Pronunciation of Re-Pairing
/ɹˌiːpˈe͡əɹɪŋ/, /ɹˌiːpˈe‍əɹɪŋ/, /ɹ_ˌiː_p_ˈeə_ɹ_ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for re-pairing:

fall behind, punish, hurtful, discard, discontinue, give, rush, disjoin, depart, be direct, kill, continue, pet, loosen, enter, divide, deny, wait, lose, request, derange, blunder, detach, offer, mar, blemish, tire, injure, surrender, Unsuit, refuse, uglify, subtract, desert, retrogress, clean, damage, leave, dull, trouble, forfeit, antique, finish, diminish, deprive, disarrange, dirty, dodge, stay, reduce, depress, disturb, weaken, indulge, bore, ignore, permit, cease, mismatch, give up, disconnect, fine, Unknit, mistake, corrupt, harmful, reject, blow, mislay, lessen, coddle, squander, dispirit, stagnate, allow, yield, be willing, spoil, hinder, leave alone, pay, break, receive, dissuade, release, get sick, forget, retreat, wane, avoid, destroy, waver, injurious, discourage, deteriorate, halt, penalize, let go, accept, demolish, validate, disperse, lower, hold, impair, scatter, neglect, rend, harm, worsen, upset, dismiss, sadden, hold back, ruin, come, debase, grow, condemn, obstruct, meet, stop, return, deface, maintain, relinquish, shun, disorder, work, face, untie, unfit, raze, goof, misuse, keep, tangle, unfasten, worry, fail, defile, deaden, cancel, unsettle, decrease, dishearten, dislike, increase, ask, drop, support, pamper, take, disagree, wreck, get, damaging, use, endanger, confuse, abstain, aggravate, make well, be permissive, approve, intensify, calm, live, waste, separate, shorten, block, arrive, decline, create, be born, remain, hurt, wrong, purify, disorganize, move, tear, loose, miss, enervate, veto, agitate, suppress, abandon, annoy.

Synonyms for re-pairing:

improving (adjective)

bettering, convalescent, developing, Elaborating, remodeling.

remedial (adjective)

alleviative, antidotal, antiseptic, corrective, curative, healthful, invigorating, medicinal, purifying, recuperative, reformative, sanative, solving, soothing, therapeutic, tonic, wholesome, Medicating, Remedying, Sanatory, Treating, Vulnerary, curing, restitutive, health-giving.

adjustment (noun)

acclimation, acclimatization, alteration, arrangement, balancing, conformance, fitting, fixing, improvement, mending, modification, ordering, organization, orientation, readjustment, regulating, regulation, setting, shaping, standardization, turning, Organizing, Repairing, Correcting.

fixing (noun)

adjustment, arranging, Adapting, Adjusting.

mending (noun)

ameliorating, helping, rebuilding, refreshing, renewing, renovation, repair, restoration, reviving, Enhancing, Freshening, Rectifying, Relieving, Tinkering, renovating, patching up.

adjust (verb)

align, balance, calibrate, connect, fine-tune, fit, fix, focus, grind, polish, readjust, regulate, service, set, sharpen, tighten, tune up, troubleshoot, bring into line, improve accommodate, put in working order.

amend (verb)

alter, ameliorate, better, change, elevate, enhance, help, lift, modify, raise, revise, pay one's dues.

atone (verb)

absolve, answer, apologize, appease, counterbalance, expiate, offset, outweigh, pay, propitiate, recompense, reconcile, redeem, set off, make amends, do penance, make redress, make reparation, take one's medicine.

compensate (verb)

abrogate, annul, cancel out, counteract, counterpoise, countervail, invalidate, negate, negative, neutralize, nullify, atone for.

correct (verb)

amend, clean up, cure, edit, fix up, go over, launder, make over, reclaim, reconstruct, remodel, reorganize, retouch, review, scrub, straighten out, turn around, upgrade, pick up, shape up, do over, set straight, set right, clean up act, get with it, make right, pay dues.

cruise (verb)

boat, coast, drift, gad, gallivant, jaunt, meander, navigate, voyage, keep steady pace, wander about.

cure (verb)

alleviate, attend, cold turkey, dose, dress, dry out, kick, medicate, nurse, palliate, rehabilitate, relieve, restore, shake, treat, minister to, make better, make whole, kick the habit, make healthy, quit cold, restore to health, sweat it out.

debug (verb)

adjust, iron out, sort out, unravel, unscramble, untangle, remove errors, work the bugs out of.

doctor (verb)

administer, supply, apply medication, give treatment.

do up (verb)

clean, enclose, finish, package, wash, wrap, gift-wrap.

fix up (verb)

deck, dress up, furnish, gussy up, primp, provide, spiff, spruce up, Smarten.

go (verb)

abscond, approach, bug out, cruise, decamp, depart, escape, exit, flee, fly, get away, get going, get off, hightail, lam, leave, make for, mosey, move out, near, progress, pull out, quit, retire, run along, run away, shove off, split, take a powder, take flight, take leave, vamoose, take off, light out, push off, skip out, beat it, hit the road, take a hike, get lost, make one's way, make a break for it.

haunt (verb)

affect, frequent, habituate, hang around, hang out, infest, visit, hang about, tarry at.

heal (verb)

bring around, compose, conciliate, convalesce, free, get well, harmonize, knit, meliorate, physic, reanimate, regenerate, resuscitate, revivify, salve, soothe, make well, make sound, put on feet again.

