Pronunciation of Propel
/pɹəpˈɛl/, /pɹəpˈɛl/, /p_ɹ_ə_p_ˈɛ_l/

Antonyms for propel

restrain, graphing, hold, discourage, de signing, argued in to, be-witching, pull, singled out, out-lines, Pencilling, pre-paring, re spiring, keep, ex pressed, argue in to, singles out, de sign, ex press, siphoned, bring forth, bringing forth, ex-pressing, argues in to, Caricatured, re-spire, be-witch, be witches, in duce, pre paring, pro-file, out lines, ex-tracts, out line, winding in, pre pares, de-pict, singling out, pro-files, out lined, out lining, pro-filing, ex-press, penciled, de rived, de lineate, argue into, be-witches, ex-torts, contain, argued into, pro filing, ex tract, draw, regulate, hinder, de rives, de-lineated, in-duce, siphoning, de signed, de-scribing, re-spires, winds in, ex-tort, ex-tract, de riving, in vite, de-scribes, profiling, pro files, de scribes, check, calling forth, single out, bridle, de-lineate, calls forth, re-spired, map out, ex tort, pre-pared, pencilled, end, Trailed, Penciling, ex pressing, yank, de-picts, curb, de-scribe, de pict, wind in, mapped out, de scribe, in-duces, brought forth, mapping out, in duces, called forth, be witched, pre-pare, out-line, finish, re spires, de lineated, Crayoning, de rive, Caricaturing, pro-filed, pre pared, inhibit, stop, be witching, de scribing, de-signed, pre pare, de-rive, out-lining, repress, win over, Profiled, winded in, argues into, re spired, pencils, constrain, de picts, ex torts, de-scribed, pencil, call forth, de-signing, re spire, dissuade, Crayoned, control, evoked, rein, graphed, wiling, be witch, wound in, de-riving, pro filed, wiled, de signs, out-lined, de-rived, de-rives, pro file, brings forth, de-sign, be-witched, de-signs, de scribed.