Re Served

Pronunciation of Re Served
/ɹˌiː sˈɜːvd/, /ɹˌiː sˈɜːvd/, /ɹ_ˌiː s_ˈɜː_v_d/

Antonyms for re served:

humanitarian, squander, immoderate, rash, unserious, untalented, answer, flexible, normal, unrestricted, facilitate, unsophisticated, wasted, bright, intermittent, forfeit, approve, combined, hurt, relevant, disorganize, disavow, given, acknowledge, possible, interested, Flaunting, strong, unsuited, Resembling, unafraid, liberal, obtrusive, divide, nearby, relaxed, conceal, unimpressive, funny, adjacent, indecorous, release, easy, impudent, endanger, excited, minor, amicable, anxious, together, disregard, pliable, undignified, violent, excessive, regular, hot, plant, let go, warm, desert, unworried, confident, honest, unsure, gregarious, liberated, welcoming, compassionate, revealed, abandon, impractical, outrageous, idiotic, extroverted, worst, complicated, misunderstand, brave, inaccurate, dishonor, throw away, need, inappropriate, incorrect, important, equivocal, unmindful, hold, continue, aggressive, flashy, accompanied, Misbehaving, disconnect, thoughtless, rude, fluent, dishonored, ordinary, Unfearful, fail, permit, probable, withhold, spread, extreme, disburse, flippant, insincere, unfasten, stop, like, negligent, indulge, to the front, incapable, end, surrender, careless, related, lay off, involved, pass up, unnerved, courageous, cancel, free, scatter, engaged, fearless, return, inhabited, bestow, inattentive, misappropriate, hasty, bow out, unimportant, ardent, desecrate, Mentionable, soft, seen, irrational, indistinct, break off, remove, guard, arrogant, known, unsteady, overlook, advance, lay out, demonstrative, tangible, fast, socializing, ambiguous, ostentatious, clear, clamorous, expel, partial, carry out, animated, grant, precocious, broken, mix up, not have, Disengaged, bold, judgemental, conceited, philanthropic, unabashed, meek, neglect, forget, prejudiced, complex, smart, expedite, incautious, reveal, drunk, disorderly, irresponsible, disorder, loud, boisterous, help, keep, harm, curious, disturbed, fire, commonplace, luxurious, accept, dispossess, attached, leave, heedless, Refused, disperse, kind, shun, want, sell, use, agitated, discharge, undistinguished, aid, indecent, unrespectable, uncool, egotistical, unkind, imprecise, make vulnerable, unskilled, improper, unashamed, concerned, go, responsive, inconsiderate, annoyed, sociable, lack, assertive, unsuspicious, similar, different, unemployed, open, harsh, fun-loving, leave open, immodest, rescind, be quiet, eager, unfaithful, obscure, emotional, divulge, bare, cheerful, susceptible, unacceptable, inexact, nice, considerable, secondary, neighboring, mess up, dissipate, unreasonable, disarrange, passionate, give up, intelligent, vague, unthoughtful, approving, frivolous, displace, yield, forward, undefined, proud, trivial, push, disbelieve, poor, forgotten, troubled, ignore, presumptuous, feeling, worried, inebriated, unreserved, unproficient, developing, definite, dishonorable, zealous, near, mixed, adequate, show, ok, connected, go along, allow, exonerate, enthusiastic, deplete, uncertain, articulate, Offered, lessen, extraordinary, pliant, disclose, indefinite, dodge, unfair, DO, undiscerning, extravagant, wild, impolite, untrustworthy, unsuitable, superior, unpopular, explicit, enough, pretentious, noticeable, unmanageable, assist, insufficient, least, stupid, Familiar, mingling, outgoing, rough, indiscreet, upset, hesitate, decline, sure, discourteous, use up, give, ignoble, approachable, populated, Allowed, fervid, reply, claim, Indistinctive, conventional, visible, separate, tell, misuse, noisy, let out, convenient, uncontrolled, caring, standard, repel, disposed, public, reckless, committal, be idle, hand over, yielding, disallow, refuse, reject, timid, finish, unconcealed, unbearable, calm, self-confident, humble, ungenerous, oust, spend, consume, disrespect, bequeath, nervous, uncover, retain, unrefined, disobliging, sympathetic, satisfactory, boasting, light, linked, unbounded, dismiss, common, bending, fuzzy, forsake, miss, bad, unrestrained, likely, limitless, exhibit, eject, gentle, uncareful, deny, banish, ahead, exclude, subjective, communicative, happy, intolerable, excitable, discontinuous, unfixed, close, unmask, sensitive, participating, acceptable, friendly, intricate, unqualified, certain, insolent, hide, unaffected, encourage, weak, wobbly, withdraw, foolish, unrealistic, general, let happen, lay bare, talkative, rich, unshy, bent, lost, take, unguarded, prevent, significant, customary, merged, social, shy, lose, willing, decisive, break up, defuse, imbalanced, unstable, unwatchful, coupled, muddle, temperate, assured, joining, distribute, square, unaccommodating, uncivil, waste, sufficient, forthright, insignificant, offer, showy, usual, refrain, liberate, informal, unable, abandoned, unmannerly, unnoteworthy, unreliable, united, expose, biased, avoid, wordy, inclined, unlimited.