journey (verb)

circuit, hop, jet, junket, knock about, peregrinate, ramble, range, roam, rove, safari, tour, traverse, trek, wander, globe trot, go places, take a trip.

knit (verb)

affiliate, affix, ally, bind, cable, contract, crochet, fasten, interlace, intermingle, join, link, loop, net, purl, secure, spin, tie, unite, weave, web.

maintain (verb)

advance, carry on, conserve, continue, control, cultivate, finance, guard, keep, keep going, look after, manage, nurture, perpetuate, persevere, preserve, prolong, protect, retain, save, support, sustain, uphold, take care of, go on with.

mend (verb)

aid, condition, gain, look up, perk up, ready, recuperate, refit, get better.

modify (verb)

adapt, become, convert, customize, mutate, recast, redo, refashion, reshape, rework, switch over, transfigure, transform, transmogrify, transmute, turn the tables, tweak, vary, shift gears, turn one around, turn over new leaf, turn the corner.

overhaul (verb)

check, examine, inspect, modernize, reexamine, survey, give facelift.

pass (verb)

befall, catch, come off, come up, crawl, cross, develop, drag, fall out, flow, fly by, get ahead, give, glide, glide by, go past, happen, lapse, linger, occur, pass away, pass by, reach, rise, roll, run by, run out, slip away, take place, transpire, come to pass, blow past.

patch (verb)

cobble, cover, reinforce.

peregrinate (verb)


piece (verb)

assemble, combine, create, make.

proceed (verb)

get, get on with, go on, march, move on, press on, set in motion, go ahead, get under way, make a start.

push off (verb)


push off/push on (verb)

go away, launch, start, make progress, make oneself scarce.

re-create (verb)

furbish, give a new look to.

reclaim (verb)

domesticate, restitute, tame, train.

recondition (verb)


reconstruct (verb)

copy, deduce, reassemble, reconstitute, recreate, reestablish, remake, remold, reorient, replace, reproduce, reshuffle, retool, piece together.

recover (verb)

bring back, catch up, compensate, get back, recapture, recoup, recruit, rediscover, regain, repossess, rescue, resume, retake, salvage, take back, win back, Reoccupy, Replevin, Replevy, reacquire, obtain again.

recruit (verb)

augment, build up, call up, deliver, draft, engage, enlist, enroll, fill up, impress, induct, levy, mobilize, muster, obtain, procure, proselytize, replenish, select, sign on, sign up, strengthen, take on, win over, take in, round up, call to arms, store up, find human resources.

rectify (verb)

straighten up, dial back, recalibrate, turn things around.

redress (verb)

cancel, countercheck, ease, even out, frustrate, pay for, vindicate, make restitution.

refer (verb)

advise, commune, confer, consult, turn to, have recourse.

reform (verb)

rearrange, resolve, revolutionize, standardize, swear off, uplift, go straight, turn over a new leaf, bring up to code, change one's ways, clean up one's act.

refresh (verb)

brace, brush up, cheer, cool, enliven, exhilarate, freshen, inspirit, jog, prod, prompt, quicken, reinvigorate, revitalize, stimulate, update, vivify, breathe new life into.

refurbish (verb)

spruce, REHAB, reequip, set to rights.

remedy (verb)

assuage, mitigate, solve, square up.

remodel (verb)


renew (verb)

extend, gentrify, reaffirm, reawaken, reopen, repeat, restate, restock, Recommence, begin again, bring up to date.

renovate (verb)

cleanse, reactivate, rekindle, resurrect, DO, face-lift.

repair (verb)

apply, betake oneself, correct, darn, debug, do up, doctor, emend, fare, fiddle with, go, heal, hie, improve, journey, make good, mend, move, overhaul, pass, patch, patch up, proceed, process, push on, put right, rebuild, recondition, recover, rectify, recur, redress, refer, reform, refresh, refurbish, rejuvenate, remedy, remove, renew, renovate, resort, retread, retrieve, revamp, revive, right, run, settle, sew, square, touch up, travel, turn, wend, withdraw, head for, make up for, put in order, compensate for, give a face-lift, put back together, set off for.

resort (verb)

address, devote, direct, employ, exercise, go to, haunt, look to, try, use, utilize, take up, fall back on, make use of, refer to, put to use, benefit by, recur to, avail oneself of, bring into play.

restore (verb)

recall, reimpose, reinstate, reintroduce, Reerect.

retrieve (verb)


return (verb)

back up, bounce back, come back, double back, move back, react, reappear, rebound, recoil, reconsider, recrudesce, retreat, revert, revisit, revolve, rotate, Reenter, reoccur, come again, hark back to, circle back, go again, reel back, retrace steps.

revive (verb)

animate, arouse, awaken, brighten, bring to, come around, come to life, comfort, console, encourage, energize, enkindle, gladden, invigorate, overcome, please, rally, rouse, solace, spring up, wake up, snap out of it.

right (verb)

do justice, reward, straighten, put in place, set upright.

solder (verb)

cement, fuse.

tinker (verb)

dabble, doodle, mess, monkey, muck about, niggle, play, puddle, putter, take apart, toy, mess with, play with, trifle with.

touch up (verb)

finish off, gloss, perfect, round off, tease, make improvements, put finishing touches on.

turn (verb)

appeal, bend, favor, incline, lend, look, prefer, tend, throw, undertake, be predisposed to, turn one's energies to, turn one's hand to.

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