Re Straining

Pronunciation of Re Straining
/ɹˌiː stɹˈe͡ɪnɪŋ/, /ɹˌiː stɹˈe‍ɪnɪŋ/, /ɹ_ˌiː s_t_ɹ_ˈeɪ_n_ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for re straining:

relinquish, convoke, exclude, unloose, yield, quit, ratify, remain, aggravate, start, prevent, order, choose, placate, leave alone, chance, powerless, face, involve, further, facilitate, release, permit, put in, disregard, Unshackle, leave, disperse, endorse, hearten, divulge, halt, persuade, be lenient, obstruct, favor, keep on, claim, infuriate, embolden, renounce, deter, center, unblock, protect, liberate, disconnect, neglect, cancel, unfasten, encourage, revocable, begin, freedom, anger, hand over, unbind, hinder, misguide, irritate, allow, succeed, stagnate, hurt, countermand, accede, dishonor, strengthen, miss, assistance, expedite, cause, lack, support, stimulate, convene, approve, block, heat, separate, unclog, rouse, embrace, alterable, rush, comply, go, consent, let happen, ignore, lay bare, reveal, cheap, refusal, fail, rally, unnecessary, calm, explode, refuse, free, give up, hesitate, forward, accuse, breakable, detach, give way, uplift, keep, expose, authorize, ruin, accept, activate, worsen, let out, enlighten, flex, expand, abandon, show, untie, give, loose, go along, confuse, misunderstand, help, grow, dry, let go, flatter, go ahead, warm, provoke, develop, unwrap, disjoin, annoy, laud, validate, need, clear, magnify, vex, forgive, stay, subordinate, promotion, recall, animate, worry, forget, disbelieve, sensible, agree, stop, exonerate, loosen, offer, delay, unlock, credit, unlace, increase, explain, build up, promote, please, corroborate, open, upset, indulge, veto, put on to, abet, let, letting go, prolong, mismanage, enable, mislead, make happy, reverse, affirm, push, drop, confess, disturb, inspirit, obey, go up, unlimited, use, Unstop, concede, hurry, beginning, trouble, clear up, carry out, rise, step up, enlarge, add, scatter, move, resign, meet, conceal, not have, foster, Unlatch, lengthen, set free, retreat, concur, remove, dissuade, restart, honor, pour, risk, urge, assist, incite, light, build, advance, praise, welcome, dirty, condemn, brighten, compliment, blame, continuation, dispossess, grant, acknowledge, unchain, uncover, unrestrict, moderate, reasonable, extend, partake, confide, discourage, inexpensive, unbound, disclose, unrestrictive, squander, comfort, play up, DO, destroy, admit, activation, sanction, boost, follow, abstain, commencement, stretch, tell, reward, submit, emancipate, believe, distribute, forsake, inferior, soothe, ascend, agitate, desert, delight, cease, tributary, disarrange, lose, jump in, turn on, unpin, disallow, give in, extol, be unprepared, reject, ok, benefit, acquiesce, soften, unmask, raise, straighten, let off, plead, surrender, blow up, spend, advocate, serve, bend, oppose, trust, fire, unplug, intensify, waste, check, consume, distress, disorganize, instigate, excite, Unbinding, unhitch, continue, mend, improve, arouse, encouragement, unconfining, contradict, cheer, disqualify, ask, aid, hasten, fix, include, revoke, impede, go on, liberation, carry on, share, pass up, want.

Synonyms for re straining:

binding (adjective)

attached, enslaved, fastened, indentured, limiting, tied, tying.

governing (adjective)

absolute, administrative, ascendant, authoritative, conducting, controlling, determining, directing, dominant, dominating, executive, gubernatorial, guiding, influential, magisterial, mastering, ordering, presidential, regulatory, ruling, supervisory, supreme, Overseeing, Superintending.

prohibitive (adjective)

excessive, exorbitant, expensive, extortionate, high-priced, preposterous, repressive, sky-high, steep, suppressive, Preventing, Proscriptive, financial means conditional.

restraining (adjective)

coercive, constraining, forbidding, governing, restrictive, Prohibiting.

retaining (adjective)

accommodating, arresting, commemorating, confining, embracing, engaging, holding, keeping, preserving, remembering, saving, seizing, taking, withholding, working, Employing, Having, Hiring, Owning, Reserving, Securing, Treasuring, Possessing, Suppressing, Sustaining, cherishing, holding back.

