Pronunciation of Re-Calls
/ɹˌiːkˈɔːlz/, /ɹˌiːkˈɔːlz/, /ɹ_ˌiː_k_ˈɔː_l_z/

Antonyms for re-calls

destroy, demote, repeat, affirm, validate, uphold, misinterpret, arrival, lose, schedule, forfeit, descend, hold, save, construct, liberate, arrange, ratify, agreement, recapitulate, repress, stay, fire, abuse, claim, give birth, ruin, deaden, decline, forgetfulness, reverse, secure, dismiss, dispossess, enforce, meet, separate, exclude, revive, quell, give, go forward, halt, receive, spend, hide, go back to, impose, engage, sanction, disbelief, ignorance, hurt, remainder, injure, insert, reaffirmation, relapse, stop, hire, excogitate, antique, go ahead, be ignorant, scatter, disobey, divide, include, withhold, need, reserve, conceal, institute, begin, amnesia, free, be original, revert, allowance, want, confirmation, neglect, admit, revalidate, drop, restoration, enactment, harm, encourage, validation, continue, oppose, build, set up, agree, deny, desert, entrance, repudiation, decrease, help, permit, advance, remain, penalty, welcome, corroborate, arrangement, pass up, enact, disclaimer, imbalance, acknowledge, suppress, denial, reaffirm, miss, send away, not have, start, weaken, forge, disperse, cancel, legalize, approve, approval, accept, abandon, authorize, let go, assist, tip, confirm, deterioration, overlook, aid, release, DO, disapprove, retention, fix, keep, lower, refuse, ignore, coming, maintain, offer, allow, disagreement, unfasten, establish, disbelieve, misunderstand, establishment, waste, create, restore, corroboration, answer, lack, reply, dishonor, permission, endanger, differ, dispirit, preserve, appoint, emphasize, praise, relinquish, pass, forgotten, silence, forethought, forget, damage, disregard, retain, stifle, depress, prevent, employ, calm, kill, refusal, support, leave alone, set down, break.