Pronunciation of Refute
/ɹɪfjˈuːt/, /ɹɪfjˈuːt/, /ɹ_ɪ_f_j_ˈuː_t/

Antonyms for refute

be-tokening, Deputing, singles, up-holding, rubber-stamped, accept, picking the check, co sign, swears up down, pick upon, thumbsed up, ex press, in tend, crossed ones heart, give word, dopes out, engages in, get load of, Tokened, hanged sign on, get behind, wert a witness, hath a lock on, doped out, sub scribing, Deputed, bears testimony, re-quired, bound oneself, depute, up-holds, pro creating, de-duct, de-fining, up holding, in sinuated, be tokened, be-gotten, de bunking, witness, de ducts, buttons down, double-check, Mortgaging, put on ice, wast responsible for, be surety for, de-fines, gives stamp of approval, getting behind, testifying to, re aped, bearing testimony, release, be spake, pro claim, sanction, announce, button down, ex plains, lead to, sets apart, engaged in, brake for, make, in stalling, be on the scene, standing up for, pick up tab, is hand, hath a case, re-quiring, rubber-stamping, doublecheck, concur, swore to, crossing one heart, circumstantiate, stood behind, cosigned, pro-claims, shotgun, has a lock on, signed for, binds oneself, uphold, make sure, art a witness, gives affidavit, re quired, guarantee, pick up check, Guarantied, co signs, are a witness, cross one's heart, gives evidence, giving testimony, hanging sign on, give nod, in-vent, art witness, am witness, being present, double-checks, be witness, counter signs, getting ready, Tendered, hang sign on, under-pinning, be the scene, size up, de clares, Guarantying, gave testimony, gotten behind, being surety for, inter-feres, breaking for, is on scene, de pose, gives go-ahead, counter-sign, de posing, stand behind, ex posed, leads to, Tokening, re peat, dis played, evidence, de-scribe, co-signing, circumstantiates, getting to, show once and for all, gets ready, having a case, being on the scene, in vented, point to, sets aside, be hold, carried through, claim, sub scribed, in tends, act as witness, pro-fess, re cord, de legate, crosses one heart, wast symptomatic, giving the goahead, set apart, set out, gave one's word, de-riving, locking up, are on the scene, making good, dashing off, cosigning, are on scene, wert witness, crosses one's heart, make bail, de-fined, ex-pose, showing once and for all, de duce, lapping up, gave facts, pressurizing, pro-creates, inter feres, de-pones, torn off, gat to, gave evidence, in-sinuates, counter sign, be-speaking, being hand, setting apart, be-spoke, crosses heart, having lock on, giving affidavit, wast the scene, re present, give evidence, am scene, dis-played, hadst lock on, be gotten, counter-signed, be speaks, in-stalled, symbolled, were a witness, shows once for all, ostending, Dragooned, de-ducts, re-veals, concede, says so, arrives at, embrace, rubber-stamps, de-scribes, sets out, re-corded, make evident, say so, pinned down, be scene, flash on, de fined, wast on scene, swears down, declare true, be speak, co signed, in tended, be tokening, Cinched, picking upon, trialing, art present, nailing down, de creed, be-tokens, attests to, crossing ones heart, check up, identify, Texturing, picks the tab, be-getting, in-vests, be-spoken, in-tending, double-checked, are witness, having case, re assure, had a lock on, picking check, buttoning down, in sinuating, bind oneself, be-speak, gat behind, ex-plaining, whips out, stands behind, de legates, got load of, be a witness, doublechecks, de duct, bore testimony, giving green light, picked up tab, in venting, structuring, re-cords, de-scribing, crossing heart, sub scribe, are surety for, pointed to, de clare, swears and down, give ones word, de noted, put ice, swearing to, ex-posing, gives testimony, give go-ahead, Circumstantiated, acts as a witness, up-held, gives word, be-tokened, de-bunks, are symptomatic, de-rived, be tokens, acting as witness, put finger on, importing, give green light, de noting, giving stamp approval, ex-posed, angeled, gotten a load of, ex-plained, carrying through, showing clearly, be-hold, ex-pressing, gives an affidavit, ratify, re-peat, gives facts, are hand, double checking, de-duce, double checks, pre paring, be symptomatic, stood up