Pronunciation of Re-Sting
/ɹˌiːstˈɪŋ/, /ɹˌiːstˈɪŋ/, /ɹ_ˌiː_s_t_ˈɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for re-sting:

drench, noisy, cease, not like, go, grow, misplace, empty, belligerently, awaken, start, uncool, retrogress, deny, awake, help, pass, employed, urge, conscious, diligent, abbreviate, disestablish, lay, extinguish, worry, drop, hinder, ignore, loosen, take back, disorder, Unfix, shun, join, disarrange, cancel, go up, promote, invalidate, veto, leave, free, let down, irritate, stay, excited, decrease, discredit, agree, refuse, displace, troubled, ready, take away, dislodge, release, spend, hide, keep, abandon, lift, quench, dispute, forward, prepare, mount, retreat, finish, dissuade, nervous, liquefy, idle, darken, commence, industrious, disorganize, fasten, migrate, use, move, strengthen, overlook, hire, assist, energetic, stabilize, learn, secure, activate, tangle, hurry, let go, surrender, fix, lose, demolish, attentive, halt, push, put out, desist, attach, achieve, speak smoothly, divide, fail, keep on, clamorous, remove, encourage, condemn, forsake, busy, annoyed, persist, put together, carry on, stop, wait, agitate, be honest, conceal, despise, liberate, secret, dull, forge, unlock, stimulate, obey, hard-working, scatter, ascend, miss, disturb, close, excite, cause, soften, allow, quit, restart, stand, detach, gone, rough, contradict, be active, wind, active, discompose, shorten, complete, throw away, cultivated, permit, level, occupied, begin, tense, unfasten, dismantle, sit, waken, fall, take out, gather, worried, neglect, resist, angrily, take, weaken, aid, die, discourage, DO, prevent, enthusiastic, walk, working, turbulent, hold, carry out, change, increase, raze, initiate, further, disturbed, be busy, reject, leaving, disprove, intent, ruin, give up, transfer, unsettle, developed, keep quiet, twist, disregard, support, confuse, rush, hostilely, dissipate, sit up, even, poor, be upright, loud, dislike, violent, end, disperse, forget, obscure, waste, discontinue, mend, separate, go ahead, straighten, lower, used, renounce, wake, squander, lie, upset, employ, mix up, sit up straight, agitated, continue, get up, energize, open, rise, Removing, depart, destroy, advance, disallow.

Synonyms for re-sting:

asleep (adjective)

comatose, dormant, hibernating, inactive, inert, out, slumbering, snoring, somnolent, Resting, conked, out of it, in repose, out like a light, sacked out, out cold, catching some zzz's, flaked out, getting shut-eye, in dreamland, on the kip, taking forty winks.

fallow (adjective)

neglected, quiescent, uncultivated, undeveloped, unplanted, unplowed, unproductive, unseeded, untilled, unused, vacant, virgin.

idling (adjective)

drifting, lolling.

indolent (adjective)

easygoing, lackadaisical, languid, lax, lazy, lethargic, listless, shiftless, slothful, slow, sluggish, torpid, Drony, slow-going, fainéant.

occupying (adjective)

commanding, controlling, covering, holding, permeating, pervading, posted, remaining, sitting, situated, Maintaining, Obtaining, Owning, Residing, Tenanting, Possessing, Staying, assigned to, living in, taking up.

remaining (adjective)

halting, stopping, waiting, Pausing, Tarrying.

resting (adjective)

abed, asleep, at ease, at rest, comfortable, dozing, dreaming, drowsing, established, incumbent, located, lounging, lying, napping, placed, quiet, reclining, relaxing, repose, seated, set on, sleeping, static, stretched out, unwinding, Recessing, Reposing, Upon, Crashed, Snoozing, nonactive, lying down, settled on, taking a break, taking it easy, supported by.