tying (adjective)

restricting, Shackling.

arrest (noun)

accommodation, apprehension, appropriation, bag, blockage, booby trap, bust, captivity, capture, cessation, collar, commitment, confinement, constraint, crimp, delay, detention, drop, end, fall, gaff, glom, grab, halt, heat, hindrance, hook, imprisonment, incarceration, inhibition, interruption, mitt, nab, nail, nick, nip, obstruction, pickle, pinch, prevention, pull, restraint, snare, stalling, stoppage, suppression, suspension, sweep, Checking, Restraining, Sequestering, pick up, pull in, Staying, jailing, protective custody, preventive custody, run in.

confining (noun)

bounding, enclosing, Detaining, Imprisoning.

adjourn (verb)

defer, discontinue, hold off, hold over, hold up, postpone, prorogue, recess, restrain, shelve, suspend, put off.

arrest (verb)

block, can, freeze, interrupt, obstruct, scrub, shut down, stall, knock off, retard.

bar (verb)

ban, boycott, circumvent, condemn, deny, disallow, discountenance, discourage, eliminate, enjoin, except, exclude, exile, forbid, frustrate, interdict, interfere, keep out, ostracize, outlaw, override, preclude, refuse, reject, rule out, segregate, shut out, stop, freeze out.

bate (verb)


bind (verb)

adhere, attach, bandage, border, cinch, clamp, compel, connect, constrict, cover, dress, edge, encase, enchain, engage, enslave, finish, fix, fold, force, furl, glue, handcuff, hem, hitch, hobble, hook on, hook up, indenture, lace, lap, lash, leash, moor, necessitate, oblige, paste, peg down, pin, pin down, prescribe, put together, require, rope, shackle, stick, strap, swathe, tack on, tether, tie, trammel, trim, truss, unite, wrap, yoke, Enfetter, hitch on, put half nelson on, put lock on.

bottle up (verb)

coop up, corner, cramp, enclose, entrap, hold back, hold in, keep back, trap, shut in, cover up, keep secret, bring to naught, hold down, keep feeling inside oneself.

bound (verb)

define, delimitate, demarcate, determine, encircle, mark, mark out, measure, surround, terminate.

bridle (verb)

master, moderate, rule, withhold, keep in check.

cage (verb)

close in, envelop, fence in, immure, incarcerate, mew, pen, shut up.

censor (verb)

abridge, black out, blacklist, bleach, bleep, blue-pencil, bowdlerize, clean up, conceal, criticize, cut, decontaminate, delete, edit, examine, excise, expurgate, inspect, launder, narrow, oversee, purge, purify, review, revile, sanitize, squelch, sterilize, strike out, Exscind, put the lid on, drop the iron curtain, prevent publication, refuse transmission, scissor out, supervise communications.

chasten (verb)

abase, admonish, afflict, berate, call down, castigate, chastise, chide, cow, discipline, humble, objurgate, penalize, punish, rebuke, reprehend, reprimand, reproach, reprove, scold, scourge, soften, tame, try, upbraid, tongue-lash, take to task, have on the carpet, rake over the coals, exprobate, fulminate against.

circumscribe (verb)

bar, bound, delineate, encompass, environ, girdle, nail down, outline, Prelimit.

command (verb)

adjure, administer, appoint, authorize, beckon, bid, boss, call, call for, call on, charge, cite, coach, coerce, conduct, conquer, dictate, dominate, domineer, enact, exact, grant, head, impose, inflict, influence, instruct, lead, manage, officiate, oppress, ordain, order, ordinate, overbear, predominate, prevail, proclaim, prohibit, push, regulate, reign, requisition, run, send for, set, subpoena, summon, superintend, supervise, sway, take charge, take over, task, tell, tyrannize, warn, wield, hold office, preside over, reign over, call upon, lay down the law, call the signals, exercise power, force upon, give directions, give orders, have authority, put foot down, take lead.

compel (verb)

bulldoze, concuss, dragoon, drive, enforce, hustle, impel, make, shotgun, squeeze, urge, make necessary, put the chill on, throw weight around, turn on the heat, put the arm on.

compose (verb)

adjust, allay, appease, arrange, assuage, balm, becalm, collect, comfort, console, ease, ease up, lessen, lull, mitigate, modulate, pacify, placate, quell, quiet, reconcile, rein, relax, resolve, settle, simmer down, slacken, smother, solace, soothe, still, temper, tranquilize, Re-collect, let up, tune down.