for, rubberstamp, gives the go-ahead, binding oneself, gives rise to, allow, shotgunned, rubberstamped, gives high sign, throw together, tears off, in-stall, signs on, is symptomatic, ex pressing, art the scene, was hand, making evident, under-pinned, swears to, ex plained, co-signed, re-seves, concuss, cleaned up, gives go ahead, locked up, arrives time, Shotguns, ex plain, wast witness, giving rise to, wast a witness, flashing on, signed off on, engage in, ostends, in stalled, am a witness, putting down for, de-noted, iced, dis play, counter signed, co-signs, re-assured, giving facts, dis-plays, had lock on, yield, picked the check, were scene, dis plays, gave affidavit, co-oking, in-tend, led to, be spoke, ex plaining, confirm, doping out, arrives in time, arrived at, ex-plains, de-duces, adopt, were witness, setting aside, in-tended, ex pose, de-pose, co oked, signs for, be-speaks, am the scene, dis-play, swearing on bible, points to, in sinuate, be on scene, pre pare, checking on, deputes, lose, gives stamp approval, re-aped, giving nod, giving word, de pones, pro claimed, de note, putting ice, re ached, picks up tab, declared true, de-clare, counter-signing, hast a lock on, lap up, re-cording, wast on hand, picking up on, de-note, in tending, has a case, de-scribed, de-clares, under pinned, come to, picked up the tab, be responsible for, lock up, puts ice, sizes up, carry through, sub-scribes, wert the scene, swear, show, in vests, gave the go ahead, gives one word, swear up and down, be on hand, re quires, be holds, de-posing, breaks for, re presenting, gat load of, agree, re-quire, evince, laps up, be getting, de rive, made evident, cross heart, picking up the check, hangs sign on, giving high sign, picked up the check, in vest, haddest a lock on, put forth, pin down, de scribing, de riving, help, illustrate, get to, Tendering, said so, de fine, gave go ahead, de-rive, de-bunking, denote, gave the go-ahead, dragoon, pins down, bring home bacon, de scribe, de-creed, record, pre-paring, gave bond, arrive time, cosign, is surety for, was on scene, arriving time, are present, got ready, gave ones word, picked the tab, re quire, sware up down, got to, being symptomatic, Cinching, gave the goahead, de-pone, re-presents, was the scene, is witness, haddest lock on, de-notes, de cree, sized up, got a load of, Dragooning, swore on bible, re-presenting, juicing, was surety for, under-pins, manifest, tabbing, pro-fesses, eyeballing, sign for, giving evidence, de scribed, be spoken, said under oath, giving an affidavit, am surety for, acted as witness, leading to, reseving, give stamp approval, document, inter fere, get a load of, give the nod, de rives, putting finger on, re aching, de ducted, in vents, swore up down, checks up, is the scene, crossed heart, was on the scene, Singling, swearing and down, gave word, art surety for, attesting to, pick the tab, make good, arriving in time, in vested, acted as a witness, de-posed, parented, getting a load of, re-assures, corroborate, checks on, submit, being a witness, picks up the tab, reseves, de-noting, in-stalling, picks upon, gat ready, re veals, was present, in-vest, be token, de fining, were present, gives ones word, being the scene, haddest a case, tabbed, gave high sign, thumbses up, de-ducted, haddest case, throwing together, were surety for, signing on, wert present, de-fine, declares true, swore and down, in-vented, act as a witness, gave stamp approval, eyeballs, being on hand, dis playing, indicate, de-crees, rubber stamped, Carded, re seve, looks on, whipping out, de bunk, wast on the scene, de crees, re-veal, wast surety for, picks up check, whipt out, gives green light, looking on, tore off, Ostend, give an affidavit, stand up for, pick up on, crossing one's heart, counter-signs, giving one's word, pro-duces, symbolling, sware and down, pick up the check, de bunks, pre pared, in-vested, beared testimony, trialed, showing once for all, pick tab, angeling, be present, prove, concussed, say under oath, designate, making certain, arrive at, swear to, eyeball, dashed off, are on hand, symboled, give the go ahead, cosigns, pre-pare, picks the check, showed once and for all, gets