Pronunciation of Relax
/ɹ_ɪ_l_ˈa_k_s/, /ɹɪlˈaks/, /ɹɪlˈaks/

Antonyms for relax

had it, tense, do best, puts one's nose to the grindstone, knocking oneself out, pre pare, putting nose to the grindstone, keeping ones mind on, pro-cessed, hast job, am wired, did job, go all out, break one's neck, puts on trial, putting to the test, under-takes, pre-pare, head-lined, swinging in to action, art hyper, were nervous, plunged in to, rigidifying, being antsy, take bull by horns, am on pins needles, pushes oneself, did ones utmost, overextending, be-have, didst one's utmost, launched in to, having a go, did a job, excite, doeth ones best, launch into, over extend, gives all one got, dost one best, bring in to play, ex-pended, putting to test, had a crack, doeth best, over extending, putting ones nose grindstone, goes for jugular, rigidify, ex-pend, put through mill, freelanced, puts forth, dried run, under-taking, dost a job, warmed up, gives over to, worry, working the bone, gave one's got, did business, giving all one's got, punch a clock, didst job, keeping one's mind on, wrought oneself the bone, does job, does business, doth one's utmost, does a job, gives oneself over to, put one nose grindstone, kept ones mind on, going limit, be spooked, moil, pointed up, was antsy, works oneself the bone, doing ones utmost, tenses, doeth job, ploughs, doing job, are antsy, jittered, over-extends, be-having, doest best, pre-pared, has a job, was gainfully employed, ex pend, ex-pends, attend to, sets to, do job, plugged away, have go, re-acted, under-taken, bending over backward, put hand the plow, giving over to, over doing, having a job, puts one hand the plow, attends to, be wired, Joggling, haddest job, being pins needles, are on pins and needles, giving one's got, devotes oneself to, work like dog, rise, gives got, hustle, intensify, launch in to, keeping mind on, hadst a shot, take bull by the horns, puts in traction, irritate, giving got, doth one's best, tension, leaving no stone unturned, does one utmost, took a whack at, Hoeing, keep close to, laid emphasis on, giving all ones got, loosens up, take the bull by the horns, occupies with, under taking, exert, working to the bone, plug away, putting ones nose to grindstone, brake one neck, wast wired, re hearses, head lining, fasten, be on pins needles, keeps one mind on, toil, put nose the grindstone, rubbing in, going the limit, go for jugular, bended over backward, put one's hand to plow, am pins and needles, do ones best, does one best, under took, raise crops, punches a clock, doth business, puts one's nose grindstone, attending to, put one nose to grindstone, wert on pins needles, sweating it, did one's best, didst ones utmost, rub in, walks through, pumping iron, be haves, having go, haddest shot, taking bull by horns, work to bone, getting serious, give all one's got, haddest it, peg, be pins and needles, put one's hand the plow, hold job, Joggled, care for, swing into action, putting one nose to the grindstone, puts ones hand to plow, took the bull by horns, occupy with, have a shot, going for the jugular, licked in to shape, do one's best, fatigue, did best, putting one hand to plow, go the limit, put test, Mulched, hath go, did utmost, give all one got, wert wired, ex-pending, punching a clock, is on pins needles, worked oneself the bone, art gainfully employed, puts one nose to grindstone, puts ones hand plow, putting nose to grindstone, occupied with, hadst crack, being on pins and needles, art antsy, under line, Seeding, knocks oneself out, restrain, drying run, headlining, has a crack, re peats, fidget, taking the bull by the horns, dis tending, doest ones utmost, earns living, didst a job, give ones got, ex pends, puts hand to plow, make run at, punching clock, be-labor, head-lining, puts ones nose to the grindstone, art spooked, giving all one got, has shot, gave best shot, raise, haddest at it, put one's nose grindstone, works the bone, taking bull by the horns, plunges into, wast gainfully employed, putting one's hand to plow, warm up, put one's nose to grindstone, holds job, has a go, hath crack, breaks one's neck, gives all got, doing a job, strife, pumps iron, got serious, earned living, licks in to shape, energize, puts one nose the grindstone, broke ones neck, earn living, agitate, nine to five it, doth utmost, went all out, loosening up, wert nervous, pouring on, wast on pins and needles, puts trial, didst utmost, dedicated to, swung in to action, is pins and needles, didst business, putting ones nose the grindstone, incite, over-doing, tie, punches clock, under takes, puts nose the grindstone, hath at it, hoes, re acting, works like dog, doest utmost, broke one's neck, had job, lay emphasis on, hath job, over did, gave all one's got, work bone, be-labors, put forth, pre pared, set to, dost one's best, did one best, put nose to the grindstone, exerted oneself, wrought bone, am hyper, were gainfully employed, being nervous, was spooked, puts hand plow, keeping close to, were wired, stiffen, am spooked, going for jugular, points up, dries run, tighten, dis tended, doest one's best, putting