Pronunciation of Pro-Posing
/pɹˈə͡ʊpˈə͡ʊzɪŋ/, /pɹˈə‍ʊpˈə‍ʊzɪŋ/, /p_ɹ_ˈəʊ_p_ˈəʊ_z_ɪ_ŋ/

Synonyms for pro-posing

suggesting (noun)

advancing, counseling, moving, offering, prompting, Recommending, Tendering, Proposing, Submitting.

advocate (verb)

back, bless, bolster, boost, brace up, build up, champion, countenance, defend, encourage, favor, further, go for, go with, justify, plug, plump for, promote, propose, push, side, speak for, support, tout, uphold, vindicate, hold with, press for, root for, give a leg up, go to bat for, argue for, be in corner, campaign for, get on bandwagon, give a lift, plead for, ride shotgun for, run interference for, say so, spread around, stump for.

aim (verb)

address, angle, aspire, attempt, cast, concentrate, covet, direct, endeavor, essay, fix, focus, intend, level, sight, steer, strive, target, train, try, want, wish, zoom in, zero in on, slant, set one's sights on.

appeal (verb)

adjure, apply, beg, beseech, bid, call, claim, contest, crave, demand, entreat, implore, petition, plead, pray, question, refer, require, resort to, strike, sue, supplicate, Importune, call upon.

approach (verb)

accost, confer, consult, feel, greet, sound out, thumb, tumble, make up to, speak to, take aside, talk to, appeal to, apply to, give a play, give a tumble, make advance, feel one out, make overture.

ask (verb)

suggest, summon.

bid (verb)

present, render, venture.

bring up (verb)

advert, discuss, moot, move, point out, raise, touch on, ventilate, allude to, raise a subject.

broach (verb)

approach, bring up, interject, interpose, mention, open up, talk of, speak of, hint at, raise subject.

come up with (verb)

bring forth, compose, detect, discover, find, furnish, invent, originate, produce, provide, uncover, stumble upon.

contemplate (verb)

chew over, consider, deliberate, envisage, excogitate, expect, foresee, kick around, mull over, observe, percolate, ponder, ruminate, size up, speculate, study, think of, weigh, Perpend, take in, aspire to, brood over, cool out, meditate on, muse over, reflect upon.

court (verb)

allure, attract, bootlick, captivate, charm, chase, cultivate, curry favor, date, entice, flatter, follow, gallant, go steady, grovel, please, praise, pursue, seek, serenade, spark, spoon, sweetheart, take out, woo, go together, run after, pander to, go out with, keep company with, make love to, make time with, pay addresses to, pay court to, seek the hand of, set one's cap.

design (verb)

contrive, destine, devise, make, prepare, project, tailor.

drive at (verb)

get at, have in mind, imply, indicate, intimate, signify, refer to.

insinuate (verb)

allude, ascribe, connote, impute, purport.

intend (verb)

add up, appoint, decree, dedicate, denote, designate, devote, express, import, look forward, meditate, ordain, plot, reserve, resolve, spell, think, set apart, figure on, be determined, set aside, be resolved, hope to.

introduce (verb)

acquaint, air, announce, bring out, fix up, get together, harbinger, herald, kick off, lead off, open, precede, preface, usher, Familiarize, do the honors, come out with, knock down, get things rolling, give introduction, lead into, pave the way, spring with, start ball rolling.

invite (verb)

bring on, command, court, draw, insist, inveigle, invitation, issue, lead, lure, persuade, ply, provoke, tempt, toll, vamp, welcome, prevail on, have in, have over, give invitation, include as guest, send invitation.

mean (verb)

anticipate, desire, fate, fit, match, predestine, preordain, set out, suit.

move (verb)

activate, actuate, advocate, affect, agitate, bring, budge, carry, cause, convert, draw up, drive, excite, get going, impel, impress, incite, induce, inspire, inspirit, instigate, operate, prompt, propel, quicken, rouse, shift, shove, start, stimulate, stir, sway, touch, turn, work on, give rise to, prevail upon, play on, tug at.

