Pronunciation of Re-Ached
/ɹˌiːˈe͡ɪkt/, /ɹˌiːˈe‍ɪkt/, /ɹ_ˌiː__ˈeɪ_k_t/

Antonyms for re-ached

disallow, commence, divide, smooth, differ, concentrate, curtail, take back, help, go up, compress, scatter, dawdle, confuse, cut, disorder, remain, distribute, mix up, refute, retain, cower, conceal, disagree, close, give, continue, retrogress, surrender, change, overthrow, disunite, reject, disturb, open, straighten, pass, wait, diminish, veto, let off, disperse, disjoin, break, miss, lessen, complete, hinder, disorganize, uncover, bottle up, yield, deny, condense, diverge, restrict, free, demote, forget, be willing, disenchant, mismanage, get, repulse, invent, decelerate, incomplete, refrain, abstain, recede, quit, confine, estimate, not touch, dissuade, block, live, give up, market, forfeited, repel, introduce, neglect, rest, forfeit, injure, avoid, disproportion, withdraw, shrivel, finish, be quiet, move, lower, assist, exclude, disconnect, weaken, push, land, fail, contract, begin, leave alone, guess, add, be absent, endanger, please, question, let go, depart, ruin, limit, lay out, unwrap, halt, gather, waste, face, rush, raze, narrow, unseal, unmatch, plant, throw away, even, dodge, manhandle, detach, exit, unfasten, calculate, Unlink, sacrifice, be direct, obey, keep quiet, decline, play fair, advance, overtake, disprove, reduce, delay, refuse, shorten, measure, disappointed, detain, stop, rise, aid, destroy, shrink, deflate, nullify, spend, subtract, squander, mismatch, backfire, raise, abandon, corrupt, secrete, take, go direct, accept, desert, retreat, mystify, crush, renounce, misconstrue, be upright, languish, disregard, condemn, resign, unfinished, walk, eat out, listen, unfulfilled, prevent, hide, imprison, understand, doubt, start, Unfix, stay, fall behind, ignore, disarrange, misconceive, disappear, obscure, wind, be immune, reveal, discourage, forsake, stand, go, keep, abbreviate, end, confront, hurt, complicate, be honest, tangle, cease, stay on ground, unsettle, desist, twist, offer, slow, shy away, discontinue, give in, get out, misunderstand, unsatisfied, lay bare, increase, cancel, exhaust, sell, withhold, serve, bear, harm, take away, use, abridge, separate, worsen, relinquish, mend, collect, drop, receive, create, circumscribe, cover, release, be born, deprived, tap, hold, wonder, soothe, repress, imbalance, look away, go away, distance, lost, leave, not finish, misplace, suppress, decrease, pass up, liberate, vary, level, maintain, run, loose, ascend, calm, lose.

Synonyms for re-ached

acquired (adjective)

collected, earned, gathered, learned, secured, seized, won, Captured, Gained.

fulfilled (adjective)

accomplished, actualized, attained, brought about, concluded, consummated, crowned, delighted, dispatched, effected, executed, finished, gratified, matured, perfected, pleased, realized, satisfied, Achieved, Effectuated, Obtained, Performed, Reached, Compassed, carried out, brought to a close, made good, put into effect.

accomplish (verb)

bring about, bring off, carry out, conclude, consummate, do justice, effect, finish, fulfill, manage, perform, produce, reach, make hay, pull off, DO, sew up, take care of, do a bang-up job, do one proud, do the trick, get someplace, get there, nail it, put it over.

achieve (verb)

acquire, actualize, cap, carry through, close, complete, deliver, discharge, dispatch, earn, effectuate, enact, execute, negotiate, obtain, perfect, procure, resolve, seal, settle, sign, solve, work out, wind up, see through, follow through, bring to pass, get done, earn wings.

amount (verb)

aggregate, approximate, become, correspond, extend, grow, match, mean, number, purport, rival, sum, tally, total, check with, be tantamount to, be equivalent to, develop into.

approach (verb)

advance, bear, border, buzz, catch up, close in, come close, converge, creep up, draw near, impend, meet, move in on, near, progress, resemble, surround, take after, threaten, correspond to, go toward, compare with, move toward, be comparable to, be like, belly up to, loom up, verge upon.

approximate (verb)

border on, come near, estimate, verge on.

arrive (verb)

access, alight, appear, barge in, bob up, disembark, dismount, drop anchor, drop in, fall in, pop in, pop up, report, take place, visit, pull in, blow in, breeze in, bust in, fall by, punch the clock, sky in.

attain (verb)

accede to, come through, cop, promote, reap, secure, snag, succeed, unzip, latch onto, glom onto, get fat, get hands on.

