Pronunciation of Pro-Moting
/pɹˈə͡ʊmˈə͡ʊtɪŋ/, /pɹˈə‍ʊmˈə‍ʊtɪŋ/, /p_ɹ_ˈəʊ_m_ˈəʊ_t_ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for pro-moting

avoid, complete, disturb, change, condense, belittle, protest, retrogress, forsake, desert, harm, obey, spoil, dishearten, refuse, unplug, collect, decrease, ignore, be honest, bottle up, clean, not plan, reveal, disperse, oppose, kill, antagonize, decline, incite, let go, approve, soothe, spend, conclude, corrupt, depress, give away, shorten, conceal, detract, agitate, keep secret, opposing, deter, insist, abandon, play down, dampen, miss, counteract, demote, idle, delay, forget, vex, fall, cover, disclaim, suppress, lower, exhaust, repress, be against, derange, dislike, thwart, dodge, claim, perplex, compress, prohibit, desist, quit, fall behind, take away, wait, worsen, resist, kick downstairs, rest, repel, set back, ruin, injure, begin, damage, pursue, tell, agree, uncork, not want, delight, disorder, provoke, discontinue, confine, burden, upset, turn, unfit, disregard, let down, frustrate, retard, assail, relinquish, answer, obstruct, deprive, give in, help, shun, move, straighten, reply, impede, dull, call in, refrain, mismanage, make happy, shrink, divide, censure, mislead, disarrange, forgo, comply, humiliate, exasperate, insult, be upright, halt, pass, defend, release, bequeath, dirty, give up, hinder, hurt, reject, block, disprove, gather, enlarge, fail, cut, disgrace, unstopper, prevent, abstain, procrastinate, back down, annoy, curtail, discredit, bore, abridge, start, overlook, deceive, purify, throw away, plant, drop, disapprove, forfeit, bring down, waver, cease, make difficult, deject, scatter, shame, pull, slow, represent, unsettle, secret, consent, extend, neglect, yield, withdraw, be humble, reduce, waste, calm, pollute, repudiate, tranquilize, recede, quiet, depart, hate, please, misunderstand, intensify, deteriorate, clothe, discourage, separate, condemn, deaden, circumscribe, impugn, excite, lessen, handicap, give, maintain, contradict, stay, disinvite, contract, disfavor, weaken, be inferior, descend, leave, detain, be forthright, explain, put out, denounce, offend, uninspire, take back, demolish, blow, remain, increase, receive, criticize, lose, spurn, surrender, worry, remove, turn off, Against, stand, starve, narrow, deny, dishonor, diminish, use competition, stop, contend, disorganize, dispirit, sell, retreat, continue, trouble, disagree, go, hide, offer, counter, end, degrade, be modest, raze, misuse, abbreviate, check, secrete, confuse, learn, hold, lull, disappoint, undermine, tell truth, protect, withhold, keep, invalidate, dissuade, subtract, buy, consume, debase, destroy, steady, mix up, return, attack, repulse, free, aggravate, disenchant, take, hesitate, displace, get worse, walk, irritate, keep quiet, leave alone, stunt, uncover, blame, decelerate, create, finish, impair.