveness, congestion, curvaceousness, dilation, distension, enlargement, entirety, fill, plenum, repletion, roundness, satiation, satiety, saturation, scope, sufficiency, swelling, totality, tumescence, vastness, voluptuousness, wholeness, wideness, Extensiveness.

generosity (noun)

alms-giving, altruism, beneficence, benevolence, bounteousness, charitableness, charity, goodness, heart, high-mindedness, hospitality, kindness, largesse, liberality, magnanimity, munificence, openhandedness, philanthropy, readiness, unselfishness, Nobleness, all heart, free giving.

heap (noun)

a lot, agglomeration, aggregation, assemblage, bank, batch, bulk, bunch, bundle, cargo, clump, cluster, collection, concentration, congeries, fullness, gathering, gobs, great deal, harvest, haul, hill, hoard, jumble, load, lot, lots, lump, million, mint, mound, mountain, much, ocean, oodles, quantity, scad, stack, stock, stockpile, store, sum, thousand, ton, total, trillion, volume, whole, Amassment, deposit, pot.

jillion (noun)


large-heartedness (noun)

bountifulness, generousness, magnanimousness, Great-heartedness, big-heartedness, freehandedness, unsparingness.

liberality (noun)


million (noun)


overabundance (noun)

surplusage, embarrassment of riches.

overflowing (noun)


plenitude (noun)


plenty (noun)

avalanche, capacity, cornucopia, fruitfulness, full house, fund, good deal, heaps, loads, masses, mine, peck, piles, stacks, mountains.

plethora (noun)

many, overabundance.

plurality (noun)

advantage, lead, majority, most, multiplicity, numerousness, preponderance, variety, nearly all, greater part.

profusion (noun)

ampleness, copiousness, excess, extravagance, flood, glut, opulence, outpouring, overflow, plenitude, plenty, prosperity, surplus, wealth, prosperousness, great quantity.

quantity (noun)

aggregate, allotment, body, budget, deal, expanse, extent, figure, greatness, length, magnitude, measure, part, pile, portion, quota, size.

redundancy (noun)

attrition, circumlocution, periphrasis, pleonasm, prolixity, tautology, verbiage, verboseness, verbosity, Macrology, copiosity.

satiation (noun)


sea (noun)

blue, brine, briny, Davy Jones's Locker, deep, drink, lake, main, number, pond, sheet, splash, surf, swell, waves, briny deep, bounding main.

spread (noun)

advance, advancement, compass, diffusion, dispersion, dissemination, escalation, extension, increase, proliferation, radiation, ramification, range, reach, span, spreading, stretch, suffusion, sweep, term, transfusion, transmission, period.

superfluousness (noun)


surfeit (noun)

bellyful, overplus, satisfaction, Overfullness, up to here.

wealth (noun)

assets, belongings, cache, capital, cash, clover, dough, estate, funds, gold, goods, lap of luxury, lucre, means, pelf, property, revenue, richness, security, substance, substantiality, treasure, velvet, worth, Commodities, holdings, possessions, long green, stocks and bonds.

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