Re Hearses

Pronunciation of Re Hearses
/ɹˌiː hˈɜːsɪz/, /ɹˌiː hˈɜːsɪz/, /ɹ_ˌiː h_ˈɜː_s_ɪ_z/

Synonyms for re hearses:

act (verb)

be on, burlesque, characterize, dramatize, emote, enact, feign, go on, ham, impersonate, mime, mimic, mug, parody, perform, personate, personify, play, portray, pretend, rehearse, represent, simulate, star, stooge, strut, take part, ham it up, bring down the house, do a turn, make debut, play act, play gig, play part, play role, put it over, say one's piece, lay an egg, tread the boards.

cite (verb)

adduce, advance, allege, enumerate, evidence, excerpt, exemplify, extract, indicate, instance, lay, mention, name, number, offer, point out, present, reference, remember, reminisce, specify, spell out, allude to, refer to, appeal to, get down to brass tacks, give as example, illustrate with.

describe (verb)

call, chronicle, communicate, construe, define, delineate, detail, distinguish, draw, elucidate, epitomize, explicate, expound, express, illuminate, illustrate, image, impart, interpret, label, limn, mark out, outline, paint, particularize, picture, report, sketch, state, term, trace, transmit, write up, make clear, make sense of, make vivid, convey image, make apparent.

detail (verb)

analyze, catalog, circumstantiate, designate, elaborate, embellish, exhibit, individualize, itemize, lay out, produce, reveal, set forth, show, specialize, spread, stipulate, summarize, uncover, fly speck, quote chapter and verse, sweat details.

drill (verb)

accustom, break, exercise, habituate, instruct, teach, break in, get into shape, lick into shape.

enumerate (verb)

add up, calculate, cite, compute, figure, identify, inventory, quote, reckon, run off, sum, tally, tick off, total, run down, count noses, keep tabs, take account of.

exercise (verb)

apply, bestow, bring to bear, condition, cultivate, develop, devote, discipline, employ, enjoy, execute, exert, exploit, fix, foster, groom, handle, improve, inure, labor, limber up, loosen up, maneuver, operate, ply, prepare, put out, set, sharpen, strain, use, utilize, wield, work, put into practice, pump iron, put through grind, put through mill.

go over (verb)

examine, inspect, investigate, look at, peruse, read, revise, scan, skim, thumb through, riffle through.

itemize (verb)

count, document, list, record, set out.

narrate (verb)

descant, disclose, discourse, expatiate, proclaim, spin, unfold, hold forth, make known, give an account of, tell a story.

practice (verb)

build up, dress, polish, become seasoned, do again, dress rehearse, shake-down.

prime (verb)

brief, clue, coach, cram, excite, fit, galvanize, inform, innervate, motivate, move, notify, prep, provoke, stimulate, fill in, make ready.

recite (verb)

account for, address, answer, chant, convey, declaim, deliver, enlarge, explain, parrot, reel off, render, reply, retell, soliloquize, speak, utter, give a report, give an account, give verbal account.

recount (verb)

echo, play back, recap, rehash, track, unload, verbalize, Say again, break a story, run by again.

rehearse (verb)

act, depict, describe, drill, dry run, experiment, go over, go through, hone, iterate, narrate, practice, ready, recapitulate, recite, recount, reenact, reiterate, relate, repeat, review, study, tell, test, train, try out, work out, warm up, tune up, walk through, do over, hold a reading, learn one's part, run lines, run through, take from the top.

relate (verb)

divulge, sling, spill, spill the beans, shoot the breeze, spin a yarn, lay it on the line, clue one in, get off one's chest, give the word, let one's hair down.

repeat (verb)

chime, din, ditto, hold over, imitate, ingeminate, reappear, recast, reciprocate, reconstruct, recrudesce, recur, redo, refashion, reform, reissue, remake, renew, replay, reprise, reproduce, rerun, restate, return, revert, revolve, rework, run over, reoccur, come again, make like, drum into, read back, play over, go over again, occur again, resay, reshow, sing same old song.

report (verb)

advise, air, announce, broadcast, cable, circulate, cover, declare, enunciate, inscribe, note, pass on, promulgate, publish, relay, retail, telephone, trumpet, wire, make public, bring word, give the facts, provide details.

say (verb)

add, affirm, assert, claim, conjecture, estimate, flap, gab, guess, imagine, imply, jaw, judge, lip, maintain, opine, orate, pronounce, rap, remark, respond, rumor, spiel, suggest, voice, yak, give voice, DO, come out with, put forth, break silence, put into words.

state (verb)

articulate, asseverate, aver, bring out, chime in, enounce, give, pitch, propound, put, say, throw out, vent, ventilate, give blow-by-blow, give rundown.

train (verb)

brainwash, care for, educate, enlighten, equip, ground, guide, harden, mold, prime, qualify, rear, school, season, shape, tame, tutor, update, wise up, whip into shape, get a workout, get in shape, grow strong, show the ropes.

trot out (verb)

brandish, bring up, display, disport, drag up, expose, flash, flaunt, parade, show off.

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