Synonyms for re served:

aloof (adjective)

above, apart, casual, chilly, cold fish, detached, forbidding, hard-boiled, haughty, incurious, indifferent, lone wolf, loner, reserved, secluded, supercilious, thick-skinned, unconcerned, unfriendly, uninterested, unsociable, unsympathetic, uppity, Hard-hearted, on ice, laid back, putting on airs, stuck up.

antisocial (adjective)

alienated, ascetic, asocial, austere, cynical, introverted, remote, hermitlike, eremetic.

backward (adjective)

afraid, averse, disinclined, hesitant, hesitating, humble, indisposed, late, loath, reluctant, sluggish, tardy, timid, uneager, unwilling, wavering.

bashful (adjective)

abashed, blushful, blushing, chary, confused, constrained, coy, embarrassed, nervous, overmodest, self-conscious, self-effacing, shamefaced, sheepish, shrinking, silent, timorous, unassertive, Recoiling, Verecund.

booked (adjective)

billed, contracted, Slated, lined up.

chill (adjective)

depressing, discouraging, dismal, dispiriting, emotionless, glacial, hateful, hostile, stony, unemotional, unhappy, wintry, ungenial, unwelcoming.

clannish (adjective)

akin, alike, associative, cliquish, insular, like, narrow, related, restricting, restrictive, sectarian, unreceptive.

close-mouthed (adjective)

incommunicative, untalkative, uncommunicable.

cold (adjective)

apathetic, cold-blooded, dead, frosty, impersonal, imperturbable, inhibited, inhospitable, joyless, lukewarm, passionless, phlegmatic, spiritless, unenthusiastic, unfeeling, unimpassioned, unmoved, matter-of-fact.

cool (adjective)

annoyed, impertinent, impudent, insolent, offended, offhand, Procacious.

coy (adjective)

coquettish, evasive, flirtatious, kittenish, prudish, skittish, rabbity.

decent (adjective)

approved, becoming, befitting, chaste, clean, comely, Comme Il Faut, conforming, continent, correct, decorous, delicate, ethical, fit, fitting, good, honest, honorable, immaculate, mannerly, moral, nice, noble, polite, presentable, proper, prudent, pure, right, seemly, spotless, stainless, standard, straight, straight arrow, suitable, trustworthy, unblemished, undefiled, untarnished, upright, virtuous, worthy, on the up and up, straight shooting.

detached (adjective)

abstract, dispassionate, impartial, laid-back, objective, poker-faced, removed, spaced-out, spacey, staid, stolid, unbiased, uncommitted, uninvolved, unprejudiced, uncurious, out of it, Unpassioned.

diffident (adjective)

distrustful, doubtful, dubious, insecure, meek, mousy, suspicious, unassuming, unassured, unobtrusive, unsure, Blenching, Flinching, Unpoised.

dignified (adjective)

aristocratic, august, courtly, distinguished, eminent, grand, grave, great, highbrow, imperial, imperious, lofty, magisterial, magnificent, nifty, proud, refined, regal, respected, solemn, somber, stately, superior, highfalutin'.

discreet (adjective)

alert, attentive, awake, cagey, calculating, careful, circumspect, civil, conservative, considerate, controlled, diplomatic, discerning, discriminating, gingerly, guarded, heedful, intelligent, judicious, moderate, observant, politic, reasonable, safe, sagacious, strategic, tactful, temperate, thoughtful, vigilant, wary, watchful, wise, worldly-wise, Precautious, not rash, having foresight, like a clam, on lookout.

distant (adjective)

arrogant, put on airs, standoff, stiff, stuck-up, Insociable.