confine (verb)

cage, cool down, hog-tie, ice, intern, put away, shorten, send up, put on ice, put a lid on.

constrict (verb)

astringe, choke, clench, compress, concentrate, condense, constringe, contract, draw together, shrink, strangle, strangulate, tauten, tense, tighten, tuck.

contain (verb)

compose, stifle, keep lid on.

control (verb)

awe, monopolize, rein in.

cool (verb)

calm, calm down, chill, dampen, reduce.

curb (verb)

abstain, bit, box in, clog, cook, cool off, impede, refrain, Entrammel, bring to screeching halt, keep tight rein on.

dam (verb)

barricade, brake, close, slow, stop up.

dampen (verb)

cloud, dash, deaden, deject, depress, diminish, dismay, dispirit, dull, muffle, mute.

decrease (verb)

abate, crumble, cut down, decay, decline, degenerate, depreciate, deteriorate, devaluate, die down, droop, dry up, dwindle, ebb, evaporate, fade, fall off, lighten, lower, modify, narrow down, peter out, run low, shrivel, sink, slack off, slash, slow down, slump, subside, wane, waste, weaken, wear away, wear down, wither, drop off, lose edge, tail off.

defuse (verb)

alleviate, cripple, deactivate, demilitarize, disable, mollify, pad.

deny (verb)

abjure, abnegate, begrudge, contradict, contravene, controvert, disavow, disbelieve, discard, disclaim, discredit, disown, disprove, doubt, eschew, forgo, forsake, gainsay, negate, negative, nullify, oppose, rebuff, rebut, recant, refute, repudiate, revoke, sacrifice, spurn, taboo, turn down, turn thumbs down, veto, Disacknowledge, not buy, take exception to, enjoin from, say no to.

detain (verb)

apprehend, bog down, buttonhole, decelerate, mire, reserve, slow up, hang up, set back.

deter (verb)

avert, caution, damp, daunt, dissuade, divert, forestall, frighten, intimidate, obviate, scare, stave off, talk out of, turn off, Disadvise, Forfend, throw cold water on, act like a wet blanket, put a damper on.

enjoin (verb)

place injunction on.

enslave (verb)

deprive, disenfranchise, disfranchise, enthrall, secure, subject, subjugate, put in irons, get hooks into, keep under thumb.

fetter (verb)

cuff, encumber, hamstring, hold captive, drag feet, put straitjacket on, throw monkey wrench in.

fight back (verb)

fight off.

fight back/fight off (verb)

fend off, repel, reply, repulse, resist, retaliate, ward off, beat off, hold at bay, keep at bay, put up fight.

foil (verb)

baffle, balk, beat, bilk, bollix, buffalo, checkmate, counter, crab, defeat, disappoint, disconcert, ditch, dodge, duck, elude, faze, get around, outwit, rattle, shake, shake off, skip, stymie, thwart, Juke, foul up, shuffle off, run circles around, give the run-around, give the slip, run rings around, upset the apple cart.

forbear (verb)

avoid, cease, desist, escape, evade, omit, pause, shun, go easy, keep from.

forbid (verb)

cancel, censor, embargo, nix, spike, declare illegal, say no.

gag (verb)

cork up, demur, garrote, shy, squash, stumble, throttle, tape up, tongue-tie, keep the lid on.

govern (verb)

decide, dispose, handle, incline, predispose, shepherd, steer, underlie, get the better of, directionalize.

hamper (verb)

cumber, drag one's feet, embarrass, entangle, foil, inconvenience, interfere with, cramp one's style, get in the way, tie one's hands.

hold (verb)

carry, catch, cherish, clasp, cleave, clinch, cling, clutch, cradle, embrace, enjoy, grip, hang on, have, hug, maintain, nourish, occupy, own, palm, possess, press, retain, seize, stay put, take, vise, wring, fondle, freeze to, keep close, not let go, put a lock on.

hold back/hold off (verb)


immobilize (verb)

idle, bring to a screeching halt.

impede (verb)

close off, dam, discomfit, disrupt, shut off, stonewall, cut off, saddle with, blow whistle on, flag one.

imprison (verb)

bastille, closet, commit, lock in, occlude, put behind bars, rail in, remand, stockade, take prisoner, keep in custody, send to prison, hold hostage, hold in custody, keep captive.

incarcerate (verb)

book, railroad, slough, take away, send up the river, put under lock and key, throw book at.

