Pronunciation of Re-Strain
/ɹˌiːstɹˈe͡ɪn/, /ɹˌiːstɹˈe‍ɪn/, /ɹ_ˌiː_s_t_ɹ_ˈeɪ_n/

Antonyms for re-strain

convoke, uplift, keep, rush, conceal, hasten, aid, ignore, disconnect, carry out, expedite, use, build, infuriate, endorse, agree, validate, light, affirm, show, abandon, sanction, fire, chance, continue, quit, give way, need, dry, fail, disperse, surrender, persuade, agitate, disqualify, disclose, pass up, anger, convene, offer, admit, keep on, please, expose, emancipate, unlock, build up, countermand, forgive, leave alone, add, oppose, restart, increase, comply, flatter, disallow, explode, provoke, vex, arouse, confess, go, aggravate, condemn, blow up, prevent, lose, scatter, enlarge, waste, put on to, remain, activate, divulge, be unprepared, give, free, impede, dispossess, stretch, let go, credit, magnify, move, dissuade, liberate, embrace, indulge, recall, mend, ruin, foster, unclog, reject, hurry, expand, unfasten, unbound, claim, distress, play up, miss, unlace, soften, advance, irritate, authorize, obey, cheer, reward, delight, check, prolong, reverse, tell, cease, deter, confide, center, extol, Unshackle, rouse, mismanage, desert, step up, let, benefit, hurt, involve, believe, discourage, plead, forget, pour, permit, let happen, ascend, mislead, inspirit, loose, acknowledge, follow, turn on, Unstop, share, bend, unbind, hesitate, distribute, cancel, worsen, drop, confuse, carry on, lay bare, set free, enlighten, delay, dirty, favor, include, unchain, neglect, compliment, blame, brighten, misguide, ask, loosen, open, unloose, allow, unpin, extend, explain, straighten, unrestrict, remove, urge, fix, let off, excite, accept, unwrap, abstain, put in, exonerate, heat, soothe, order, not have, grant, disregard, promote, squander, hand over, serve, warm, develop, block, veto, assist, intensify, embolden, go ahead, incite, make happy, instigate, be lenient, cause, disorganize, Unlatch, unmask, stagnate, resign, enable, worry, dishonor, DO, trouble, obstruct, risk, clear, ok, jump in, succeed, further, consume, disbelieve, start, concede, go up, abet, begin, stimulate, uncover, untie, unplug, disjoin, facilitate, retreat, submit, detach, advocate, rally, rise, stop, refuse, consent, stay, help, relinquish, exclude, face, forsake, yield, halt, hearten, placate, renounce, concur, support, boost, forward, trust, unhitch, strengthen, push, choose, spend, partake, go along, hinder, raise, misunderstand, destroy, flex, corroborate, leave, upset, improve, lack, let out, animate, lengthen, protect, encourage, give up, grow, honor, meet, reveal, revoke, release, go on, acquiesce, accede, disarrange, praise, approve, clear up, calm, accuse, annoy, separate, want, comfort, ratify, disturb, give in, contradict, welcome, laud, unblock.