Pronunciation of Re-Assured
/ɹˌiːəʃjˈʊ͡əd/, /ɹˌiːəʃjˈʊ‍əd/, /ɹ_ˌiː__ə_ʃ_j_ˈʊə_d/

Synonyms for re-assured:

encouraged (adjective)

aided, animated, enlivened, fearless, inspired, optimistic, renewed, supported, Cheered, Roused.

hopeful (adjective)

anticipative, assured, at ease, blithe, buoyant, calm, cheerful, comfortable, confident, content, eager, elated, emboldened, enthusiastic, faithful, forward-looking, high, lighthearted, reassured, rose-colored, rosy, sanguine, satisfied, serene, trustful, trusting, unflagging, upbeat, Anticipating, Expecting, Hoping, Inspirited, keeping the faith, looking forward to.

relieved (adjective)

alleviated, comforted, reconciled, relaxed, Allayed, Cared, Mollified, Pacified, Placated, Consoled, Solaced, Soothed, appeased, for.

secure (adjective)

able, absolute, balanced, carefree, cinch, conclusive, determined, easy, established, firm, hopeful, reliable, resolute, self-assured, self-confident, settled, shoo-in, solid, sound, stable, steadfast, steady, strong, sure, sure thing, tried and true, well-founded, Undoubtful, on ice, locked on, nailed down, unanxious, in the bag.

assure (verb)

bag, bet on, persuade, reassure, satisfy, sell, soothe, sell on.

certify (verb)

accredit, approve, ascertain, attest, authenticate, authorize, aver, avow, commission, confirm, corroborate, endorse, license, notify, okay, profess, sanction, show, state, swear, testify, validate, verify, vouch, witness, rubber-stamp.

comfort (verb)

abate, aid, allay, alleviate, ameliorate, assist, assuage, buck up, compose, condole, delight, divert, ease, enliven, free, gladden, help, invigorate, mitigate, nourish, reanimate, refresh, remedy, revitalize, revive, salve, soften, solace, strengthen, succor, support, sustain, sympathize, uphold, upraise, make well, stroke, commiserate with, grant respite, lighten burden, put at ease, quiet fears.

embolden (verb)

boost, energize, exhilarate, goad, push, rally, spur, stir, sway, Enhearten, give courage, psyche up, give pep talk.

encourage (verb)

abet, advance, advocate, animate, applaud, back, back up, befriend, brighten, cheer up, countenance, develop, egg on, embolden, excite, favor, fortify, forward, foster, further, galvanize, get behind, go for, improve, incite, instigate, invite, praise, prevail, promote, prop up, psych up, reinforce, restore, revivify, rouse, second, serve, steel, subscribe to, subsidize, side with, root for, prick, pat on the back, give a leg up, give shot in arm, pull for, smile upon.

guarantee (verb)

affirm, angel, answer for, bankroll, certify, cosign, ensure, evidence, evince, grubstake, guaranty, insure, juice, maintain, make sure, mortgage, protect, prove, secure, stake, wager, warrant, stand behind, stand up for, sign for, make certain, vouch for, be surety for, bind oneself, give bond, make bail, pick up the check, pick up the tab.

hearten (verb)

arouse, stimulate.

inspire (verb)

affect, carry, cause, commove, elate, endue, enkindle, exalt, fire up, get, imbue, impress, infect, inflame, influence, inform, infuse, instill, motivate, occasion, produce, provoke, quicken, set up, spark, strike, touch, trigger, urge, work up, give rise to, be responsible for, give impetus, give one an idea, start off.

reassure (verb)

assure, bolster, brace, buoy, cheer, comfort, console, convince, encourage, guarantee, hearten, inspire, inspirit, perk up, relieve, pick up, give confidence, give a lift, put one's mind to rest, snap one out of it.

satisfy (verb)

accomplish, appease, avail, come up to, complete, conform to, equip, fill, fulfill, furnish, get by, induce, inveigle, make good, meet, observe, perform, provide, qualify, quiet, score, suffice, tide over, win over, DO, comply with, pass muster, serve the purpose, be adequate, be enough, be sufficient, dispel doubt, keep promise, put mind at ease, make the grade.

settle (verb)

becalm, lull, pacify, quell, quieten, relax, sedate, still, tranquilize.

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