Pronunciation of Re-Sting
/ɹˌiːstˈɪŋ/, /ɹˌiːstˈɪŋ/, /ɹ_ˌiː_s_t_ˈɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for re-sting

drench, noisy, cease, not like, go, grow, misplace, empty, belligerently, awaken, start, uncool, retrogress, deny, awake, help, pass, employed, urge, conscious, diligent, abbreviate, disestablish, lay, extinguish, worry, drop, hinder, ignore, loosen, take back, disorder, Unfix, shun, join, disarrange, cancel, go up, promote, invalidate, veto, leave, free, let down, irritate, stay, excited, decrease, discredit, agree, refuse, displace, troubled, ready, take away, dislodge, release, spend, hide, keep, abandon, lift, quench, dispute, forward, prepare, mount, retreat, finish, dissuade, nervous, liquefy, idle, darken, commence, industrious, disorganize, fasten, migrate, use, move, strengthen, overlook, hire, assist, energetic, stabilize, learn, secure, activate, tangle, hurry, let go, surrender, fix, lose, demolish, attentive, halt, push, put out, desist, attach, achieve, speak smoothly, divide, fail, keep on, clamorous, remove, encourage, condemn, forsake, busy, annoyed, persist, put together, carry on, stop, wait, agitate, be honest, conceal, despise, liberate, secret, dull, forge, unlock, stimulate, obey, hard-working, scatter, ascend, miss, disturb, close, excite, cause, soften, allow, quit, restart, stand, detach, gone, rough, contradict, be active, wind, active, discompose, shorten, complete, throw away, cultivated, permit, level, occupied, begin, tense, unfasten, dismantle, sit, waken, fall, take out, gather, worried, neglect, resist, angrily, take, weaken, aid, die, discourage, DO, prevent, enthusiastic, walk, working, turbulent, hold, carry out, change, increase, raze, initiate, further, disturbed, be busy, reject, leaving, disprove, intent, ruin, give up, transfer, unsettle, developed, keep quiet, twist, disregard, support, confuse, rush, hostilely, dissipate, sit up, even, poor, be upright, loud, dislike, violent, end, disperse, forget, obscure, waste, discontinue, mend, separate, go ahead, straighten, lower, used, renounce, wake, squander, lie, upset, employ, mix up, sit up straight, agitated, continue, get up, energize, open, rise, Removing, depart, destroy, advance, disallow.