Pronunciation of Ratify
/ɹˈatɪfˌa͡ɪ/, /ɹˈatɪfˌa‍ɪ/, /ɹ_ˈa_t_ɪ_f_ˌaɪ/

Antonyms for ratify

EVERTS, calling bets off, refuse, de-posing, repudiate, declaring null void, re-strain, re pulses, ex-terminating, calls all bets off, dis-annul, be-headed, putting kibosh on, look askance, dis counts, sidelined, going back on ones word, inter feres, conflict with, eliminate, gave thumbs down, dis charging, stickle, dis-placed, over-thrown, dis patched, de barring, stood down, counter vailed, looked askance at, de-faces, de-pose, pull the plug, blue penciling, deep-six, dis-missed, nullify, be-moans, saying nothing doing, sent kingdom come, burns down, comes end, re-buffing, renounce, dis-qualified, kicked up a fuss, blotted out, dis courage, declare null void, dis-agreeing, de-stroying, sets aside, renders null and void, dis-claimed, de-tracts, Prorogued, bring to an end, taking a stand against, counter-balances, in validate, dis-regarding, frowns on, came end, blow sky-high, pre vent, un-loads, said not chance, putting argument, Blanking, put fight, dis according, crawling out of, de fining, flies the face of, counter balances, blow skyhigh, goes back one's word, dis credited, with-drawn, dis-place, dis allows, dis-establishes, shut the door on, excursed, dusts off, be above, turning nose at, brings to naught, dis-favored, brings to end, dis claims, de-posed, ex-postulates, dig up, flying the face of, re-strains, ex-terminated, disestablish, finds fault with, dis esteeming, de-cline, Weeding, counter vails, get hook, burn down, inter-posed, in validates, left out, dis corded, with-drew, over thrown, de bar, Suppressing, thumbsing down, un load, dis-avow, mowed down, casts aside, inter-fere, counter-balancing, counter-balanced, de-clines, ex-cursing, re deeming, re-canting, make for, dis-cords, re fusing, brought end, called on, de-cries, dis praise, compensated for, be-grudges, wind down, Shying, inter dict, dis countenance, be-heads, says no way, Quashed, take dim view of, disannulling, take a life, counter ordering, blots out, be moans, un loaded, be-wails, am above, gets off the hook, going back word, bring naught, say not a chance, dis acknowledge, dis-approves, cast out, flew in the face of, dis lodge, de ride, dis carding, disprove, proscribe, dis carded, be-wailed, dis-regards, counter checks, be heading, ex pose, compensates for, drive out, inhibits, declaring null and void, in-fringed, deep sixed, cross out, scratching out, ex terminating, counter-order, give thumbs down, burned down, dis-charging, wash out, come end, x-outed, cancels out, goes back on ones word, re pealed, dis-believes, kept back, puts end to, dis-countenanced, ex-pire, ex-tracts, re moved, dis-agreed, veto, de taches, re-legates, re-nigged, de-capitate, dis-charges, dis agreeing, dis possesses, dis agree, carrying away, dis solving, digging out, turned aside, tramples upon, Embargoing, tore up, dis-mantle, de-rides, in-validates, goes back on one word, Everted, dis claim, turn nose up at, forces out, counter-checking, backwaters, re fuses, Tabooing, passes on, disagree, dis cords, going back one's word, forbid, says not a chance, going back on one's word, de-riding, under-mining, counter-poises, contradict, sound off, coming an end, crossing out, re-prove, dis-card, counter poises, Negatived, had done with, dis-counted, de bates, kicked a fuss, dis acknowledging, rendering null and void, offed, dis-counting, dis-acknowledged, over throwing, re-pulsing, turns thumbs down, dis establishes, dis-liked, counter-acts, dig out, weasels out, over ride, casting out, wormed out, dis annuls, ex cept, pro testing, be-wailing, put argument, prorogue, un seat, eradicate, makes fuss, gave thumbs down to, deracinate, declares invalid, de-feat, go back on ones word, de-taches, rendered null void, de-throning, cancelled out, de tract, de parting, dis-mantled, put kibosh on, carted off, ko'ing, with-hold, shoots down, mows down, counterpoised, un doing, stamping across, dis-esteemed, ex-terminate, freezing out, de stroy, over-rule, makes up for, dis avowed, dis crediting, conflicts with, dis solves, dust off, dis mantle, dis-believe, re-legate, re strains, freezes out, take life, inter posed, weaseling out, dis charged, de-cried, de