nominate (verb)

assign, choose, commission, decide, denominate, draft, elect, elevate, empower, slate, slot, specify, tab, tap, term, put down for, Cognominate.

plan (verb)

count on, bargain for, reckon on.

pop the question (verb)

become engaged, plight one's troth, sue for, ask for the hand of, propose marriage.

pose (verb)

extend, give, posit, put, query, set.

postulate (verb)

assume, aver, estimate, guess, hypothesize, predicate, premise, presuppose, suppose, take for granted, theorize.

proffer (verb)

gift, hand.

project (verb)

arrange, blueprint, calculate, chart, conceive, delineate, diagram, envision, extrapolate, feature, forecast, frame, gauge, image, imagine, map out, outline, predetermine, predict, reckon, see, vision, visualize.

prompt (verb)

aid, arouse, assist, call forth, convince, egg on, elicit, evoke, exhort, get, goad, help, help out, hint, jog, motivate, occasion, prod, refresh, remind, sic, spur, talk into, win over, prick.

propose (verb)

adduce, advance, advise, affirm, aim, ask, assert, broach, contemplate, contend, counsel, design, hold out, introduce, invite, kibitz, lay on the line, make a motion, mean, mind, name, nominate, offer, plan, pop the question, pose, prefer, press, proffer, proposition, propound, purpose, put forward, recommend, request, scheme, set forth, solicit, spitball, state, submit, tender, urge, volunteer, put up, Propone, come up with, hit on, put to, lay before, make a proposal, ask in marriage, fire the question, get down on one knee, have every intention, make a pitch, move for, offer marriage, press one's suit, speak one's piece.

purpose (verb)

commit, conclude, determine, make up one's mind, work toward, bid for, have a mind to, have in view, think to, work for.

recommend (verb)

acclaim, applaud, celebrate, commend, compliment, confirm, endorse, enjoin, esteem, eulogize, exalt, extol, glorify, hold up, laud, magnify, prescribe, prize, sanction, second, value, stand by, speak well of, front for, vouch for, think highly of, put on to, be all for, be satisfied with, go on record for, put in a good word, speak highly of.

resolve (verb)

agree, analyze, anatomize, answer, break, break down, clear up, clinch, decipher, dissect, dissolve, elucidate, fathom, figure, iron out, lick, pan out, puzzle out, remain firm, rule, settle, solve, undertake, unfold, unravel, untangle, unzip, will, work, work out, work through, deal with, take a stand, make a point of, pass upon.

submit (verb)

argue, table, hand in.

suggest (verb)

conjecture, tip, tip off, give a tip, put in two cents, put on to something.

table (verb)

cool, defer, delay, enter, hang, hold off, pigeonhole, shelve, put off, put aside, put on ice, put on the shelf, put on back burner, put on hold.

try (verb)

attack, bear down, chip away at, compete, do one's best, go after, go all out, labor, risk, shoot for, struggle, tackle, wrangle, have a go, exert oneself, knock oneself out, vie for, lift a finger, drive for, have a crack, have a shot, have a stab, have a whack, make a bid, make a pass at, make an attempt, make an effort, put oneself out.

urge (verb)

charge, compel, conjure, fire up, force, hasten, influence, maneuver, rationalize, wheedle, insist on, put up to.

volunteer (verb)

bring forward, chip in, come forward, enlist, go in, sign up, speak up, step forward, stand up, take the plunge, take upon oneself, do on one's own volition, let oneself in for, offer services, put at one's disposal, submit oneself, take bull by the horns, take initiative.

vote (verb)

ballot, declare, effect, enact, enfranchise, establish, grant, judge, opt, pronounce, return, put in office, cast ballot, cast vote, go to the polls.

woo (verb)

butter up, caress, keep company, make love, rush, bill and coo, aim for, make advances, press one's suit with, seek in marriage, set one's cap for.