Pronunciation of R D
/ˈɑː dˈiː/, /ˈɑː dˈiː/, /ˈɑː d_ˈiː/

Synonyms for r d:

R & D (noun)

experimentation, field work, Research and Development, R AND D.

experiment (noun)

agreement, analysis, assay, attempt, check, dissection, dry run, enterprise, essay, examination, exercise, fling, measure, observation, operation, practice, probe, procedure, proof, quiz, rehearsal, research, scrutiny, search, speculation, study, trial, trial run, try, tryout, undertaking, venture, verification, trial and error, try-on.

experimentation (noun)

try out, r & d.

research (noun)

exploration, fact-finding, groundwork, inquest, inquiry, inquisition, investigation, probing, quest, Delving, fishing expedition, legwork.

trial (noun)

audition, effort, endeavor, experience, experiment, go, hassle, lick, probation, shakedown, shot, showcase, stab, striving, struggle, testing, whack, workout, try on, test run, crack.

trial and error (noun)

test, Tentation, hit or miss, cut and try, hit and miss.

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