emotionless (adjective)

blank, chill, deadpan, flat, heartless, immovable, impassive, in cold blood, nowhere, poker face, toneless, cool cat, nonemotional, stony-eyed, with straight face.

formal (adjective)

exact, nominal, precise, punctilious, sententious, stilted, stuffy, unbending, Starched, playing the game, by the numbers.

glacial (adjective)

antagonistic, inaccessible, inimical, Seclusive.

guarded (adjective)

canny, discreet, leery, overcareful, overcautious, on the lookout, with eyes peeled.

haughty (adjective)

assuming, cavalier, conceited, contemptuous, disdainful, egotistic, egotistical, high, hoity-toity, overbearing, overweening, scornful, sniffy, snobbish, snooty, snotty, on high horse, high and mighty.

humble (adjective)

apprehensive, biddable, content, courteous, deferential, docile, fearful, lowly, manageable, obliging, obsequious, ordinary, respectful, reverential, servile, simple, submissive, subservient, supplicatory, tentative, tractable, unambitious, unostentatious, unpretentious.

impassive (adjective)

callous, dry, hardened, inexpressive, inscrutable, insensible, insusceptible, nonchalant, stoic, stoical, unexcitable, unflappable, unruffled, wooden, Indurated, Inexcitable, Unimpressible.

incommunicable (adjective)


individual (adjective)

alone, characteristic, definite, diacritic, diagnostic, different, discrete, distinct, especial, express, idiosyncratic, indivisible, lone, odd, only, original, own, particular, peculiar, personal, personalized, respective, select, separate, several, single, singular, sole, special, specific, uncommon, unique, unitary, unusual.

inhibited (adjective)

frustrated, repressed, subdued, uptight, hung up, bottled up.

kept (adjective)

at hand, held, maintained, saved, Clutched, withheld, on file, watched over.

limited (adjective)

bound, bounded, checked, circumscribed, confined, curbed, defined, delimited, determinate, finite, fixed, local, modified, sectional, topical, Hampered, hemmed in.

misanthropic (adjective)

antisocial, egoistic, inhumane, malevolent, misanthropical, sarcastic, selfish, Hating.

moderate (adjective)

abstinent, balanced, bearable, compromising, considered, deliberate, disciplined, equable, even, inconsiderable, inexpensive, low-key, measured, middle-of-the-road, midway, monotonous, neutral, nonpartisan, pacific, peaceable, pleasant, sober, soft, steady, tame, tolerable, tolerant, tranquil, untroubled, not excessive.

modest (adjective)

resigned, withdrawing, unpretending, Unboastful, unpresuming.

mum (adjective)

closemouthed, hushed, mute, muted, soundless, speechless, still, tongue-tied, voiceless, wordless, Nonvocal, zipped, tight-lipped, buttoned up, clammed up, not talkative, unspeaking, not forthcoming.

noncommittal (adjective)

ambiguous, equivocal, hush-hush, indefinite, unrevealing, vague, Incommunicable, Middle-ground, Temporizing, even-steven, on-the-fence.

private (adjective)

clandestine, closet, confidential, exclusive, independent, individual, inside, nonpublic, off the record, privy, secret, unofficial, not open, behind the scenes, close to one's chest, under one's hat.

qualified (adjective)

conditional, contingent, determined, partial, provisional.

quiet (adjective)

contented, dumb, halcyon, inactive, inaudible, isolated, level, low, low-pitched, motionless, muffled, noiseless, quiescent, restful, retired, sequestered, smooth, stable, stagnant, undisturbed, unexcited, unexpressed, unfrequented, unuttered, whist, Quieted, Stilled, could hear a pin drop, hushful, not saying boo, unanxious.

recluse/reclusive (adjective)

cloistered, hermetic, monastic, secluse.

reclusive (adjective)


remote (adjective)

abstracted, disinterested, faraway, introspective.

reserved (adjective)

aloof, appropriated, arrogated, backward, bashful, booked, cautious, ceremonious, close, cold, collected, composed, conventional, cool, demure, diffident, distant, engaged, eremitic, formal, frigid, gentle, icy, kept, limited, mild, misanthropic, modest, noncommittal, offish, peaceful, placid, prim, private, qualified, quiet, reclusive, restrained, restricted, retained, reticent, retiring, secretive, sedate, self-contained, serene, shy, soft-spoken, solitary, standoffish, taciturn, taken, unapproachable, uncommunicative, undemonstrative, unresponsive, withdrawn, Claimed, set apart, Preempted, close-mouthed, roped off, Uncompanionable, set aside, laid away, spoken for.