throne, flying in face of, dis-approving, argued against, brought to end, re-call, ex-tract, override, burning down, Counterchecked, kill, forgat it, dis continuing, dis-patched, drave out, Torpedoes, dis approve, ex-curses, enjoined from, stand down, counterorders, un did, get the hook, declares null void, put by, re pulsing, re-strict, making fuss, evert, with-held, shot full of holes, forcing out, de-parted, dis solve, keep out, kick up a fuss, counter-checks, clearing away, un seated, dis avowing, ex postulate, un-doing, in-validating, dis qualified, said not a chance, dis-solves, dis accord, exsects, exsected, give the lie to, took a life, de-ride, not buy, Discommend, re-called, counter-acted, pulling plug, dis avow, leaved out, dis commends, pro-rogues, bringing end, de parts, extirpate, dis card, counterchecks, over-ride, dis countenanced, in-validate, de clares, argue against, ex-postulated, keeping back, erase, forgetting it, wipes slate clean, dis qualify, rips out, deepsix, finding fault with, de-bating, taking stand against, drove out, counter-ordering, gives thumbs down to, enjoining from, de riding, dis annulled, consider beneath one, pre-vents, balanced out, ex cavate, dis agrees, mow down, finishes off, junked, getting off the hook, over ruling, de pose, dis-crediting, finding unacceptable, un-seated, dis-continues, balance out, go back word, dis-owned, dis continue, be wailed, dis approved, dis regarded, dis counted, digs out, made up for, calling on, blue pencilling, dis-cord, considered beneath one, de-tach, turned back on, putting a fight, Exsect, took stand against, sends to kingdom come, dis-agree, worming out, backwatered, with draws, dis-courages, dis-qualifying, throw overboard, re calls, dissent, be-moaning, re-pined, dis-carding, dis-established, unsettle, circumducted, go back on word, de thrones, dis-lodge, making for, flies in face of, declares null and void, pre-vented, inter-pose, enjoin, shies, got off hook, dis-favoring, counter-poise, counter acting, wangled out, Proroguing, bring to end, tare out, exclude, shuts door on, Dispraised, re pine, bringing to an end, de posed, dis mantling, renders invalid, ex postulated, deep sixing, frowned on, gat off the hook, dis liking, balancing out, cleared away, murder, giving thumbs down, sweeps away, leaving out, disestablishes, pre venting, goes back on word, found fault, backwater, re legate, dis accorded, dis-commended, be-lying, ultimates, wiping slate clean, dis-charged, ex postulates, makes a fuss, un root, dis obey, re buffed, pulled the plug, dis-continue, scratches out, re moving, suppress, digged up, dis-avowed, puts fight, dis-possesses, dis-favor, dis placing, comes an end, over-ruled, free of, putting fight, dis commending, dis confirming, de tracts, dis affirms, over-rides, dis possess, counter vailing, dis-annulled, blowing skyhigh, dis-continued, parted with, electro cutes, pro-scribe, back out of, dis owning, with-holds, blew skyhigh, dis-commending, shutting door on, is above, counter-act, takes exception to, be moaned, de clines, dis charge, carries off, grousing, de-stroy, dis continued, counterordering, gives thumbs down, over-turn, counter balance, illegalize, dis-claiming, rendering invalid, not go for, leaves out, object to, electro-cute, dis solved, declared null void, unfitting, dis confirm, prorogues, blue pencilled, abolish, puts up a fight, taking life, put an argument, tear up, Stickling, balances out, jettison, weaken, dis regards, in-fringe, gives the lie to, scratch out, washed out, dis-solved, re-dressed, re peal, declared invalid, disestablishing, dis-regard, bring to naught, washing out, gat the hook, brings to an end, dis-confirms, disannuls, counter-checked, dis patch, dis establishing, gotten off the hook, gave lie to, dis-credit, dis-establishing, compensate for, ex terminates, in-validated, wiped slate clean, with drew, ex curse, dis-affirms, has done with, neglect, re dress, dis acknowledges, dis approves, dis missed, counter-vail, un-fitting, dis believed, looks askance, mis used, up rooted, sending to kingdom come, cancel out, Shied, coming end, de fines, pro scribing, dis possessed, be-grudging, dis-agrees, ex-posing, re-verse, art above, counter