Re Lapsed

Pronunciation of Re Lapsed
/ɹˌiː lˈapsd/, /ɹˌiː lˈapsd/, /ɹ_ˌiː l_ˈa_p_s_d/

Synonyms for re lapsed:

backslide (verb)

apostatize, deviate, relapse, sin, slip, fall from grace, leave the straight and narrow.

decline (verb)

abate, cheapen, decay, decrease, depreciate, deteriorate, diminish, disintegrate, droop, drop, dwindle, ebb, fall off, flag, languish, lower, pine, recede, retrograde, return, rot, sag, settle, shrink, slide, subside, wane, weaken, Disimprove, go to pot, go to the dogs, go downhill, lose value, hit the skids.

fall (verb)

break down, buckle, cascade, cave in, collapse, crash, decline, dip, dive, drag, drop down, ease, flop, fold up, go down, gravitate, hit the dirt, keel over, land, lessen, pitch, plummet, plunge, slope, slump, spin, stumble, tip over, topple, totter, trail, trip, tumble, be precipitated, nose-dive, take a header.

lapse (verb)

cease, descend, die, elapse, end, expire, pass, run out, terminate, go by, become obsolete.

regress (verb)

fall away, go back, retreat, throw back, roll back, lose ground.

relapse (verb)

backslide, degenerate, fade, fail, fall, fall back, lapse, recidivate, regress, retrogress, revert, sicken, sink, suffer, turn back, worsen, be overcome, be overtaken, slide back, slip back.

revert (verb)

about-face, change, come back, flip-flop, hark back, inverse, invert, react, recrudesce, recur, resume, transpose, turn, fall off the wagon, take up where left off.

turn (verb)

aim, alter, alternate, call off, capsize, convert, curve, depart, detour, detract, digress, direct, diverge, double back, incline, loop, move, pivot, recoil, redirect, retrace, sheer, shift, shunt, sidetrack, subvert, sway, swerve, swing, swirl, switch, tack, transform, twist, upset, vary, veer, volte-face, wheel, whip, whirl, zigzag, face about, shy away, change position, rechannel.

weaken (verb)

adulterate, cripple, crumble, cut, debase, debilitate, depress, devitalize, dilute, ease up, enervate, exhaust, faint, give way, halt, impair, impoverish, invalidate, limp, lose, minimize, mitigate, moderate, reduce, relax, sap, slow down, soften, temper, thin, thin out, tire, tremble, undermine, vitiate, water down, wilt, break up, lose spirit.

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