Pull Plug

Pronunciation of Pull Plug
/pˈʊl plˈʌɡ/, /pˈʊl plˈʌɡ/, /p_ˈʊ_l p_l_ˈʌ_ɡ/

Synonyms for pull plug:

disengage (verb)

abstract, back off, back out, detach, disassociate, disconnect, disentangle, disjoin, dissociate, disunite, divide, drop out, ease, extricate, liberate, loose, loosen, opt out, pull the plug, release, separate, set free, unbind, uncouple, undo, unfasten, unloose, untie, withdraw, Unfix, cut out, cut loose, weasel out.

end (verb)

abolish, abort, accomplish, achieve, break off, call off, cease, close, close out, complete, conclude, consummate, crown, culminate, cut short, delay, determine, discontinue, dispose of, dissolve, drop, expire, finish, give up, halt, interrupt, perorate, postpone, quit, relinquish, resolve, settle, shut down, stop, switch off, terminate, top off, ultimate, wrap, wrap up, break up, wind up, call it a day, sew up, pack it in, put the lid on, get done.

rescind (verb)

abrogate, annul, backpedal, backwater, cancel, countermand, dismantle, forget, invalidate, lift, nix, overturn, quash, recall, remove, renege, repeal, retract, reverse, revoke, scrub, void, back out of, set aside, crawl out of, wangle out, x-out.

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