vail, dis-believing, digged out, casts out, flying in the face of, re-proved, deracinnating, kicks a fuss, renders inert, pass up, dis-praising, dis counting, clears away, dis-approve, canceled out, pass on, finished off, went back one word, dis-acknowledges, took out, found unacceptable, shuts the door on, Infracting, saying no way, dis agreed, dis-corded, winding down, come to an end, over rode, dis countenancing, dis favoring, uproot, depart, re-fuse, took for a ride, dis-places, bar, discommending, negate, dis-patching, dis-possessing, hast done with, disconfirms, over riding, dis establish, un-roots, de-parts, dispraises, dis established, over ruled, ex-cavate, dis praising, getting off hook, counter checked, stamp out, take stand against, be wails, repeal, re nig, flew the face of, over-throws, brings naught, re pulsed, replied to, counter-poising, re deemed, de stroys, weed, over rules, ban, crawled out of, de-bars, with drawing, gave the lie to, deepsixed, kicked fuss, trampling upon, standing down, dis patches, re dressing, weed out, called all bets off, out-lawed, dis-accord, electro-cutes, Excurse, fly in the face of, dis-mantling, come an end, with hold, counter acts, over-riding, zinged, re dresses, rendered null and void, carry away, dis-qualifies, putting up an argument, dis placed, objected to, takes a stand against, putting end to, electro cute, backwatering, de rides, sidelining, re-buffs, Disannul, re-pealed, re tract, disestablished, dis sents, dis-solve, gotten the hook, be-lied, not buys, nixed, re-canted, dis-avowing, blows sky high, dis regard, rip out, shake, dis believe, up rooting, Trashed, scoff at, pro rogue, dis-missing, de parted, turn down, turned nose up at, dis qualifies, locking out, shoots full holes, re-tract, shutting the door on, dis allow, puts up fight, blot out, dis-accords, interdict, adioses, dis mantled, with holds, be headed, re-proves, re proves, re calling, turn thumbs down, fly the face of, throwing overboard, dis-claim, in fringes, torpedoed, puts the kibosh on, unrooted, gotten hook, put end to, shooting full holes, dis-prove, dis favor, dis allowing, dis-claims, reject, pro-scribed, ex pire, turns nose up at, takes a life, unroots, counter-balance, re nigged, decline, dis-counts, infract, contravene, saying not chance, nixing, find unacceptable, give up, forgot it, pro scribe, put up an argument, go back one word, mis using, de bating, de-fining, dis-acknowledging, prorogating, dis-regarded, garottes, objects to, flies in the face of, come to end, say no way, re strain, got off the hook, have done with, frowning on, makes for, dis-charge, over throws, in fringed, ex-cept, gets off hook, dis-owning, shoot full of holes, de-stroys, remove, carried away, dis acknowledged, Circumduct, pro roguing, dis-patch, disconfirmed, re probate, over stepping, pro-tested, murdered, comes to an end, put up a fight, carries away, burnt down, ex terminated, Negativing, took a stand against, dusted off, put up argument, re-proving, goes back word, breached, counter acted, counter-vails, over-ridden, over-stepped, brought to naught, re nigging, de face, re-nigging, un fitted, de cry, blows skyhigh, shooting full of holes, re pealing, nig, dis affirmed, ex tract, over rides, bringing an end, re-cessed, de-throne, render invalid, groused, dis cord, crosses out, keeping out, counter-poised, pro-rogued, quash, give thumbs down to, xouts, dis proved, dis-obey, compensating for, Fussed, cast aside, look askance at, blowing sky high, out lawing, dis-acknowledge, un-seating, dis countenances, dis lodging, Disfavored, re straining, turns back on, dis-credited, re-cessing, refuses admittance, putting the kibosh on, call bets off, dis claiming, taking for ride, pro rogues, dis credit, brings an end, de barred, be-moaned, deep-sixing, takes stand against, nigging, re proved, adios, un loads, dis-proves, passing on, dis-proving, de-crying, dis commended, pulling the plug, dis possessing, fly in face of, turn nose at, disannulled, ward off, inter-posing, un-fitted, console, re-fused, argues against, taking a life, x-outing, with held, mowing down, pulled plug, going back ones word, de-facing, counter order, un done, dis-possess, unfits, having done with, dis-lodges, shoot