retained (adjective)

contained, included, owned, possessed, received, remembered, secured, sustained, treasured, Detained, Had, held back.

reticent (adjective)

mum, unforthcoming, dried up, dummied up.

retiring (adjective)

nongregarious, recessive, unexpansive, Unaffable, not forward.

secluded (adjective)

abandoned, blockaded, covert, deserted, hidden, incommunicado, isolate, lonely, lonesome, off the beaten track, out-of-the-way, quarantined, segregated, shut off, uninhabited, Beleaguered, Screened, cut off, tucked away.

secretive (adjective)

backstairs, cryptic, enigmatic, feline, furtive, in private, undercover, in the background, in chambers, in privacy, in the dark, on the qt.

self-possessed (adjective)


shy (adjective)

conscious, introvert, unsocial, uneffusive.

silent (adjective)

faint, hush, iced, inarticulate, incoherent, indistinct, laconic, unclear, unheard, Inconversable, Silentious, struck dumb, closed up.

sober (adjective)

dark, down-to-earth, drab, earnest, forgoing, levelheaded, lucid, no-nonsense, plain, practical, rational, realistic, serious, severe, sound, toned down, Abnegating, Abstaining, Clear-headed, eschewing.

soft-spoken (adjective)


solitary (adjective)

desolate, forsaken, friendless, hermitical, lorn, solo, stag, unaccompanied, unattended, Companionless.

special (adjective)

appropriate, best, certain, chief, choice, designated, exceptional, extraordinary, festive, first, gala, main, major, marked, memorable, momentous, primary, rare, set, significant, smashing, specialized, unreal, Earmarked, Red-letter, out of the ordinary.

specific (adjective)

categorical, clean-cut, clear-cut, definitive, downright, explicit, flat out, outright, right on, straight-out, unambiguous, unequivocal, bull's eye, on target, cut fine, dead on, drawn fine, hit nail on head.

speechless (adjective)

aghast, amazed, aphonic, astounded, dazed, dumbfounded, shocked, thunderstruck, dumbstruck, cool as cucumber.

starchy (adjective)

inflexible, mannered, rigid, strict, strait-laced.

steady (adjective)

allegiant, ardent, calm, constant, dependable, fast, intense, liege, loyal, poised, reliable, resolute, self-possessed, sensible, settled, single-minded, staunch, steadfast, unswerving, unwavering, wholehearted, serious-minded.

stored (adjective)

gathered, Hoarded.

taboo (adjective)

anathema, banned, disapproved, forbidden, illegal, outlawed, prohibited, proscribed, unacceptable, unmentionable, unthinkable, out of bounds, beyond the pale, frowned on, off limits, ruled out.

taciturn (adjective)

brooding, curt, dour, dried-up, sparing, unexpressive.

taken (adjective)

hired, occupied, unavailable.

unbending (adjective)

crisp, firm, hold the line, inelastic, inexorable, intractable, obdurate, obstinate, relentless, set in stone, stubborn, uncompromising, unrelenting, unyielding, Incompliant, Unflexible, Unswayable, hard as nails, dug in, do or die, hard-line, hold the fort, locked in, standing one's ground, sticking to one's guns, hold one's ground, standing pat.

uncommunicative (adjective)


unconcerned (adjective)

blind, blithe, careless, deaf, easy, feckless, forgetful, heedless, inattentive, insensitive, insouciant, lackadaisical, negligent, oblivious, relaxed, self-centered, supine, unperturbed, unworried, unbothered.

unemotional (adjective)

blah, coldhearted, listless, marble, uncompassionate, unimpressionable, along for the ride, going with the flow, rolling with the punches.

unimposing (adjective)


unobtrusive (adjective)

inconspicuous, tasteful, unnoticeable, low-profile, soft-pedaled.

unsociable (adjective)

sensitive, uncongenial, unneighborly, easy-going.

withdrawn (adjective)

aseptic, recluse, retreated.

appropriate (verb)

allot, allow, appoint, apportion, assign, budget, devote, disburse, earmark, reserve.

bespeak (verb)

accost, address, announce, argue, ask, attest, cite, discuss, exclaim, hint, imply, show, speak, stipulate.

book (verb)

bill, charter, enroll, enter, hire, order, organize, procure, program, set up, line up, sew up, pencil in, make reservation.