serene (adjective)

at peace, clear, collected, composed, content, cool, dispassionate, easy, fair, halcyon, imperturbable, laid-back, limpid, patient, peaceful, pellucid, phlegmatic, placid, poised, reconciled, satisfied, sedate, self-possessed, smooth, still, stoical, tranquil, unflappable, unruffled, untroubled, cool as a cucumber.

unemployed (adjective)

at liberty, down, fired, free, jobless, leisured, loafing, out of action, out of work, underemployed, unengaged, unoccupied, Disengaged, Workless, unapplied, Unexercised, between jobs, on the dole, on the shelf, without gainful employment, closed down, on layoff, on the bench, out of a job, laid off.

peacefully (adverb)

composedly, quietly, tranquilly.

abide (verb)

anticipate, bide, expect, linger, remain, rest, sojourn, stick around, stop, tarry, wait.

base (verb)

construct, depend, derive, hinge, locate, plant, set up, station.

be (verb)

abide, act, continue, endure, go on, hold, inhabit, last, live, move, obtain, persist, prevail, subsist, survive, DO, be alive, have being, have place.

break (verb)

abandon, cut, discontinue, give up, interrupt, suspend.

calm down (verb)

cool down, go easy, restrain oneself, get hold of oneself, control oneself, keep cool, regain one's composure.

catch one's breath (verb)

recuperate, stop for a breath.

consist (verb)

be, dwell, inhere, be contained in, be expressed by, be found in.

continue (verb)

advance, draw out, extend, hang in, keep on, keep up, lengthen, live on, loiter, maintain, make headway, outlast, outlive, persevere, persist in, press on, progress, project, prolong, promote, pursue, push on, reach, ride, stay on, stick to, sustain, uphold, Perdure, run on, carry forward, keep at, forge ahead, stick at, get on with it, keep on truckin', keep the ball rolling, move ahead, never cease.

depend (verb)

hang on, hinge on, rest on, revolve around, Pend, turn on, rest with, trust to, be subject to, stand on, be connected with, be at mercy of, be based on, be conditioned, be determined by, be in control of, be in the power of, be subordinate to, hang in suspense, revolve on.

deposit (verb)

accumulate, amass, bank, collect, commit, deliver, ditch, drop, entrust, garner, hoard, install, invest, keep, lay away, park, place, plop, plunk, plunk down, precipitate, salt away, save, squirrel away, stash, store, stow, transfer, treasure, put aside, put by, sock away, stock up, give in trust.

dwell (verb)

bunk, crash, exist, flop, hang out, hole up, lodge, nest, occupy, perch, quarter, rent, room, squat, tenant, tent, keep house, hang one's hat, make one's home, pitch tent, establish oneself.

establish (verb)

ascertain, authorize, certify, circumstantiate, confirm, constitute, corroborate, decree, determine, disambiguate, discover, enact, find out, formulate, learn, legislate, make, make out, prescribe, prove, ratify, show, substantiate, validate, verify.

found (verb)

build, erect, raise, rear, root, support.

ground (verb)

acquaint, coach, discipline, fit, fix, indoctrinate, inform, initiate, instruct, introduce, prepare, prime, qualify, teach, train, tutor, Familiarize.

halt (verb)

adjourn, arrest, balk, bar, block, break off, cease, check, close down, cool it, curb, cut short, desist, deter, draw up, drop anchor, end, frustrate, hamper, hold back, impede, intermit, obstruct, punctuate, stall, stem, terminate, pull up, call it a day, bring to an end, come to an end, blow the whistle on, bring to standstill, cease fire, hold at bay, put a cork in.

hang (verb)

adhere, attach, await, beetle, bend, bow, cling, cover, dangle, deck, decorate, drape, drift, droop, fasten, flap, float, furnish, hover, impend, incline, lop, lower, nail, overhang, pin, sag, stay up, stick, swing, tack, trail, wave, be fastened, be in mid-air, be loose, be pendent, be poised, be conditional upon, be contingent on, be dependent on, be in limbo, be in suspense.

hinge (verb)

pivot, be undecided.

