Pronunciation of Radical
/ɹˈadɪkə͡l/, /ɹˈadɪkə‍l/, /ɹ_ˈa_d_ɪ_k_əl/

Antonyms for radical

more undaring, hidebound, most regressive, liberal, nonessential, oldline, stuffed shirt, preserver, inessential, conservers, unimportant, un daring, more ultra conservative, conservative, reactionists, un-progressive, Conventionalist, stick-in-the-mud, inadequate, wretched, more obscurantist, most ultra conservative, royalists, obstinate persons, rigid, regressive, middling, old-line, undaring, ultra conservative, most ultra-conservative, most old-line, silk-stockings, most oldline, most redneck, extrinsic, not extreme, person set ways, un-changing, incidental, obstinate, Tories, reactionist, bad, old liner, superficial, most fogyish, strict, narrow minded, Conserver, old fashioned, un imaginative, obscurantists, in-exorable, holding to, counter revolutionaries, old fogies, most undaring, ultra conservatives, in rut, obstinate person, die hard, fuddy duddy, moderatists, awful, most old line, white bread, more fuddyduddy, moderate, moderatist, tentative, unsatisfactory, rightwing, unprogressives, silk stocking, incident, old line, peaceful, execrable, most fuddy duddy, unreconstructed, person set in way, standpat, terrible, inferior, bitter ender, un changing, obscurantist, Fud, un progressives, right center, secondary, more standpat, counter-revolutionary, obedient, substandard, silk stockings, pre server, more counterrevolutionary, more fogyish, second-rate, pre-servers, most fuddyduddy, bitter-ender, conventional, most counterrevolutionary, silkstockings, doctrinal, ultra-conservatives, counter revolutionary, more redneck, in-flexible, person set way, fogyish, right-wing, mediocre, middle-of-the-roader, vile, standpatters, un-imaginative, more fuddy-duddy, un-creative, hard, pre servers, torier, dodo, more regressive, low-grade, middle of the roaders, more old-line, pathetic, stick in the mud, traditionalist, intransigents, reactionary, incomplete, bitter-enders, un progressive, ante diluvian, narrow, bitterenders, mossback, minor, nonprogressive, classicist, lousy, trial, pre-server, old, in a rut, quietest, fuddy-duddy, right-winger, middle-of-the-roaders, stodgy, classicists, right of center, dogmatic, person set in ways, unnatural, in flexible, toriest, bitter enders, rightist, obstinate people, most fuddy-duddy, un-progressives, counterrevolutionaries, ante-diluvian, silk-stocking, un creative, conventionalists, fossil, silkstocking, fogy, middle of the roader, ultra-conservative, standpats, old liners, un changeable, more oldline, tory, most obscurantist, more fuddy duddy, poor, more old line, bitterender, rotten, antediluvians, more ultra-conservative, royalist, un-daring, rightwinger, preservers, counter-revolutionaries, Quieter, slight, partial, atrocious, most standpat, counterrevolutionary, un-changeable, palliative, progressive.