Re Mained

Pronunciation of Re Mained
/ɹˌiː mˈe͡ɪnd/, /ɹˌiː mˈe‍ɪnd/, /ɹ_ˌiː m_ˈeɪ_n_d/

Synonyms for re mained:

abide (verb)

anticipate, expect, persevere, remain, stay.

be (verb)

act, breathe, hold, move, obtain, subsist, DO, be alive, have being, have place.

bide (verb)

attend, await, hang around, hang in, lie in wait, watch for, hold the phone, sweat it.

cleave (verb)

abide by, adhere, agree, associate, attach, cohere, combine, join, link, unite, be devoted to, be tight with, be true, freeze to.

continue (verb)

advance, draw out, extend, keep up, lengthen, live on, loiter, maintain, make headway, persist in, press on, progress, project, prolong, promote, pursue, push on, reach, ride, stay on, stick to, sustain, uphold, Perdure, run on, carry forward, keep at, forge ahead, stick at, get on with it, keep on truckin', keep the ball rolling, move ahead, never cease.

dwell (verb)

crash, exist, flop, hole up, locate, occupy, park, quarter, rent, room, settle, tenant, tent, keep house, hang one's hat, make one's home, pitch tent, establish oneself.

endure (verb)

be, carry on, carry through, hang on, hold on, hold out, ride out, superannuate, wear, wear on, be long lived, be timeless, have no end, never say die, wear well.

exist (verb)

happen, lie, occur, be present, be extant, be latent.

hang (verb)

beetle, bend, bow, cover, dangle, deck, decorate, depend, drape, drift, droop, drop, fasten, fix, flap, float, furnish, impend, incline, lean, loll, lop, lower, nail, overhang, pin, sag, stay up, stick, swing, tack, trail, wave, be fastened, be in mid-air, be loose, be pendent, be poised.

hang on (verb)

clutch, grasp, grip, hold fast, be tough.

hold (verb)

apply, operate, resist, stand up, hold true, be in effect, be in force, be the case, be valid, have bearing, hold good, remain true, stay staunch.

keep at (verb)

complete, drudge, finish, grind, labor, toil, slave, be steadfast.

lie (verb)

be on, belong, beset, spread, stretch, be seated, be even, be beside, be buried, be established, be fixed, be found, be interred, be level, be located, be placed, be smooth, have its seat in.

linger (verb)

amble, crawl, dally, dawdle, dillydally, falter, fool around, fritter away, hesitate, hobble, idle, lag, lumber, mope, mosey, plod, poke, procrastinate, putter, saunter, shuffle, slouch, stagger, stroll, tool, totter, traipse, trifle, trudge, vacillate, put off, sit around, wait around, be dilatory, be long, be tardy, take one's time, goof off.

live (verb)

get along, get by, lead, make it, pass, remain alive, draw breath, have life.

lodge (verb)

catch, embed, entrench, imbed, implant, infix, ingrain, install, plant, root, come to rest.

occupy (verb)

ensconce, establish, fill, involve, keep, live in, own, people, permeate, pervade, populate, possess, sit, utilize, take up, be in command, be in residence.

outlast (verb)

outstay, outwear.

persevere (verb)

keep going, leave no stone unturned, plug away, proceed, stand firm, go for broke, be determined, stay the course, go for it, be resolved, be stubborn, keep driving, see it through, stick with it, hang tough.

persist (verb)

insist, perseverate, recur, repeat, strive, follow up, see through, follow through, go all the way, stick it out, be resolute, go the limit, stick to guns, tough it out.

remain (verb)

abide, bide, bivouac, bunk, cling, continue, delay, dwell, endure, freeze, go on, halt, hang, hang out, hold over, hover, inhabit, keep on, last, linger, live, lodge, nest, outlast, outlive, pause, perch, persist, prevail, reside, rest, roost, sit out, sit tight, sojourn, squat, stand, stay put, stick around, stop, survive, tarry, visit, wait, stay over, sit through, stay behind, stay in, make camp, be left, hold the fort, put on hold, remain standing.

reside (verb)

consist, dig, inhere, rest with, take up residence, be intrinsic to, be vested.

resist (verb)

antagonize, assail, assault, battle, bear, brook, buck, check, combat, confront, contend, counteract, countervail, curb, defy, dispute, duel, fight back, forbear, forgo, hinder, hold off, leave alone, prevent, refrain, refuse, remain firm, repel, stonewall, suffer, thwart, traverse, turn down, weather, keep from, stand up to, abstain from, die hard, hold out against, put up a fight, struggle against.

sit (verb)

bear on, pose, posture, relax, seat, Hunker, plop down, take a place, give feet a rest, grab a chair, have a place, have a seat, put it there, seat oneself, take a load off, take a seat.

stand (verb)

be situated.

stay (verb)

reprieve, respite, sweat, hang about, stay out, put down roots, sweat it out.

stick (verb)

bind, bond, braze, cement, clasp, cleave, clog, fuse, glue, hug, jam, paste, snag, solder, stick together, weld, be bogged down, become embedded, become immobilized, cling like ivy, stick like barnacle.

subsist (verb)

manage, scrape by, make ends meet, barely exist, eke out an existence, stay alive, eke out a living, just make it.

survive (verb)

come through, get on, get through, handle, live down, live out, recover, revive, withstand, pull through, live through, cut it, keep afloat, make a comeback, pull out of it, make the cut.

tarry (verb)

drag, drag one's feet, filibuster, stall, tail, temporize, stop over, goof around, get no place fast, lose time, warm a chair.

wait (verb)

cool it, foresee, hold back, lie low, look for, watch, stand by, mark time, sit up for, look forward to, stay up for, bide one's time, fill time, hang onto your hat, hold everything, keep shirt on, save it.

wear (verb)

bear up, hold up, be durable.

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