Pronunciation of Re-Peats
/ɹˌiːpˈiːts/, /ɹˌiːpˈiːts/, /ɹ_ˌiː_p_ˈiː_t_s/

Synonyms for re-peats:

repeat (noun)

echo, recapitulation, reiteration, repetition, replay, reproduction, rerun, reshowing.

repetition (noun)

alliteration, chorus, encore, iteration, litany, periodicity, perseveration, reappearance, recital, recurrence, redundancy, rehearsal, relation, renewal, repetitiousness, replication, restatement, rhythm, rote, staccato, tautology, Ingemination, Iterance, reoccurrence, broken record, iteracy.

replica (noun)

carbon copy, facsimile, flimsy, imitation, likeness, look-alike, miniature, reduplication, REPRO, chip off old block.

affirm (verb)

assert, asseverate, attest, aver, avouch, avow, certify, cinch, clinch, confirm, declare, guarantee, ice, insist, lock up, maintain, nail down, okay, predicate, profess, pronounce, ratify, repeat, set, state, swear, testify, vouch, witness, put on ice, cross heart, have a lock on, say so, swear on bible, swear up and down, rubber-stamp.

belabor (verb)

overwork, pound, go on about, beat a dead horse, hammer home.

belch (verb)

discharge, disgorge, emit, eruct, erupt, give off, gush, hiccup, irrupt, ventilate, vomit, Eructate.

cite (verb)

adduce, advance, allege, enumerate, evidence, excerpt, exemplify, extract, indicate, instance, lay, mention, name, number, offer, point out, present, recount, reference, remember, reminisce, specify, spell out, tell, allude to, refer to, appeal to, get down to brass tacks, give as example, illustrate with.

clone (verb)

copy, duplicate, replicate.

copy (verb)

ape, burlesque, carbon, cartoon, clone, counterfeit, delineate, depict, draw, dupe, embody, emulate, engrave, engross, epitomize, fake, follow, follow suit, forge, illustrate, incarnate, limn, manifold, mimeo, mimic, mirror, mock, model, mold, paint, paraphrase, parody, parrot, personify, phony, photocopy, photostat, picture, pirate, plagiarize, portray, prefigure, reduplicate, reflect, represent, rewrite, sculpture, sham, simulate, sketch, steal, trace, transcribe, travesty, typify, xerox, take off, knock off, DO, STAT, act like, do a take-off, do like, follow example, go like, play a role, take leaf out of book.

declare (verb)

acknowledge, advocate, affirm, announce, argue, blaze, bring forward, cite, claim, confess, contend, convey, demonstrate, disclose, enunciate, give out, inform, manifest, notify, pass, proclaim, promulgate, propound, publish, put forward, reaffirm, reassert, render, reveal, set forth, show, sound, stress, validate, allegate, asservate, be positive.

double (verb)

amplify, augment, enlarge, fold, grow, increase, loop, magnify, multiply, plait, pleat, plicate, redouble, supplement, Infold, dualize, duplify.

emphasize (verb)

accent, accentuate, articulate, bear down, charge, dramatize, dwell on, headline, highlight, impress, italicize, limelight, make a point, mark, pinpoint, play up, point up, press, punctuate, spotlight, underline, underscore, weight, HIT, insist on, make much of, rub in, make clear, labor the point, make emphatic, put accent on.

eruct (verb)

belch, burp, eject, expel, explode, hurl, spew, vent.

go over (verb)

analyze, examine, inspect, investigate, look at, peruse, practice, read, revise, scan, skim, study, thumb through, riffle through.

gossip (verb)

babble, blab, blather, blether, chat, chatter, dish, hint, imply, insinuate, intimate, jaw, prate, prattle, rattle on, report, rumor, schmoose, spread, suggest, talk, tattle, spill the beans, bad-mouth, tell secrets, tell tales, bend one's ear, cut to pieces, cut up, talk idly, wiggle-waggle.

hammer away/hammer into (verb)

continue, drive home, drudge, endeavor, grind, instruct, keep on, peg away, persevere, persist, plug away, stick to, work, try hard, try repeatedly, drub into, grind into, impress upon, pound away.