behind, gotten load of, being on scene, cross one heart, cleaning up, have a lock on, made bail, swore bible, clean up, pinning down, wert scene, am present, give one word, picking tab, checking up, re cords, vouch, giving the go ahead, buttoned down, display, sware to, pointing to, break for, am on hand, be-holds, in-sinuating, be held, be-spake, in-sinuate, throws together, under pins, giving the go-ahead, being scene, giving ones word, de-ducting, swear up down, art responsible for, adduce, put down for, gives nod, make certain, crosses ones heart, sub-scribed, being witness, buttress, swear on bible, arriving at, wast scene, ex-press, in sinuates, de scribes, swears bible, in vent, picking the tab, signing off on, am on the scene, swear down, assist, checked up, structured, in-venting, de-rives, is a witness, pro-created, made sure, gotten ready, am responsible for, pro created, testified to, hadst a case, swears on bible, swearing up down, swore down, doublechecking, dash off, pro fesses, setting out, engaging in, gets to, re cording, prevail up on, pro claims, re-aching, sware down, check on, picks up the check, bear testimony, be speaking, giving go ahead, double checked, making bail, wert on scene, aid, carries through, hast case, give one's word, fix, support, wert responsible for, gave goahead, Slotted, state, gotten to, give bond, be holding, shotgunning, saying so, de fines, de-legates, thumbsing up, hadst case, saying under oath, cleans up, arrived time, certify, double check, de-bunk, give testimony, has case, re-aping, attested to, showed clearly, was scene, own, wert surety for, mortgaged, was witness, art hand, de ducting, re presents, pro-claiming, were on the scene, pre pares, pick the check, re peats, having a lock on, were on hand, arrive in time, doublechecked, testify, double-checking, re-cord, rubberstamping, surrender, crossed one heart, gave nod, swear and down, swearing bible, cross ones heart, hast lock on, pro fess, re corded, de pone, gets load of, swears up and down, has lock on, acting as a witness, up hold, inter-fere, signs off on, shows clearly, pro claiming, Circumstantiating, is on hand, pro duces, in-tends, got behind, swearing down, swore up and down, being responsible for, pro duce, endorse, threw together, de rived, be-holding, re-assure, re-quires, shows once and for all, affirm, whip out, putting on ice, re seves, gave go-ahead, gives the goahead, concussing, dope out, back, re-seve, tearing off, am symptomatic, is responsible for, was responsible for, de-bunked, says under oath, in-vesting, in sure, pro create, makes bail, sub-scribing, dashes off, giving go-ahead, in-sure, art scene, adding up, go along, broke for, arrived in time, giving the nod, pressurize, giving bond, tenders, up held, approve, espouse, giving goahead, lapped up, puts forth, crossed one's heart, ex-plain, co signing, look on, tear off, wast present, co-oked, dis-playing, de duces, are the scene, acts as witness, was on hand, declaring true, wert hand, Re-present, was symptomatic, give rise to, picking up tab, am on scene, re presented, picking up the tab, is scene, under pin, signing for, give the goahead, counter signing, was a witness, co-sign, picked up check, re quiring, re assured, Carding, putting forth, re-ached, pre-pared, were the scene, symboling, be-held, sub scribes, up holds, pro-creating, makes sure, up-hold, are responsible for, re-assuring, ostended, picks up on, makes certain, de posed, sware up and down, art symptomatic, dragoons, permit, were responsible for, show clearly, pro-create, bare testimony, picked check, in-vents, de bunked, be hand, co oking, rubberstamps, picks tab, gave green light, pro creates, re-presented, puts on ice, parenting, de notes, hast a case, textured, sware bible, makes good, gives the nod, hadst a lock on, gets a load of, adds up, ex pressed, de-legate, flashed on, giving stamp of approval, gave an affidavit, picked up on, checked on, attest to, are scene, show once for all, concusses, swearing up and down, am hand, get ready, de-cree, give affidavit, give in, be-token, re-peats, under pinning, flashes on, pressurized, give go ahead, give goahead, juiced.