Pronunciation of Re-Strict
/ɹˌiːstɹˈɪkt/, /ɹˌiːstɹˈɪkt/, /ɹ_ˌiː_s_t_ɹ_ˈɪ_k_t/

Antonyms for re-strict:

disallow, further, misguide, uncover, expedite, ignore, legalize, engage, withhold, validate, abandon, hurt, carry out, allow, injure, desecrate, take, unite, help, complete, keep, desegregate, facilitate, cause, push, go, forward, begin, blow up, speed, worry, disconnect, employ, misapply, intensify, give, meet, support, include, hurry, extend, sanctify, favor, sanction, put in, ratify, forsake, create, institute, Unwrinkle, collect, face, prevent, grow, commence, misuse, lay bare, carry on, loosen, forget, heat, yield, finish, discourage, keep on, praise, admit, hasten, stop, leave alone, assist, initiate, release, alienate, uncoop, remove, let off, start, attack, detach, enlarge, affirm, warm, strengthen, continue, stagnate, tell, set free, pass, approve, open, lengthen, expand, turn on, disperse, scatter, DO, halt, endorse, unfasten, take out, uphold, cancel, center, add, fill, incite, dissuade, combine, confront, check, clear, give advantage, rush, benefit, dispatch, suppress, reveal, save, dirty, liberate, leave, give up, let go, repress, promote, establish, reject, authorize, schedule, cease, harm, advance, separate, develop, unblock, set up, loose, abet, join, disjoin, bear, neglect, hire, permit, accept, free, aggravate, unlock, emancipate, unloose, surrender, steal, refuse, unlace, unhitch, lose, restart, confide, uncompress, amplify, unwrap, revive, gather, welcome, unbind, exclude, uncondense, aid, let, activate, go on, mislead, stretch, increase, enact, succeed, untie, encourage, unclog, hold, raise, introduce, unrestrict.

Synonyms for re-strict:

stranglehold (noun)


abbreviate (verb)

abort, curtail, restrict, truncate, stop short.

abridge (verb)

abbreviate, abstract, chop, clip, compress, concentrate, condense, cut, digest, lessen, limit, slash, snip, summarize, trim, downsize, blue pencil, put in nutshell.

arrest (verb)

block, can, delay, drop, end, freeze, halt, hinder, hold, interrupt, obstruct, prevent, scrub, shut down, stall, stay, suppress, knock off, retard.

ban (verb)

banish, bar, blackball, close down, close up, curse, disallow, enjoin, exclude, illegalize, interdict, outlaw, pass by, pass up, prohibit, proscribe, shut out, declare illegal, ice out.

bind (verb)

adhere, attach, bandage, border, cinch, clamp, compel, confine, connect, constrain, cover, detain, dress, edge, encase, enchain, engage, enslave, fetter, finish, fix, fold, force, furl, glue, handcuff, hem, hitch, hobble, hook on, hook up, indenture, lace, lap, lash, leash, lock up, manacle, moor, muzzle, necessitate, oblige, paste, peg down, pin, pinion, prescribe, put together, require, rope, shackle, stick, strap, swathe, tack on, trammel, truss, unite, wrap, yoke, Enfetter, tie up, hogtie, hitch on, put half nelson on, put lock on.

bottle up (verb)

box up, collar, coop up, cork, corner, entrap, hold in, keep back, repress, trap, cover up, keep secret, bring to naught, keep feeling inside oneself.

bound (verb)

determine, mark, mark out, measure, terminate.

censor (verb)

abridge, black out, blacklist, bleach, bleep, blue-pencil, bowdlerize, clean up, conceal, control, criticize, decontaminate, delete, edit, examine, excise, expurgate, inspect, launder, oversee, purge, purify, review, revile, sanitize, squelch, sterilize, strike out, withhold, Exscind, put the lid on, drop the iron curtain, prevent publication, refuse transmission, scissor out, supervise communications.

circumscribe (verb)

delineate, encompass, environ, girdle, nail down, outline.

coerce (verb)

beset, browbeat, bulldoze, bully, concuss, cow, dragoon, drive, impel, intimidate, lean on, make, menace, pressurize, push, shotgun, strong-arm, terrorize, threaten, urge, high pressure, make an offer they can't refuse, twist one's arm, put the squeeze on.

compress (verb)

boil down, coagulate, consolidate, cram, crowd, crush, dehydrate, epitomize, pack, press, ram, shrivel, squash, squeeze, stuff, syncopate, telescope, tighten, wedge, make brief, press together, densen, densify, force into space.

confine (verb)

cage, cool, hog-tie, ice, immure, imprison, incarcerate, intern, jail, keep, shut up, put a lid on.

constrict (verb)

astringe, choke, clench, constringe, draw together, pinch, strangle, strangulate, tauten, tense, tuck.