down, inter fere, re cessed, kicks up fuss, dis-sent, de posing, flew in face of, dis-proved, dis commend, passing up, dis-accorded, tramples up on, sends kingdom come, ex-postulating, ex-cursed, gotten off hook, re-tracts, declaring invalid, backed out of, passes up, de stroying, complain, over throw, re-moves, de-barred, torn up, dis obeying, dis-mantles, considering beneath one, puts up argument, dis annul, puts an end to, be lied, re-dress, un roots, dis-annuls, re-probate, overlook, circumducting, re move, dis-praise, ko'd, got the hook, worms out, dis regarding, driving out, dis courages, reply to, un fits, trans ported, be heads, blows sky-high, ignore, takes for ride, over-rode, objecting to, de stroyed, de faces, dis cording, inter-feres, re peals, de fined, over turns, renigs, dis-countenancing, Disfavoring, scorn, dis affirming, un-rooting, found fault with, fly face of, says not chance, Prorogate, de-bate, over ridden, thumbses down, dis-annulling, Ultimated, de sert, re-buffed, taking exception to, dis-courage, render null and void, dis-sents, prohibit, saying not a chance, up root, re-probated, takes life, counter-vailing, weeds, de-sert, say no to, re buffing, frees of, brings end, inter-dict, pulls the plug, over-turning, parting with, forgets it, vitiate, renig, bringing naught, putting up argument, call all bets off, over steps, mis-using, except, re-versed, torpedo, bring an end, over turning, tost aside, clear away, garotte, dis allowed, dis-patches, dis accords, be-moan, be-grudge, dis-obeying, dis-according, Fussing, took exception to, be wail, Counterchecking, re buff, dis-praised, de-bates, dis-allows, Unroot, rendering null void, counter balanced, re tracts, dis qualifying, got hook, everting, dis prove, came an end, wipe out, Voided, discommended, condole with, dis continues, re canting, discommends, make fuss, dis obeys, be-wail, say not chance, renders null void, hath done with, washes out, puts a fight, un-fits, deepsixes, says nothing doing, dis-countenances, sounds off, make up for, turns aside, pre-vent, making a fuss, make a fuss, dis proving, adiosed, de cries, declare invalid, get off the hook, dis places, refuse admittance, re versing, beefed, finish off, carrying off, deepsixing, being above, blotting out, counter-orders, pro-roguing, torn out, kicking fuss, re-deem, de throned, dis esteem, re butted, rendering inert, disapprove, deep-sixed, oppose, adiosing, be grudged, re cesses, with-draw, scoffs at, dis lodged, dis confirms, dis praises, turning aside, calls on, ex curses, un-rooted, dis-confirmed, putting up a fight, pulls plug, de bars, shoot full holes, un-fit, under mining, torpedoing, counter ordered, offing, rendered invalid, re fused, pre-venting, replying to, flies face of, counter check, de-fined, de-cry, counter-check, re-pealing, send to kingdom come, rooted out, turn aside, kicking up a fuss, bringing to end, drives out, kicks fuss, un-did, conflicting with, kicked up fuss, coming to an end, re-pulsed, Embargoed, re-move, went back on ones word, blew sky-high, comes to end, tearing up, in-dict, wound down, exterminates, de-stroyed, dis-affirmed, un-seat, counter-vailed, ex-postulate, dis esteems, hadst done with, in fringe, upset, un fitting, re strained, de-clares, dis charges, puts an argument, goes back on one's word, over-threw, be moaning, dis-believed, dusting off, countercheck, Tabooed, dis-esteems, set aside, re-moving, re-butted, weaseled out, carried off, giving thumbs down to, sweeping away, rescind, replies to, de-tract, take exception to, over-rules, said no way, taking out, dis-esteem, kos, sweep away, nigged, with holding, re-cess, putting an end to, re strict, blue pencils, said nothing doing, taking dim view of, dis favored, counterordered, came to an end, put the kibosh on, Reprobated, gets hook, ex posed, dis avows, counterorder, part with, re-nigs, putting an argument, dis-favors, took for ride, considers beneath one, excursing, de-fine, ex terminate, discording, weeding out, call on, freeze out, xouted, over-ruling, x outing, were above, dis cards, flying face of, de-barring, un-load, blue penciled, dis-confirming, un seating, puts argument, garotted, stands down, ripping out, says no to, thumbsed down, conflicted