in traction, didst one utmost, tense up, kept one's mind on, Fussed, taking a stab at, earn a living, doest one's utmost, took whack at, works to the bone, haddest go, Head-line, Fussing, put one's hand to the plow, was on pins needles, doth ones utmost, earning living, limber up, toughen, put ones nose to the grindstone, re ported, being wired, gives one's got, dost ones utmost, be nervous, doest a job, puts ones nose to grindstone, doing ones best, wrought oneself to bone, didst one best, putting nose the grindstone, puts nose to grindstone, hath a crack, having crack, was hyper, put hand to plow, held job, put to the test, strengthen, has a shot, puts the test, cared for, gat serious, doth a job, puts one's hand the plow, put traction, doth job, putting nose grindstone, having shot, go for the jugular, tenses up, working oneself the bone, worked oneself to the bone, art pins and needles, did one's utmost, overextends, dost best, bind, raising crops, freelances, doing one's best, wert gainfully employed, give all ones got, under-scores, put hand to the plow, leaves no stone unturned, pegging away, having it, gives all ones got, under-scoring, exerting oneself, lick into shape, work oneself to bone, works to bone, is gainfully employed, had a job, licking into shape, held a job, takes whack at, put the test, puts one nose to the grindstone, works like a dog, having at it, stress, take stab at, makes run at, breaks one neck, earns a living, Hoed, hast go, putting one hand the plow, launches in to, put one's nose the grindstone, gave oneself over to, worked oneself to bone, are hyper, put ones hand to plow, putting traction, put one hand the plow, made every effort, bends over backward, plunges in to, under-line, shot for, makes effort, put on trial, took the bull by the horns, put one hand to plow, put hand plow, rubbed in, brake neck, concentrate on, put one hand plow, devoting oneself to, pointing up, has job, being hyper, work like a dog, tried hard, did ones best, keeps ones mind on, cultivate, over-did, haddest a shot, hast at it, puts to the test, pouring it on, have crack, putting one's nose the grindstone, bend over backward, swing in to action, plunging in to, kept one mind on, punched a clock, takes a whack at, keeps one's mind on, occupied oneself with, does ones utmost, pro-cesses, concentrates on, hadst job, breaking one's neck, have job, working like a dog, keeps close to, sweat, wast antsy, exerts oneself, puts one's hand to the plow, puts ones hand to the plow, freelancing, do ones utmost, dis-tend, giving all got, poured on, work, dis tends, work oneself the bone, ex pending, doeth ones utmost, hold a job, are gainfully employed, takes the bull by horns, lick in to shape, Travailing, puts hand the plow, worked bone, joggle, works oneself to bone, re-porting, exert oneself, wrought oneself bone, walking through, bent over backward, is wired, be gainfully employed, doth best, puts one hand to plow, gave one got, hast a job, punch clock, took bull by the horns, dis-tended, were spooked, under-lined, having job, leaved no stone unturned, putting test, give got, loosen up, give all got, gives all one's got, re peat, were on pins and needles, plugging away, under score, pegged away, putting hand to plow, weary, tensing, ex pended, putting ones hand to the plow, going all out, launches into, pre-paring, be labors, tries hard, be have, wast nervous, doing best, laying emphasis on, gave ones got, launching into, putting one hand plow, licking in to shape, keep ones mind on, putting hand the plow, rigidified, re-hearse, puts through mill, were pins needles, under lined, hadst go, pre pares, sweats it, were on pins needles, pump iron, pro-cess, puts ones nose grindstone, takes a stab at, are on pins needles, put ones hand to the plow, keeps mind on, taking stab at, pitch in, making emphatic, puts ones nose the grindstone, over-extend, doest one utmost, dost utmost, launched into, Travailed, occupying with, rubs in, making run at, re-hearses, buckle down, making every effort, applies oneself, moonlighted, concentrating on, have it, puts one's hand plow, are pins needles, gave all one got, have a go, being pins and needles, swinging into action, do a job, put trial, worked to bone, art wired, left no stone unturned, pours on, put nose to grindstone, plunging into, plunge into, over extended, devotes to, break ones neck, going for broke, launching in to, are pins and needles, devote to, doeth utmost, puts one hand plow, keep one mind on, breaking ones neck, licks into shape, occupies oneself with, occupying oneself with, devote oneself to, breaks ones neck, made emphatic, dost job, hath it, go for broke, re-ported, occupy oneself with, travail, hast it, is pins needles, work oneself bone, putting one's nose to the grindstone, doeth one utmost, putting one's hand plow, was nervous, caring for, wast pins and needles, goes all out, rigidifies, putting ones hand plow, put one hand to the plow, head lines, put ones nose grindstone, brake ones neck, brake one's neck, under lining, plunge in to, worked the bone, does one's best, took bull by