contain (verb)

collect, compose, harness, rein, simmer down, smother, stifle, stop, keep lid on.

cramp (verb)

clasp, clog, encumber, fasten, grip, hamstring, object, stymie, thwart.

dam (verb)

barricade, brake, close, slow, stop up.

dedicate (verb)

address, allot, apply, apportion, appropriate, assign, commit, consign, devote, give, inscribe, offer, pledge, surrender, give over to.

delay (verb)

adjourn, arrest, dawdle, defer, deter, dilly-dally, discourage, drag, filibuster, hold over, interfere, intermit, lag, lay over, linger, loiter, postpone, procrastinate, prolong, prorogue, protract, remand, shelve, slacken, stave off, suspend, table, tarry, temporize, put off, gain time, bide time.

enclose (verb)

block off, blockade, circle, close in, coop, corral, enfold, enshroud, fence, hedge, imbue, implant, impound, include, induct, insert, lock in, mew, pen, veil, wall in, Mure, set apart, fence off.

enslave (verb)

capture, coerce, deprive, disenfranchise, disfranchise, dominate, enthrall, oppress, secure, subdue, subject, subjugate, put in irons, get hooks into, keep under thumb.

fence (verb)

defend, fortify, guard, protect, rail, wall.

fetter (verb)

cuff, hold captive, drag feet, put straitjacket on, throw monkey wrench in.

forbid (verb)

ban, cancel, censor, debar, deny, embargo, forestall, hold up, nix, obviate, oppose, preclude, rule out, spike, taboo, veto, Forfend, put the chill on, say no.

force (verb)

bear down, blackmail, burden, cause, charge, command, conscript, demand, draft, enforce, exact, extort, impose, impress, inflict, insist, move, obtrude, occasion, order, overcome, pressure, sandbag, wrest, wring, bear hard on, bring pressure to bear upon, put screws to, put squeeze on.

handicap (verb)

cripple, sideline, take out, put out of commission.

hedge (verb)

ring, siege.

immobilize (verb)

idle, bring to a screeching halt.

incarcerate (verb)

bastille, book, railroad, settle, slough, take away, send up the river, put under lock and key, throw book at.

localize (verb)

center, pinpoint, stop from spreading.

modify (verb)

abate, lower, mitigate, modulate, relax, remit, soften, tone down.

muzzle (verb)

dry up, dummy up, hush, muffle, quieten, shush, silence, still, crack down on, clamp down on, tongue-tie.

nullify (verb)

abolish, abrogate, annihilate, annul, ax, compensate, counteract, counterbalance, countervail, invalidate, negate, neutralize, offset, quash, renege, repeal, rescind, scratch, stamp out, torpedo, trash, undo, vitiate, void, wash out, wipe out, zap, Disannul, kill, forget it, call all bets off, nig, render null and void, renig.

obligate (verb)

Astrict, Indebt, make indebted.

prevent (verb)

anticipate, avert, avoid, baffle, balk, chill, counter, dam, foil, forbid, frustrate, head off, hold off, intercept, ward off, turn aside, put an end to, nip in the bud, put a stop to, defend against.

prohibit (verb)

box in, gridlock, pass on, zing, put down, throw cold water on, bring to screeching halt, jam up, put a lock on, put a stopper in, put chill on.

quarantine (verb)

close off, cordon, detach, insulate, keep apart, remove, seal off, seclude, segregate, separate, sequester.

ration (verb)

allocate, budget, conserve, deal, distribute, divvy, divvy up, dole, give out, issue, measure out, mete out, parcel, parcel out, proportion, prorate, quota, save, share, Mete.

rein (verb)

bridle, slow down.

restrain (verb)

choke back, crack down, direct, gag, govern, guide, keep down, keep in line, pull back, tie down, sit on.

restrict (verb)

bind, bottle up, bound, chain, check, circumscribe, constrict, contain, contract, cool down, cramp, curb, decrease, define, delimit, delimitate, demarcate, diminish, encircle, enclose, hamper, handicap, hem in, hold back, impede, inclose, inhibit, moderate, modify, narrow, pin down, put away, qualify, reduce, regulate, restrain, shorten, shrink, surround, temper, tether, tie, hang up, shut in, Prelimit, come down on, send up, demark, put on ice, hold down, keep within bounds, keep within limits.

stave (verb)


terminate (verb)

achieve, bounce, cease, complete, conclude, desist, discharge, discontinue, dismiss, dissolve, eliminate, expire, extinguish, fire, lapse, perfect, recess, result, run out, sack, ultimate, wrap up, cut off, wind up, Prorogate, wind down, bring to an end, come to an end.

tie/tie up (verb)

Entrammel, tie one's hands.

trammel (verb)


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