Pronunciation of Re-Lax
/ɹˌiːlˈaks/, /ɹˌiːlˈaks/, /ɹ_ˌiː_l_ˈa_k_s/

Antonyms for re-lax

disallow, keep, tense, magnify, blame, approve, exasperate, repulse, deny, improve, heal, let go, displease, disapprove, excite, please, vex, disturb, carry out, incriminate, entangle, depress, retain, clean, slow, forget, give, stretch, grow, keep to, disregard, withhold, scatter, condense, descend, link, turn up, confuse, repel, arouse, distract, anger, release, forward, harm, disarrange, agree, enlarge, rouse, intensify, turn off, invigorate, hinder, not use, stay, dissuade, condemn, facilitate, veto, be direct, censure, raise, strengthen, win, energize, extend, hurry, be active, face, carry on, develop, accuse, straighten, animate, engage, work hard, further, confine, worry, darken, block, dispirit, tire, purify, permit, restrict, cancel, heighten, join, disperse, restrain, detain, leave alone, solidify, activate, mend, destroy, fix, halt, build up, move, go, incarcerate, start, cover, hook, depart, counter, provoke, ascend, build, prevent, begin, check, disagree, annoy, lengthen, impose, ruin, restore, couple, hide, put together, soothe, set down, unsettle, perplex, imprison, worsen, punish, delay, lower, tighten, compliment, withdraw, enable, assert, rise, sentence, bore, refuse, allow, incite, praise, cease, rise above, discourage, offend, achieve, increase, disappoint, refrain, enliven, hustle, refresh, stop, hold up, turn away, agitate, walk, take, encourage, stir up, make difficult, mix up, fasten, help, assuage, oppose, disorganize, distress, sit up straight, hitch, stagnate, upset, defend, expand, bind, aggravate, drop, prolong, hold, neglect, injure, push, run, stand, rush, trouble, conceal, labor, weaken, bring down, button, DO, ruffle, freeze, stiffen, leave, liberate, maintain, frustrate, waken, disquiet, pain, receive, coagulate, continue, wake, make mad, reject, assist, aid, forge, meet, outrage, combine, succeed, withstand, cure, demote, ignore, hurt, enhance, give birth, burden, charge, finish, free, connect, irritate, attach, unite, advance, impede, accelerate, expedite, limit, inflame, fight.