Pronunciation of Re-Strained
/ɹˌiːstɹˈe͡ɪnd/, /ɹˌiːstɹˈe‍ɪnd/, /ɹ_ˌiː_s_t_ɹ_ˈeɪ_n_d/

Antonyms for re-strained

facilitate, detach, aroused, annoyed, favor, hinder, intricate, corroborate, unlock, excited, excessive, watery, irritate, attached, unlimited, dirty, check, prejudiced, unfasten, evil, disregard, encourage, develop, lost, bold, infuriate, attractive, unplug, unjust, make happy, disagreeable, jump in, refuse, thoughtless, abnormal, loosen, humid, imperceptible, continue, go up, lively, enlighten, show, convene, begin, inelegant, hasty, unclear, hungry, fire, homely, heat, visible, supported, heedless, free, near, squander, disjoin, untiring, Refused, exonerate, incontinent, biased, disorganized, mislead, indulge, abet, unmindful, soothe, disqualify, accede, give in, aligned, inattentive, dressed-up, funny, expedite, ugly, mismanage, ignore, extraordinary, chance, disorderly, light, remain, yield, dishonor, surrender, seen, leave alone, dry, unsystematic, disturb, indefinite, dispossess, deter, go ahead, calm, advocate, pass up, bland, exciting, instigate, push, stop, choose, unfair, foolish, troubled, unwrap, give, aggravate, dull, warm, decorated, add, reject, irrational, dripping, disperse, general, sufficient, help, flex, scatter, turn on, fail, certain, let out, irresolute, impractical, brave, unpin, implausible, noisy, unmask, permitted, let, grant, emancipate, unhitch, talkative, rise, hidden, persuade, extend, decisive, oppose, nice, misguide, neglect, conceal, disclose, moist, fix, gluttonous, extol, go, uncareful, flippant, reckless, disturbed, stormy, unbind, friendly, incite, wanton, confuse, nasty, blame, compliment, need, hand over, soften, difficult, poor, prolong, expose, keep on, stay, foster, permit, ruin, move, build, rash, relinquish, waste, Obscured, quit, stimulate, Roused, prevent, worry, unlace, invalid, Allowed, pretty, misunderstand, corrupt, condemn, plead, disconnect, laud, loud, mend, reverse, block, urge, strong, unwise, offensive, play up, retreat, sure, risk, unmanageable, embellished, intensify, benefit, resign, uncertain, strengthen, miss, unpleasant, known, beautiful, nonsensical, confident, open, unloose, senseless, unrestrict, carry out, hurry, kind, outgoing, lengthen, abandon, ok, distress, tangible, affirm, disarrange, unbearable, unsophisticated, unrestricted, uncultured, turbulent, hasten, cheer, boisterous, reward, neighboring, inebriated, submit, adjacent, Dirtied, idiotic, acquiesce, hearten, Unstop, insincere, involve, violent, order, interesting, claim, assist, let happen, unattractive, delay, magnify, stained, explode, undiscriminating, unmethodical, complicated, exclude, wasted, bend, concur, released, lay bare, validate, straighten, damp, high-key, judgemental, anger, partial, promote, start, be lenient, confide, revoke, explicit, unfashionable, upset, forget, immoderate, negligent, Unlatch, face, Helped, imprecise, ornate, reveal, liberal, uncommon, placate, unchaste, sweet, wet, disbelieve, share, distribute, uplift, rough, demonstrative, follow, significant, unclog, sinful, obey, uncontrolled, believe, unwarranted, frivolous, public, united, harsh, inconsiderate, uncritical, ratify, acknowledge, untie, welcome, divulge, lose, adequate, concede, Misbehaving, leave, drop, comfort, unguarded, formal, set free, unobliged, hesitate, agitated, advance, bad, activate, renounce, confess, trivial, further, let go, go on, obtrusive, cancel, involved, imbalanced, forsake, vague, abstain, provoke, committal, build up, excitable, definite, given, greedy, desert, polluted, unwatchful, include, undiscerning, assured, keep, cheerful, go along, uncivilized, Flaunting, credit, hateful, comply, defiled, authorize, be unprepared, Unshackle, modern, close, nervous, unsound, unshy, clear, center, trust, aided, trouble, use, excite, soaked, disallow, stupid, lack, step up, complex, unimportant, drunk, countermand, give way, unsuspicious, raise, worsen, embrace, unlikely, unchain, extravagant, hurt, cluttered, nearby, sanction, intolerable, tasteless, sociable, untidy, unruly, impede, soggy, increase, impure, give up, not have, DO, delight, explain, contradict, admit, stagnate, sympathetic, well, loose, liberated, incomprehensible, cease, recall, arouse, rouse, enlarge, inspirit, abstruse, animate, embolden, unserious, convoke, discourage, unstylish, unrealistic, noticeable, grow, remove, Disengaged, expensive, restart, dissuade, vex, brighten, endorse, blow up, clamorous, release, unemployed, rally, carry on, obscure, annoy, put in, unbound, outrageous, stretch, unthoughtful, ascend, separate, Unclassical, partake, consume, meet, liberate, mild, consent, expand, unacceptable, happy, repulsive, honor, rush, willing, agitate, self-confident, succeed, unrefined, forgive, high-strung, limitless, satisfactory, different, enable, tell, presumptuous, cause, please, worried, unblock, accept, protect, inferior, destroy, forward, unreasonable, lewd, considerable, praise, indiscreet, juicy, agree, support, plain, pour, unreserved, communicative, incautious, approve, unbounded, unrestrained, aid, ambiguous, careless, boost, veto, offer, obstruct, wild, crude, extroverted, committed, ask, clear up, spend, halt, accuse, want, disorganize, allow, Offered, put on to, extreme, bright, pumped up, uncover, let off, serve, flatter, healthy, improve, Energized.