harp (verb)


imitate (verb)

affect, assume, borrow, caricature, falsify, feign, impersonate, look like, match, mime, parallel, personate, pretend, resemble, spoof, put on, send up, be like, do likewise, follow in footsteps, model after, pattern after, play a part.

insist (verb)

demand, hold, request, require, stand firm, urge, vow, Importune, lay down the law, take a stand, be firm.

iterate (verb)


multiply (verb)

accumulate, add, aggrandize, aggregate, boost, breed, build up, compound, cube, double, expand, extend, generate, heighten, mount, populate, procreate, produce, proliferate, propagate, raise, rise, square.

narrate (verb)

characterize, chronicle, descant, discourse, expatiate, spin, unfold, hold forth, make known, give an account of, tell a story.

persist (verb)

abide, endure, go on, hold on, keep up, last, leave no stone unturned, linger, obtain, perseverate, prevail, pursue, remain, strive, Perdure, follow up, see through, follow through, go all the way, stick it out, be resolute, be stubborn, go the limit, stick to guns, tough it out.

re-create (verb)

furbish, refurbish, give a new look to.

reappear (verb)


recapitulate (verb)

outline, recap, rephrase, review, reword, sum up, summarize, go over same ground, go the same round, run through again.

recite (verb)

account for, address, answer, chant, communicate, declaim, deliver, describe, detail, enact, explain, impart, interpret, itemize, perform, reel off, reply, soliloquize, speak, utter, give a report, give an account, give verbal account.

recondition (verb)


recount (verb)

narrate, track, unload, verbalize, run down, Say again, break a story, run by again, run through.

recur (verb)

come back, turn back, crop up again, come and go, be remembered, be repeated, haunt thoughts, return to mind, run through one's mind.

redo (verb)

redecorate, redesign, rethink, revamp, do over again.

redouble (verb)

enhance, reinforce, retrace.

reecho (verb)

recall, ring, second, vibrate.

reflect (verb)

cast, catch, flash, give forth, rebound, repercuss, resonate, resound, reverberate, reverse, shine, take after, throw back.

rehash (verb)

change, discuss, reuse, state differently.

rehearse (verb)

act, drill, dry run, experiment, go over, go through, hone, ready, reenact, test, train, try out, work out, warm up, tune up, walk through, do over, hold a reading, learn one's part, run lines, take from the top.

reiterate (verb)

recheck, double-check, rewarn.

renew (verb)

brace, exhilarate, fix up, freshen, gentrify, mend, modernize, overhaul, prolong, reawaken, recondition, recreate, reestablish, refit, refresh, regenerate, rehabilitate, reinvigorate, rejuvenate, remodel, renovate, reopen, repair, replace, replenish, restock, restore, resume, resuscitate, retread, revitalize, revive, spruce, stimulate, transform, Recommence, begin again, bring up to date, breathe new life into.

repeat (verb)

chime, din, ditto, hold over, imitate, ingeminate, iterate, play back, quote, reappear, recapitulate, recast, reciprocate, recite, reconstruct, recrudesce, recur, redo, refashion, reform, rehash, rehearse, reissue, reiterate, relate, remake, renew, reprise, reproduce, restate, retell, return, revert, revolve, rework, run over, reoccur, come again, make like, drum into, read back, play over, go over again, occur again, resay, reshow, sing same old song.

reproduce (verb)

mimeograph, photograph, print, relive, reprint, stereotype, type, do again, restamp.

return (verb)

back up, bounce back, double back, move back, react, recoil, reconsider, reexamine, retire, retreat, revisit, rotate, turn, Reenter, hark back to, circle back, go again, reel back, retrace steps.

say (verb)

conjecture, divulge, estimate, express, flap, gab, guess, imagine, judge, lip, opine, orate, rap, remark, respond, spiel, voice, yak, give voice, come out with, put forth, break silence, put into words.

stammer (verb)

falter, halt, hammer, hem and haw, hesitate, jabber, lurch, pause, splutter, sputter, stop, stumble, wobble.

stress (verb)

belabor, feature, spot, harp on, lay emphasis on.

tittle-tattle (verb)

noise, whisper, tell tales out of school.

trot out (verb)

brandish, bring up, display, disport, drag up, exhibit, expose, flaunt, parade, show off.

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