bridge (verb)

arch over, attach, bind, branch, couple, cross, go over, link, subtend, traverse, unite, cross over.

buy (verb)

corrupt, fix, have, lubricate, oil palm, ransom, redeem, sop, square, suborn, tamper, grease palm.

catch (verb)

board, climb on, come upon, go after, grab, hop on, jump, overhaul, ram, take, run down, cotch.

come (verb)

burst, flare, happen, materialize, occur, originate, punch in, turn out, be ready, be accessible, be at disposal, be convenient, be handy, be obtainable, spring in.

come in (verb)

immigrate, intrude, cross threshold, pass in, set foot in.

come up to (verb)

measure up to, rank with, bear comparison with, admit of comparison with, get near, stand comparison with.

communicate (verb)

answer, cable, chat, confabulate, confer, converse, discourse, drop a line, reply, talk, telephone, wire, write, hear from, associate with, be close to, be in touch, be near, commune with, drop a note, establish contact, get on the horn, give a call, give a ring, have confidence of.

contact (verb)

call, connect, interact, interface, network, phone, reach out, relate, touch base, speak to, get in touch with, be in touch with, get ahold of, write to.

continue (verb)

abide, draw out, endure, hang in, keep on, keep up, last, lengthen, linger, live on, loiter, make headway, outlast, outlive, persevere, persist in, press on, project, prolong, pursue, push on, remain, rest, ride, stay, stay on, stick to, survive, sustain, uphold, Perdure, run on, carry forward, keep at, forge ahead, stick at, get on with it, keep on truckin', keep the ball rolling, move ahead, never cease.

cover (verb)

comprehend, comprise, consider, embody, embrace, examine, incorporate, involve, provide for, suffice, survey, deal with, refer to, be enough, take account of.

derive (verb)

assume, collect, determine, develop, draw, educe, elaborate, elicit, evolve, excogitate, extract, follow, formulate, gather, glean, infer, judge, make out, put together, receive, trace.

develop (verb)

account for, disclose, disentangle, exhibit, explain, explicate, foretell, form, recount, state, uncoil, uncover, unfurl, unravel, unroll, untwist, unwind.

dip (verb)

bend, decline, disappear, droop, drop down, fade, go down, incline, plummet, plunge, recede, sag, set, sheer, skew, skid, slip, slope, slue, slump, spiral, subside, swoop, tilt, tumble, veer, verge, slant, nose-dive.

equal (verb)

agree, balance, break even, compare, coordinate, emulate, equalize, equate, equipoise, level, live up to, measure up, parallel, tie, Equiponderate, consist of, partake of, rise to, square with, be commensurate, be identical, keep pace with, be level, be tantamount, run abreast.

fix (verb)

bribe, buy, buy off, fiddle, maneuver, pull strings, tamper with.

fly (verb)

aviate, barnstorm, circle, circumnavigate, climb, control, dart, dash, dive, drift, flat-hat, fleet, flit, float, flutter, glide, hop, hover, hurry, jet, mount, operate, pilot, rush, sail, scud, seagull, skim, skirt, soar, speed, take a hop, take flight, travel, whisk, whiz, whoosh, wing, zip, zoom, take off, bend the throttle, jet out, jet over, remain aloft, sky out, take wing, wing in.

gain (verb)

ameliorate, annex, augment, benefit, boost, bring in, build up, capture, clear, enlarge, enlist, expand, harvest, improve, increase, net, parlay, profit, win over, pick up, make a killing, move forward.

get at (verb)

ascertain, gain access.

get in (verb)

embark, include, insert, interpose, penetrate, gain ingress, get inside.

go (verb)

cover, fit, range, run, vary, give access.

hit (verb)

overwhelm, leave a mark.

join (verb)

abut, adjoin, bound, butt, communicate, conjoin, fringe, hem, line, march, neighbor, rim, be adjacent to, be at hand, be contiguous to, lie beside, lie near, lie next to, open into, trench on.

lengthen (verb)

amplify, continue, dilate, distend, drag out, elongate, let out, pad, proceed, protract, spin out, stretch, string out, Prolongate, make longer.

lie (verb)

be, be on, belong, beset, exist, occupy, prevail, be seated, be even, be beside, be buried, be established, be fixed, be found, be interred, be located, be placed, be smooth, have its seat in.

make (verb)

catch, head, set out, strike out, light out, break for, arrive in time.

meet (verb)

adhere, coincide, intersect, link up.

obtain (verb)

chalk up, come by, compass, corral, drum up, fetch, get at, gobble up, hoard, inherit, invade, nab, pocket, purchase, recover, retrieve, salvage, save, scrape up, wangle, lay up, make use of, scrape together, beg borrow or steal, get one's hands on.