destine (verb)

consecrate, decide, decree, dedicate, design, determine, doom, fate, foreordain, intend, mark out, predestine, preform, preordain, purpose, doom to.

detain (verb)

apprehend, bog down, bust, buttonhole, check, confine, constrain, decelerate, hinder, hold up, ice, impede, inhibit, intern, jail, mire, nab, pinch, restrain, slow down, slow up, pick up, hang up, pull in, send up, retard, set back, run in.

devote (verb)

apply, bestow, bless, confide, consign, donate, enshrine, entrust, give, give away, hallow, hand out, pledge, present, sanctify, vow, concern oneself, occupy oneself.

engage (verb)

commission, employ, enlist, ink, lease, place, rent, sign on, sign up, take on, put on, bring on board, come on board, truck with.

enlist (verb)

admit, attract, call up, conscript, draft, embody, gather, get, hitch, incorporate, induct, initiate, inscribe, interest, join, levy, list, mobilize, muster, oblige, obtain, record, recruit, register, serve, volunteer, Conscribe, call to arms, enter into, join up, press into service.

foreordain (verb)

destine, foredoom, foreshadow, foretell, predetermine, Destinate.

garner (verb)

amass, assemble, cull, cumulate, extract, glean, harvest, hive, lay in, reap, roll up, treasure, deposit.

hide (verb)

adumbrate, bury, cache, camouflage, cloak, cover, curtain, disguise, dissemble, ditch, eclipse, ensconce, harbor, hold back, hole up, hush up, lie low, lock up, mask, obscure, protect, salt away, screen, secrete, shadow, shelter, shield, shroud, smuggle, stifle, suppress, tuck away, veil, blot out, keep from, keep secret, put out of the way, go underground, go into hiding, not give away, not tell, take cover.

intend (verb)

add up, aim, attempt, connote, contemplate, denote, designate, endeavor, essay, expect, have in mind, import, indicate, look forward, mean, meditate, ordain, plan, plot, propose, resolve, scheme, signify, spell, strive, think, try, figure on, aspire to, be determined, be resolved, hope to.

keep (verb)

accumulate, care for, carry, conduct, control, detain, direct, enjoy, garner, grasp, grip, heap, manage, pile, put, season, stack, stock, put up, trade in, deal in.

order (verb)

adjure, bid, buy, call for, call the shots, charge, dictate, enact, enjoin, instruct, prescribe, pull strings, request, require, tell, warn, contract for, send away for, rule the roost, apply for, call the signals.

own (verb)

boast, dominate, inherit, keep, occupy, be in possession of, be possessed of, have in hand, fall heir to, have rights, have title.

reserve (verb)

bespeak, book, conserve, contract, defer, delay, duck, engage, have, hoard, hold, keep back, keep out, maintain, plant, possess, postpone, prearrange, preserve, put away, retain, save, schedule, secure, squirrel, squirrel away, stash, stockpile, store, withhold, lay up, put off, stow away, Preengage, put by, store up.

retain (verb)

absorb, bear in mind, cling to, clutch, contain, hold fast, husband, memorize, mind, pay, recall, recognize, recollect, remember, reminisce, retrospect, hand onto, keep in mind, keep possession.

save (verb)

collect, cut corners, lay aside, lay away, pile up, retrench, scrimp, skimp, spare, pinch pennies, make ends meet, sock away, roll back, hide away, be frugal, be thrifty, feather nest, save for rainy day, tighten belt.

schedule (verb)

arrange, be due, card, catalog, note, slate, time, get on line, write in one's book.

stash (verb)


stock (verb)

equip, fill, furnish, handle, provide, provision, sell, keep on hand.

stockpile (verb)

build up, stock up.

store (verb)

bank, bin, bottle, can, freeze, hide, hutch, lock away, mothball, pack, park, victual, warehouse, pack away, keep in reserve, put in storage.

waive (verb)

abandon, cede, disclaim, disown, dispense with, forgo, grant, hand over, hold off, leave, neglect, prorogue, reject, relinquish, remit, remove, renege, renounce, resign, shelve, stay, surrender, suspend, table, turn over, yield, refrain from.

withhold (verb)

abstain, bridle, clam up, conceal, curb, deduct, deny, disallow, dummy up, hold out, keep to oneself, refrain, refuse, repress, resist, spike, sit on, hold out on, kill, hold down, keep under one's hat, keep under wraps, stop oneself.

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