Pronunciation of Rate
/ɹ_ˈeɪ_t/, /ɹˈe͡ɪt/, /ɹˈe‍ɪt/

Antonyms for rate:

de tract, under-rated, de ride, devalorize, under-valued, de-cried, re-legates, depreciate, de rides, de-means, dis counting, undervalued, de classed, de-creases, de meaning, lose, de mean, dis-credit, ignore, de press, Disrate, dis missing, de classing, dis-counts, de crying, dis-counting, de-fame, Declass, dis rate, disregard, devalorizes, de famed, kicked downstairs, dis counts, underrated, de faming, Dispraised, disrates, scoffed at, under-rate, clamors against, de-rides, sneers at, de-crying, take down a peg, dis praises, marks down, dis graced, de-valorize, dis-graces, under rated, wrote down, disrated, found fault with, devalorized, de grade, de-meaning, de merit, dis-rated, de grades, under values, dis countenances, under-value, de cays, de creasing, de-presses, de-classing, de cried, de-meriting, de-moting, dis missed, dis credited, de valorized, under-estimate, dis crediting, scorn, scoffing at, de merited, de-tract, de-graded, dis-rating, dis credit, under-estimates, de-valorized, dispraise, de-motes, de fame, de pressing, dis-grace, de-famed, takes down peg, re-duces, dis-crediting, dis praising, de cries, de means, kicks downstairs, de-cay, de-fames, dis grace, re-legate, dis-gracing, Dispraising, de-mote, under valuing, dis praised, re duce, under rates, dis praise, de-mean, dislike, de meriting, under rate, finds fault with, under rating, sneered at, dis gracing, Benching, dis-missed, de-cays, demote, dis-countenances, de valorizing, disqualify, dis-counted, devalorizing, dis-countenance, de-valorizing, de cry, dis-rate, de merits, de-creased, de creases, under-values, kick downstairs, dis-praise, dis countenance, took down peg, dis-countenancing, de valorize, de-crease, dis-praising, de-faming, disrating, under estimates, de-merit, dis countenanced, under-valuing, dispraises, dis counted, dis rates, dis-missing, de-pressing, de motes, de cay, finding fault with, de graded, de-riding, re vile, sneering at, re-vile, de-pressed, re duces, under valued, de valorizes, marked down, Benched, de mote, de riding, disrespect, de-merits, re legate, writ down, neglect, dis-praised, de-cry, de-grades, de-press, demerited, demeriting, de-valorizes, re-duce, de creased, dis-praises, de-classed, dis-credited, write down, dis rating, find fault with, clamoring against, de presses, de-ride, de tracts, under value, mark down, clamored against, de-classes, taking down a peg, under-estimated, de grading, de-class, under estimated, kicking downstairs, scoff at, disbelieve, de-tracts, de classes, sneer at, de-creasing, under-rating, under-rates, writing down, fail, de-grade, clamor against, de-merited, dis rated, set back, dis graces, declasses, Faulted, takes down a peg, whole, de fames, de-cries, dis-graced, dis-countenanced, de class, dis-credits, under estimate, dis credits, de pressed, scoffs at, Declassing, de-grading, dis countenancing, condemn, writes down, inaction, de crease, re legates, taking down peg, hate, under-estimating, dis-rates, de moting.

Usage examples for rate:

Idioms for rate:

  • at a rate of knots;
  • at any rate
  • rate sm or sth among sth;
  • going rate
  • rate ( sm or sth) with ( sm or sth else);

Quotes for rate:

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