inhibit (verb)

keep in, sandbag, ward, put on brakes.

leash (verb)


limit (verb)

assign, cap, draw the line, ration, specify.

localize (verb)

center, pinpoint, stop from spreading.

modify (verb)

decrease, qualify, remit, tone down.

modulate (verb)

attune, balance, fine-tune, inflect, revamp, switch, tone, transmogrify, tune, tweak, vary.

monopolize (verb)

absorb, acquire, bogart, consume, copyright, devour, employ, engross, hog, keep to oneself, patent, syndicate, use, utilize, take up, sew up, corner the market, own exclusively, exercise control.

muzzle (verb)

dummy up, hush, quieten, shush, silence, crack down on, clamp down on.

obligate (verb)

Astrict, Indebt, make indebted.

obstruct (verb)

congest, fill, hide, mask, obscure, plug, shield, stopper, weigh down, monkey with.

obviate (verb)

anticipate, counteract, do away with, interpose, intervene, remove.

peter (verb)

drain, rebate, taper, tail away.

pin (verb)

affix, hold fast, immobilize, join.

play down (verb)

belittle, gloss over, minimize, underplay, underrate, make light of, deemphasize, make little of, soft-pedal.

preclude (verb)

quit, put a stop to, make impracticable.

prevent (verb)

head off, intercept, turn aside, put an end to, nip in the bud, defend against.

prohibit (verb)

gridlock, pass on, zing, put down, jam up, put a stopper in, put chill on.

qualify (verb)

adapt, alter, change.

refrain (verb)

give up, leave off, pass, pass up, renounce, sit out, take the pledge, not do, be temperate, go on the wagon, take the cure.

repress (verb)

bottle, chasten, crush, lock, overcome, overpower, quash, swallow, keep under wraps, quelch.

restrain (verb)

arrest, bind, bottle up, box up, bridle, chain, check, choke back, circumscribe, confine, constrain, contain, control, cool, cork, crack down, curb, curtail, debar, delimit, detain, deter, direct, fetter, gag, govern, guide, hamper, handicap, harness, hem in, hinder, hold, impound, imprison, inhibit, jail, keep, keep down, keep in line, limit, lock up, manacle, muzzle, pinion, prevent, proscribe, pull back, repress, restrict, stay, subdue, suppress, tie down, tie up, hogtie, sit on, kill.

restrict (verb)

inclose, come down on, demark, keep within bounds, keep within limits.

retain (verb)

bear in mind, cling to, grasp, husband, memorize, mind, preserve, recall, recognize, recollect, remember, reminisce, retrospect, save, hand onto, keep in mind, keep possession.

ride (verb)

cruise, drift, float, go, go with, hitchhike, journey, motor, move, post, progress, roll, sit, tool around, tour, travel, thumb a ride, be supported, hitch a ride.

rule (verb)

command, decree, hold sway, overrule, preponderate, preside, rule the roost, be in power, crack the whip, be in authority, be in driver's seat, hold the reins, keep under one's thumb, run the show, sit on top of.

smother (verb)

asphyxiate, douse, heap, hush up, inundate, overwhelm, quench, shower, shroud, snuff, stamp out, suffocate.

stem (verb)

withstand, bring to a standstill.

stint (verb)

cut corners, grudge, penny-pinch, scrape, scrimp, spare, squirrel, stash, make ends meet, sock away, roll back, be stingy, be frugal, be sparing, be parsimonious, go easy on, save for rainy day, skimp on, tighten belt.

stop (verb)

break, choke off, seal, staunch, stem, throw over.

strangle (verb)


subdue (verb)

bear down, beat down, extinguish, gentle, mellow, overrun, trample, vanquish, break in, triumph over, get the upper hand, get under control.

tame (verb)

domesticize, domiciliate, housebreak, train, water down, house-train, break the spirit, bring to heel.

temper (verb)

admix, chill out, dilute, palliate, relieve, take the edge off, cool out, make reasonable, monkey around with, take the bite out of, take the sting out of, fine tune.

tether (verb)

batten, picket.

thwart (verb)

confuse, cross, louse up, match, pit, play off, ruin, scotch, skin, snafu, take down, upset, queer, double-cross, take wind out of, upset one's apple cart.

tone down (verb)

darken, deepen, dim, play down, shade, sober.

withhold (verb)

clam up, deduct, hold out, hold out on, keep under one's hat, stop oneself.

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