Pronunciation of Professional
/pɹəfˈɛʃənə͡l/, /pɹəfˈɛʃənə‍l/, /p_ɹ_ə_f_ˈɛ_ʃ_ə_n_əl/

Antonyms for professional

stupid, most half cocked, potterers, graduate student, laywomen, dabbler, novitiate, first-year student, ignorant, most dabbling, postulants, be-ginner, unfitting, prentice, new hands, new members, jackleg, new hand, schoolboy girl, Laymen, laywoman, most nonclerical, apprentice, un suitable, novice, tenderfoot, new member, tinkerers, schoolboy- girls, greenie, in-efficient, be ginners, un-fitting, johnnies-come-lately, artsy fartsy, blow-ins, bush leaguer, plebe, unintelligent, in efficient, novices, layman, under graduate, un-accomplished, under graduates, underclassmen, selectee, half cocked, half-cocked, unprofessional, be-ginners, blowin, probationers, newbie, more nonspecialist, seculars, inefficient, un skilled, in competent, recruit, in-comer, beginner, draftees, new person, non professional, more ungifted, new boy girl, putterers, awkward, postulant, new people, triflers, more unfitting, Incomer, inexperienced, un accomplished, nonspecialist, plebes, amateur, lay persons, nonclerical, tyro, more unaccomplished, most rookie, nonexpert, firstyear student, non expert, bush leaguers, green, half baked, schoolboy girls, more amateur, first may, undergrad, blow in, hopefuls, most nonspecialist, probationer, nestlings, halfbaked, enlisted persons, more tenderfoot, un-worthiest, entrant, recreational, untalented, out-sider, more nonexpert, in-competent, clumsy, un-worthier, pre tenders, blue-collar, latecomer, freshman-woman, johnny-come-latelies, in experienced, layperson, initiate, Ungifted, dilettante, more half-cocked, more half cocked, Non-professional, blow ins, freshmanwoman, draftee, more dabbling, un fitting, new persons, freshman-women, non-specialist, in expert, freshmanwomen, un gifted, graduate students, non professionals, first-year students, greenies, schoolboy- girl, most unsacred, un-initiates, johnny come latelies, unskilled, Sophomoric, neophyte, incomers, inept, un-ethical, undergrads, un-sacred, newcomer, parishioners, new kid on block, dilettantish, new boy-girl, pre tender, outsider, most half-cocked, non-expert, lay person, first year student, non-professionals, un-initiate, in-adequate, uninitiate, know from nothing, un-gifted, in adequate, un sacred, new kid the block, be ginner, in-expert, johnny come lately, underclassman, Unaccomplished, tinkerer, most ungifted, late arrivals, johnnies come lately, servicepeople, maladroit, fledgling, new kid block, more rookie, nonprofessional, more nonclerical, un worthiest, non specialist, buckwheater, non clerical, untrained, firstyear students, blowins, greenhorn, lay people, catechumens, in-experienced, selectees, pre-tenders, trifler, un worthy, parishioner, un worthier, un-suitable, unskillful, un trained, rookie, incompetent, in comers, putterer, pupil, under-graduates, non-clerical, new boy-girls, dallier, un professional, prentices, un ethical, enlisted person, most amateur, more unsacred, servicepersons, blow-in, catechumen, late arrival, un-trained, naifs, dalliers, most unaccomplished, unable, new boygirls, juniors, abecedarian, unsacred, new boygirl, lay, un-professional, un-skilled, most unfitting, buckwheaters, in-comers, LAICS, sunday drivers, sophomore, Halfcocked, most nonexpert, potterer, out sider, bungling, most halfcocked, naif, more halfcocked, incapable, most tenderfoot, botched.