with, cancelling out, re-calls, saying no to, backs out of, flew face of, terminate, canceling out, un loading, de-bar, de-bated, shoots full of holes, de-part, puts up an argument, bringing to naught, un rooting, un-root, invalidate, freed of, dis missing, over turn, said no to, dis-establish, bring end, take a stand against, kick fuss, wert above, winds down, re-deems, un does, blue pencil, be lying, re-pining, re-pine, de-clare, re-dressing, dis-cards, de faced, wangles out, dis-approved, de fine, turned nose at, be wailing, took dim view of, dis-lodged, counter-ordered, re prove, casting aside, destroy, blowing sky-high, dis-praises, dis claimed, went back on one word, dis-carded, de throning, counter balancing, Ultimating, crossed out, dis-obeyed, re-butting, enjoin from, dispraise, root out, de facing, refute, takes for a ride, coming to end, de-fines, dis-avows, be moan, dis-allow, setting aside, ex-terminates, re butting, rooting out, sounding off, scoffing at, shatter, prorogates, dis believing, going back on one word, de crying, trampled up on, refused admittance, re fuse, de capitate, winded down, dis annulling, re probating, with drawn, dis-commends, unfitted, counter checking, dis-allowing, blackball, re-probates, dis confirmed, re nigs, dis-allowed, inter pose, de feats, trampled upon, shot full holes, dis-possessed, dis praised, de part, looked askance, pre vents, counter act, disregard, dis-cording, counter orders, carting off, go back ones word, passed on, re-calling, put up fight, re-pulses, forced out, send kingdom come, giving the lie to, wangling out, tosses aside, Dispraising, pro scribed, brought naught, dis favors, blew sky high, spurn, be grudging, stamped across, keeps out, dis-credits, finds fault, calling all bets off, shot down, carry off, mis-used, discorded, xouting, dis-esteeming, ex cursing, de-face, dis affirm, weeds out, re-peal, rebut, x outed, made fuss, kick up fuss, Killed, counter-acting, under mined, dis-lodging, dis-continuing, dis-solving, dis-qualify, re-strained, took life, re-straining, stickles, xout, pull plug, finishing off, brought an end, over stepped, called bets off, re-pines, in validated, are above, re-deeming, renigging, dis-placing, go back one's word, terminated, goes back one word, re verse, revoke, out lawed, locked out, dis esteemed, de-feats, under-mined, tossing aside, find fault with, scoffed at, in validating, un rooted, over threw, dis-obeys, turns nose at, dis proves, inter posing, stamps across, giving lie to, over-throwing, re-peals, dis-affirming, digs up, swept away, dis liked, de-throned, un-does, deracinnated, frown on, gat off hook, backing out of, be grudge, de-thrones, de clare, deny, Reprobating, exsecting, up-rooting, de cline, declared null and void, counter poising, dis-countenance, keeps back, re legates, brought to an end, ex postulating, Stickled, enjoins from, be-grudged, over-steps, came to end, put a fight, with-drawing, over-stepping, up-root, be grudges, circumducts, ex-posed, de-faced, freeing of, de feat, be-heading, dis-confirm, overthrow, putting up fight, trample upon, ex cursed, takes dim view of, ex-pose, turn back on, crawls out of, re deem, dis-commend, dis mantles, carts off, garotting, was above, pro tested, wast above, gives lie to, pro-testing, tore out, dis owned, de bated, koing, go back on one's word, deracinates, goes back ones word, looks askance at, rendered inert, kept out, not bought, dis-affirm, puts kibosh on, dis patching, de cried, say nothing doing, in-fringes, passed up, getting hook, de-parting, with draw, exterminate, negative, cancel, disallow, x-outs, Breaching, shut door on, disconfirm, getting the hook, turning nose up at, rebuff, pro scribes, re buffs, prorogated, dis credits, dis-liking, tears up, re pined, de bate, dis sent, take for a ride, dis approving, discard, beefing, roots out, digging up, tears out, over-throw, dis lodges, x outs, dis place, dis obeyed, deep-sixes, shooting down, re-dresses, de tach, cart off, Counterpoising, not buying, counter poised, calls bets off, declare null and void, leave out, expunge, blow sky high, counter poise, infracts, Blanked, disconfirming, went back word, Disaffirm, dis believes, crawl out of, put an end to.