hinge on (verb)

depend on, re, hang upon.

kick back (verb)

calm down, catch one's breath, chill out, cool off, loosen up, mellow out, sit back, take a breather, sit around, breathe easy, collect oneself, feel at home, hang loose, make oneself at home, settle back, take a load off, put one's feet up.

lay (verb)

arrange, dispose, leave, order, organize, posit, position, set, set down, set out, spread, systematize, deposit.

lay off (verb)

halt, leave alone, leave off, quit, give a rest.

lean (verb)

bear on, cant, careen, curve, decline, deflect, dip, divert, fasten on, heel, jut, list, pitch, roll, sheer, sink, slope, tilt, tip, twist, veer, slant, cock, be off, be slanted, put weight on.

lie (verb)

couch, go to bed, retire, siesta, sleep, sprawl, turn in, be prone, be recumbent, be supine.

light (verb)

alight, arrive, come down, deplane, detrain, disembark, get down, settle down, touch down, fly down.

loll (verb)

bum, dawdle, slouch, slump, goof off.

nap (verb)

catnap, nod off, rack, drop off, catch forty winks, get some shut-eye, grab some z's, take a siesta, take a snooze.

pause (verb)

deliberate, hesitate, reflect, shake, sideline, think twice, waver, break it up, call time, come to standstill, put on hold, stop briefly.

perch (verb)

balance, land, light, sit on.

place (verb)

allocate, allot, assign, distribute, finger, peg, put, spot.

predicate (verb)

affirm, assert, aver, declare, proclaim, profess.

prop (verb)

bear up, bolster, brace, buoy, buttress, carry, shore, strengthen, truss, Underprop.

put (verb)

bring, concenter, concentrate, embed, fixate, focus, insert, plank, plank down, rivet, seat, situate.

recline (verb)

lay down, stretch.

relax (verb)

calm, simmer down, soften, tranquilize, knock off, stop work, let oneself go, take one's time.

remain (verb)

bivouac, delay, freeze, hold over, sit out, sit tight, stay put, visit, stay over, sit through, stay behind, stay in, make camp, be left, hold the fort, remain standing.

rest (verb)

base, be quiet, bottom, breathe, count, doze, dream, drowse, ease off, ease up, establish, found, ground, hang, idle, lay, laze, lean, let down, lie, lie down, loaf, loll, lounge, nap, nod, pause, predicate, prop, recline, relax, rely, reside, roost, settle, sit, slack, slack off, slacken, slumber, snooze, spell, stand, stand still, stay, stretch out, take five, take it easy, take ten, turn, unbend, unlax, unwind, let up, sit down, compose oneself, wind down, take a nap, lie by, be at ease, be based, be comfortable, be contingent, be dependent, be founded, be seated on, be supported, be upheld, lie still, put feet up, refresh oneself, take a break, take life easy, take time out.

set (verb)

affix, aim, anchor, apply, bestow, cast, direct, ensconce, head, level, lock, mount, point, post, wedge, zero in, make ready, make fast.

siesta (verb)


sit (verb)

pose, posture, Hunker, plop down, take a place, be seated, give feet a rest, grab a chair, have a place, have a seat, put it there, seat oneself, take a seat.

sleep (verb)

bed down, catch a wink, conk out, fall asleep, fall out, hibernate, hit the hay, hit the sack, languish, oversleep, sack out, saw wood, snore, yawn, zonk out, ZZZ, cop some z's.

sojourn (verb)


stand (verb)

belong, fill, take up, be located, be situated, be valid.

surcease (verb)

defer, postpone, refrain.

tarry (verb)

dally, drag, drag one's feet, filibuster, hang around, lag, poke, procrastinate, tail, temporize, tool, put off, stop over, goof around, get no place fast, hold the phone, lose time, warm a chair.

turn in (verb)

bed, catch some z's, go to sleep, roll in, pile in.

unwind (verb)

quiet down, quieten, slow down.

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