horns, art nervous, working bone, till, is antsy, pro cessing, do business, work out, gives one got, worked like a dog, is spooked, essay, give one's got, under taken, haddest a go, have a job, doest ones best, putting on trial, didst one's best, wert hyper, re acted, doeth one's best, jitter, Disciplining, keeping one mind on, made effort, put ones nose the grindstone, wert antsy, devoted to, increase, puts nose to the grindstone, puts one hand to the plow, worked like dog, leave no stone unturned, gave all ones got, putting hand to the plow, were pins and needles, gotten serious, pushing oneself, put ones nose to grindstone, having a crack, ploughed, puts one nose grindstone, work the bone, gave over to, put one's hand plow, tensed, putting one hand to the plow, gives ones got, push oneself, doth one best, worked oneself bone, working oneself to the bone, pro cessed, makes every effort, goes limit, give over to, swings into action, be-haves, grow, puts ones hand the plow, peg away, re-peat, take the bull by horns, hath a job, giving oneself over to, am pins needles, be pins needles, overextend, be active, swang in to action, give one got, be laboring, dis-tends, putting trial, constrain, over done, doing utmost, put ones hand plow, be-laboring, tensed up, plugs away, disciplined, lays emphasis on, re porting, plough, put ones hand the plow, makes emphatic, pre paring, devoting to, wert spooked, labor, are wired, putting through mill, drudge, moonlighting, dedicated oneself to, re-peats, was pins needles, under-score, is nervous, hoe, swung into action, haddest a job, wert pins needles, wast hyper, broke neck, putting one's nose to grindstone, takes the bull by the horns, under take, doing one best, break one neck, bring bear, had shot, putting one's hand the plow, under-lines, breaking neck, hast a go, put in traction, hump, holding a job, swang into action, wert pins and needles, break neck, keep one's mind on, make a run at, takes bull by the horns, hadst a go, gets serious, has go, putting one nose grindstone, takes bull by horns, kept close to, dedicating to, putting one nose to grindstone, works bone, dedicates oneself to, breaking one neck, doest one best, art pins needles, struggle, hast a crack, took a stab at, head lined, dedicate to, breaks neck, broke one neck, attach, putting through grind, works oneself bone, Mulching, went for broke, under-scored, try out, apply oneself, puts to test, earning a living, be-labored, doest job, am on pins and needles, putting forth, taking the bull by horns, wast on pins needles, be labored, does one's utmost, wrought like dog, trying hard, puts nose grindstone, worked to the bone, dost ones best, under lines, have a crack, are spooked, work oneself to the bone, concentrated on, being on pins needles, devoted oneself to, pro cess, wrought oneself to the bone, wrought to the bone, dedicates to, was on pins and needles, shooting for, hast crack, wrought the bone, dis-tending, keep mind on, try hard, shoot for, over does, went the limit, nine-to-five it, didst best, is on pins and needles, work to the bone, joggles, were antsy, put one nose to the grindstone, point up, wast spooked, putting ones nose to the grindstone, making effort, holds a job, dost one's utmost, attended to, give oneself over to, put to test, makes a run at, was pins and needles, headlined, go after, put one nose the grindstone, poured it on, earned a living, strive, applied oneself, taking whack at, being gainfully employed, goes for broke, went for the jugular, had a go, hast a shot, grub, had a shot, working oneself to bone, went limit, be on pins and needles, loosened up, doing one utmost, plunged into, make effort, stretch, swings in to action, puts one's nose the grindstone, warms up, punched clock, dedicating oneself to, kept mind on, putting one's nose grindstone, exercise, were hyper, puts test, do one best, puts one's nose to grindstone, doing business, dis tend, setting to, applying oneself, putting ones hand to plow, hadst a job, be hyper, was wired, doing one's utmost, doth ones best, haddest a crack, walked through, hadst a crack, hadst shot, putting ones hand the plow, knocked oneself out, giving ones got, sweated it, putting one nose the grindstone, haddest crack, did one utmost, takes stab at, does best, cares for, holding job, be antsy, being spooked, went after, had crack, pour it on, having a shot, be having, tensing up, go limit, does ones best, putting hand plow, doeth a job, put one's nose to the grindstone, didst ones best, giving one got, take a stab at, wrought to bone, puts hand to the plow, had go, wast pins needles, put nose grindstone, have shot, over extends, works oneself to the bone, pegs away, puts through grind, is hyper, get serious, am nervous, went for jugular, working oneself bone, hast shot, doth one utmost, under-lining, dost business, working to bone, puts traction, puts one's hand to plow, putting one's hand to the plow, working like dog, doeth one best, am antsy, take a whack at, doeth business, wert on pins and needles, dedicate oneself to, jittering, be labor, had at it, walk through, pour on.