outstretch (verb)


overtake (verb)

beat, befall, better, catch up with, engulf, leave behind, outdistance, outdo, outstrip, get past, take by surprise.

pass (verb)

come off, come up, convey, crawl, cruise, depart, drag, exchange, fall out, fare, flow, fly, fly by, get ahead, give, glide by, go past, hand over, hie, journey, kick, lapse, leave, pass away, pass by, relinquish, repair, rise, roll, run by, run out, send, slip away, throw, transmit, transpire, wend, come to pass, blow past, let have.

prolongate (verb)


range (verb)

circumambulate, differ, explore, fluctuate, gallivant, globe-trot, meander, pass over, ply, prowl, ramble, reconnoiter, rove, scour, search, straggle, stray, stroll, sweep, traipse, trek, tramp, hit the road, diverge from, follow one's nose, hit the trail, make circuit, vary between.

reach (verb)

accomplish, achieve, affect, approach, arrive, arrive at, attain, buck, clock in, come, come to, come up to, contact, drop, encompass, end, enter, equal, extend to, fall, feel for, gain, get, get hold of, get in, get in touch, get through, get to, go, go on, go to, grasp, hand, hold out, influence, join, land, lead, lunge, maintain, make, make it, move, overtake, pass, put out, rack up, realize, score, seize, shake hands, shoot, show, show up, sign in, sink, span, spread, stand, strain, strike, sway, touch, turn up, win, roll in, HIT, amount to, come at, hit town, ring in, gain on, pass along, carry to, catch up to, climb to, continue to, get a hold of, get as far as, go as far as, keep in contact, keep in touch, make the scene, roll on, wind up at, check in, make contact with.

realize (verb)

go for, take in, sell for, make a profit.

regain (verb)

get well, recapture, reclaim, recoup, recruit, repossess, retake, take back, win back, Reattain, return to, make well, reacquire, get out from under, reach again.

report (verb)

be present.

run (verb)

circulate, lie, trail, go around, be current, move past.

sail (verb)

boat, captain, cast anchor, motor, navigate, skipper, steer, tack, voyage, weigh anchor, Skirr, cast off, set sail, get under way, put to sea.

score (verb)

amass, flourish, impress, luck out, notch, prosper, put over, take the cake, thrive, triumph, make an impression, gain advantage, hit pay dirt, make the grade.

shoot (verb)

boil, bolt, charge, chase, flash, fling, gallop, hotfoot, hurtle, lash, race, scoot, spring, spurt, streak, tear.

show (verb)

assert, clarify, demonstrate, discover, display, divulge, elucidate, emerge, establish, evidence, evince, illustrate, indicate, instruct, lay out, loom, manifest, mark, note, point, present, proclaim, prove, register, reveal, teach, unveil, Ostend, make known, be visible, put in appearance, show one's face, testify to.

show up (verb)

stand out, be conspicuous, make an appearance.

span (verb)

arch, bridge, ford, go across, vault.

spread (verb)

arrange, array, bloat, broaden, cast, coat, daub, diffuse, disperse, diverge, escalate, even out, flatten, gloss, lay, multiply, mushroom, open, overlay, paint, pervade, prepare, proliferate, radiate, roll out, smear, sprawl, spray, strew, suffuse, swell, unfold, widen, Outstretch, branch off, be displayed, be distributed.

stretch (verb)

branch out, burst forth, crane, fill, inflate, magnify, overlap, pull, pull out, pyramid, rack, recline, repose, shoot up, spring up, tauten, tighten, lie out, make taut, make tense, spread out.

strike (verb)

carry, chance upon, come across, come to mind, dig up, encounter, happen upon, inspire, light upon, look, open up, seem, unearth, dawn on, lay bare, occur to, stumble across, hit upon, be plausible, have semblance.

take (verb)

abduct, accept, arrest, carry off, clasp, clutch, collar, ensnare, entrap, gather up, grip, handle, hold, prehend, take hold of, lay hold of, carve out, haul in, snatch, gain possession.

tamper (verb)

manipulate, rig.

total (verb)

add, calculate, figure, foot, pile up, reckon, ring up, run into, stack up, sum up, summate, totalize, tote, yield, result in, run to, mount up to.

touch (verb)

brush, butt on, caress, come together, dab, feel, finger, frisk, glance, graze, grope, inspect, kiss, lick, massage, osculate, palm, partake, pat, paw, percuss, pet, probe, push, rub, scrutinize, sip, smooth, tag, tap, taste, thumb, tickle, tip, toy, palpate, feel up, fondle, stroke, suck, be in contact, impinge upon, lay a finger on.

turn up (verb)

attend, come in, weigh in, put in an appearance.

win (verb)

bag, derive, come away with.